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Season 2 Episode 26 "Rain brings out the best of Bella Unión" (5-29-17)

Season 2 Episode 26 "Rain brings out the BEST of Bella Unión"

So this week it has been raining every single day. That's right, water has been falling from the sky since last Monday and did not stop until early this morning. This has led to a few funny experiences for us this week and some funny quotes from the other missionaries here in Salto, this is how we feel about all the Rain... 

"Will it ever stop raining?" -E Silva
"The Sky is spiting on us" - H Harker
"People hide when it is raining"- H Sierra 
"It's like walking in mist" - E Heaton 
"They say it is going to rain until Wednesday" - E Gómez
"It's like Halloween!"- E Black 
Me with my Favorites "Carpinchino's"
ZOO day in Uruguay
So as you can tell the rain has been a really big part of this week. However some other cool things happened too!! We actually got to see the sun this morning and I was overly excited for sure. SO also something else that happened was that for p-day we went to a zoo, and it may have been the most exciting thing that I was looking forward to all week long and it was actually not as bad as I thought the Uruguayan Zoo was going to be. There were Bears, Lions and Tigers and some other animals that we would not put in a zoo in the states but its all good. 

ANYWHO this week was interesting.
We had some experiences with food.. We ate mondongo... What is that? Well I have been told that it is the intestine of a cow... Was it good? NO!! We were eating it and I wanted to barf the entire time. It is rubbery and there really is no type of flavor at all but the texture just kills you. We were able to finish it luckily - trick to eating things that are gross is to not chew and just swallow. So this made our lunch's that we made at home even taste better because we were able to cook some delicious tacos and some Alfredo chicken. I would say that this training thing is helping out my cooking skills because our food is actually delicious! 

Divisions in Salto
So aside from the rain and the food we were also able to teach some really cool people. Two of them were Silvia and Cirino... Silvia is a reference from our good friend Alberto who is actually living with her less active Grandpa. So we were able to visit her and to teach her and she wants to come to church and get baptized so that makes us really excited to work with her and get her to reach her goal. It was also one of the best experiences to hear Alberto testify and share all about how the Gospel has changed his life. It is such a blessing to be able to see how much the Gospel means to him and how much he wants to share.

Now onto Cirino - so he is a little different. He is about 65 and he is a retired veterinarian. He smokes, like a lot a lot... he also was really awkward talking to us the first time and I didn't think that we would talk to him again. BUT we did and when we had finished we asked if he had any questions and He goes " How do I become as certain as you guys" which is basically any missionaries dream question...We were able to explain that everyone is able to get their own response and have that certainty. He is really looking forward to having it for himself and it is awesome to see his desires pushing him to act and do everything to get his answer. 

Hermana Sanovich and Hermana Sierra
Challenge - So this week I actually have been looking back on a few things. I am not sure if any of you realized but this week will be my one year mark as a missionary. Wow has the time flown by. I would not trade it for anything in the world. One thing that stands out to me that I have been sharing with the people here in Uruguay is how important our communication with our Heavenly Father is in our lives. I have loved being able to teach people to be able to communicate with him and then in turn teaching them how he communicates to them. One of these ways is to be reading the scriptures.  Awhile back the challenge was to read the Book Of Mormon and to pray about it, did you do it???  Well if you did I want to hear about it and if you didn't I want you to actually do it this time!! 
I know that it will help you in your lives. 
Thank you for all of your love... 
and for your never ending support during this crazy Uruguayan Adventure! 
Love, Hermana Sanovich 

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