Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Season 1 Episode 13 "Return of the TRIO" (8-29-16)

Season 1 Episode 13 " Return of the TRIO" 
Hermana Silva & Hermana Trujillo 
I am in a trio once again folks! And I am loving it!! What could be more fun then to share the gospel while being able to live and talk with 2 other friends that are doing the exact same thing? There names are Hermana Trujillo, who is from Murray, Utah and Hermana Silva who is from Fortaleza, Brazil... We have been having a blast the last couple of days the two Americans and the Brazilera!! A couple of highlights from our couple of days together are the following....first I will tell you about my transfer... 

Hey look who I found here in Uruguay
It's Hermana Evans
Thursday - A funny story from today was that we were talking and all of a sudden this little boy comes up next to us on his bike ( he is probably about 10 years old). Points  to his jersey and tells us that his name is Luis Suarez 
(the jersey conveniently had the same name on it) We keep talking and then he tells us that is name is actually Pablo. So we ask him about his family and he tells us he has a "cantidad of siblings". So I asked him if he meant like 5 or 6 and all he says to us is "una cantidad" (a lot)... Then he just looks at us and says "me voy" 
(like I'm leaving)... 
He struggled to get his bike out of the grass so we tried to help but he only said "me voy" again and was off... Hermana Silva nicknamed him "chicken little". 
We were laughing about it for a very long time.. 

Friday - We had meetings with our Zone in the church that is about an hour away so we got to get up early and ride a bus over there, then meet our zone ( we are going to have so much fun all together and there is a "cantidad" of us ;) (just me trying to be funny) We also had a language study as a trio which is awesome because we all are studying a little bit of Spanish but Hermana Silva is going to teach us Portuguese and we are going to teach her English... It is really funny to try to explain how things are spelled when we are not sure in which of the 3 languages we have in our house we are spelling in. (haha) It is really fun to communicate in our different languages the simple principles of the gospel.

Saturday - It rained!!!! Like so much today, I have never been so wet in my life because of rain.We walked around in the morning and just got drenched and didn't really get to talk to anyone because it was raining so much.. When we got home from lunch we all changed out of our wet clothes and tried to get warm and study and dry off a bit. Then we bundled up and headed back out into the storm... It was crazy, with wind and rain coming from all directions. It was a successful night though because we were able to find a family and teach them about the gospel they were really receptive and really willing to listen.  We are going to be going back soon to keep talking to them and teaching them about Christ.. 

We started out the day without any power in our house, then we got wet and then we finished it off by teaching the gospel to people that have never heard about it before, that was awesome!! Just the average day of a missionary ; )

Sunday- I didn't have to speak and we didn't have to teach so it was a success for sure.

Challenge: My challenge is for you, is to look for the hand of God in the little things in your life everyday! He is there even when there are bad or crazy things he is there for all of us, every single day!!! 
Colonia house

Love you all! Have so much fun this week!
Hermana Sanovich 

Our dog "Camello"

Saying Good Bye is HARD to do....WARNING...Picture overload...(8-29-16)

Good Bye - Paysandu - Until we meet again!

The Gringo Store in Paysandu

Mili and Soledad

All of US!

Guadalupe and her Mom Claudia (we might have been crying)

Guadalupe and her Mom Claudia

Soledad, Mili and Lucia




Saying Goodbye to Friends

Nicoles Idea of Fun - Me in a Wig

Hermanas Having some Fun!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Season 1 Episode 12 - Black Eye & Guadalupe's Baptism (8-23-16)

Injured Hermana McMullin
Season 1 Episode 12  
Black Eye & Guadalupe's Baptism 

This week was absolutely CRAZY!!! 
Our week was crazy, I cant really remember the stuff that happened before this week on Wednesday. So we will just jump to that day. We woke up to play some soccer with the Elders from our district and our zone. We were having so much fun until Hermana McMullin was running up to kick the ball and hit her head on the goal post. We had an early morning adventure, Sister McMullin was bleeding quite a bit (as the pic shows)... I can now say that I have been in a South American hospital, and luckily it was not because of anything that was wrong with me. They decided that she did not need stitches so they cleaned it up and glued it together and then we left the hospital. She was really out of it so we stayed in our house and studied. It was best that she just slept the entire time so we decided to do that. Then we walked to the house of our mission leader, Daniel Mederos (also the family of Maria Luz) and Hermana McMullin statyed with her mom. I left with Maria Luz and that was crazy that meant I was in charge of our area and guess what? it didn't even fall apart!!! That's an accomplishment!!!! We invited Fatima and Nicole to be baptized so that was good... I can't believe how much they have already progressed! Then we went home and Hermana McMullin slept the rest of the night because I am pretty sure that she has a concussion. 

We had another activity this week, it was for the stake missionary effort. It was so crazy to plan and actually play, we decided to play human Foosball and it was crazy!!! 
The members loved it and it turned out really awesome...we all had so much fun. 

Baptism of Guadalupe 
Selfie with the Hermana's
Guadalupe with her parents
Then on Saturday it was Guadalupe's baptism on Saturday.  We had to fill the font in the morning and then get everything else ready during the afternoon. I was so excited, then we were at the church waiting for her to show up with her family and it was really cool to have her parents come and support her with this big step in her life. The spirit was so strong during the entire meeting.  It was amazing to see her so happy and ready to be committed to Christ... 

Elder Pisciotta who Baptized Guadalupe

On Sunday her parents came and watched her get confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and to receive the Holy ghost. 

Yesterday (was transfers) we did get changes and I will be leaving my Trainer (Sister McMulling) & Paysandu. I will be heading to Colonia (more info to come on the exact details) 

Challenge - Create a family or personal motto for the next 6 weeks. Make it something that can help you and your family on more than just a basic level, discuss something that helps you remember how the Savior strengthens you. 

My motto for this next week is......change will happen & it will all work out!

Thank you for all of the love and  support - Hermana Sanovich

Note from Mama Nick - It's not good bye Hermana McMullin - I don't really  know you but through emails and pics, but I wanted to say "Thank You" for taking such GREAT 
care of  Hermana Sanovich.  I know without a doubt you were suppose to be with Hermana Sanovich from the day I received your first email I could tell you were and are 
an AMAZING Missionary.  You are such an incredible example!!!  
I know that Cassidy was so blessed to serve with you.  Until we see you in three!!!  
You will always be OUR favorite Trainer!!!


Best Trainer EVER!!! Hermana McMullin 15 months

Monday, August 15, 2016

Season 1 Episode 11: That One Time I realized...I really Live in South America!! (8-15-16)

Season 1 Episode 11: That One Time I realized...I really Live in South America!!!

Selfie Hermana Sanovich

This week was another one full of crazy and new adventures, I am convinced that if everything ever goes according to plan and we are on time to everything that we have done something wrong. But that's okay because the culture here is not one to be on time to anything (I thought that Mormon Standard Time was only a thing in Utah but it's not) 

We started out the week, last p-day, playing fĂștbol!! I think this might be a weekly thing now but that's ok, because my skills are totally improving and by the time that I get home I will be good enough to  make the US national team and I will be playing on their level.. (haha) The elders have said that they will teach me some of their tricks so that I can play as if I was actually a Latin.. (this is exciting folks!!!) We were playing on this field in a park with a bunch of people and I had the realization that: I do in fact live in South America and that the common language to communicate among people here is Spanish! (CRAZY)

We had a day this week where all of the missionaries worked in our area, they all helped us find a bunch of new people to teach.  There was also a day this week where I was with a different comp here in Ombu and I had to get around the town because she doesn't work or live in our area.. it was a little sketchy at first but it was actually really good for me to do this and I think it pushed me to be more independent... 

Cyber World - Where they email on their p-days
Also big news here... Guadalupe is going to get BAPTIZED!! She had her interview and everything went well so that will be on Saturday.  On a different day I was with Hermana Porter in Zorilla and we walked a lot, we also made a salad for lunch so that was fun... 
      Side note from Mama Nic: 
(I have never ever seen Hermana Sanovich eat a salad in her entire life, I think that is why it is such an important part of her day haha)

Elder Espinosa, Elder Pisciotta and Hermana McMullin learning the piano
Challenge:  Learn something new, 
expand your talents it will be very rewarding!

Love to you all... Thank You for your prayers & support.   
Hermana Sanovich

Attempt at Sunday Lunch
Attempt of a Selfie Hermana Sanovich
& Hermana McMullin

Monday, August 8, 2016

Season 1 Episode 10 "3 Sheets to the Wind" (8-8-16)

Name Badge & Scriptures
Season 1 Episode 10  
"3 Sheets to the Wind"
McMullin & Sanovich Bedroom

Okay, so this week was crazy at the beginning and then a little dull so I am just going to share the best of the best with you all... We had our zone p-day and had our paint fight on the beach (the video and pics went through right) (they did not come through maybe next week) and then we went back to our house to change and look a little more like missionaries. Once we had both showered we decided to try and make pasta but ran out of time so we left our house with wet hair to go to an elderly lady's home who always does her FHE by herself to have a little lesson with her so that she is not by herself.  We walked about 3 blocks and the phone rings Hermana McMullin answers and shes talking for a minute and then she stops walking and says "serio?" about three or four times. Hangs up and then the phone rings again and she talks to someone else and then tells them the address of the church and hangs up... I was absolutely confused at this point and had no idea what was going on. But then she tells me " We need to go to the church because President Olsen is going to TEACH with us "... I DIED!!! 

I think it took me until we were at the church to realize that our Mission President was going to be coming with us to our appointments that night. Once the initial shock wore off I was good to go, and then he pulled up with the assistants and I was a little nervous again. We got into the car and then he went with us to this elderly ladies home for FHE and he was super nice to her and she loved every minute of having him in her home. Then we went to this guys Pablos house and his brother opened the door so we go into the house and teach Gustavo instead because Pablo was not home. We were teaching him the Restoration (and a funny thing...they don't have any chairs), so we are all standing there, 
President Olsen, Me and Hermana McMullin teaching this guy 
and his insanely sick mother about the Restoration and as we 
are finishing up the craziest thing happens. 

Out of no where Pablo walks into the room DRUNK, like so wasted it was crazy!! He tried to give a "beso" to Hermana Mcmullin and she had to push him away from her... Then we hurried and said a prayer, because at that point the spirit was SO gone and then we got out of there as fast as possible. We get into the car and President says " Well he was 3 sheets to the wind" and we all laughed about it until he dropped us off at our next FHE appointment and then he told us that we were all going to get pizza when he finished doing the interviews with the elders of our district. At the end of the day we were all sitting in Pan- Z, eating pizza with President Olsen 
Front room
and just talking to him about everything. 
It was a crazy day that's for sure... 

On Tuesday we had our Zone Conference which was awesome.... We had the chance to do interviews which was a great experience to talk to President Olsen for a few minutes about everything and my progress as a missionary... 

Challenge:  short and sweet this week take a minute to do some service, easy projects or even some thing super tiny. It will make your day much better to think of someone else and in turn it will make the other person smile and happy!!!!!

Desk at the apartment in Paysandu
Love to you all, Hermana Sanovich

Monday, August 1, 2016

Season 1 Episode 9 "We're going to Young" its pronounced (shoeng) (8-1-16)

Season 1 Episode 9  "we're going to Young" its pronounced (shoeng)
"Young" (shoeng)

We went to Young!! My comp is a sister trainer so we did divisions in "Young" It was really fun, but I will get to that later... 

Our daily schedule goes like this... 
6:30 get up and exercise
7:00 get ready and eat breakfast
7:50 study 
8:50 - 9:20 plan
9:20 - 12:30 work and teach people 
12:30 - 1:30 LUNCH
1:30 - 2:20 language
2:20 - 3:20 comp study 
3:20 -4 plan 
4:00 -9:00 teach and missionary work 
Street in "Young"

Quick daily summary for this week:

Monday- We played futbol in the rain and ate some food E. Salazar made from Bolivia which was really yummy... 

Tuesday - We plan every week for the rest of the week and that takes most of the day.. but then we had a yummy lunch from a place called pollo de oro

Wednesday - we ordered a pizza for dinner, which was delicious... they delivered it to our house and it was heavenly

Thursday - we bought tickets to go to "young", and then another thing that was fantastic was that we made some french fries (perks of an American companion, we like the same american foods and can make them all the time if we wanted to. 

Us oros in front of a strange face in the Ombu ward
Street in Paysandu
Friday - We went to "Young" 
I worked today with Hermana Maldonado who is from Argentina.. It was a Spanish filled day that is for sure, it was really good to have her rapid fire Spanish speak to me all day. The only bad thing is that in young we were just contacting all day and only taught one member family at the end of the day... I really really am not a fan of walking for an hour to get to everything, so it makes me realize that my area is absolutely fantastic. 

There were also a bunch of little puppies that followed me around for a little bit and that was cute and fun... We almost missed our bus home (it's about an hour bus ride from our house to Young and at 9 at night we really didn't want to try to walk... But its all good and we made it home perfectly 

Saturday - We took Agustina and her sisters on a tour of the church in the hope that she would come to church on Sunday after seeing that nothing about it is really weird or different and its just a building. They are great!!  We had our youth activity again this week, we played futbol again so that's exciting.. (I am actually getting good enough where I might even buy a jersey...) 

View of Uruguay from the plane
Sunday - We had 3 investigators at church and that was aaawesome.... Guadalupe is awesome and asked me today if she could get baptized so we will be talking to her parents this week but we will most likely be having a baptism in a couple weeks... 

Its been a crazy week, but the days all blend together and it makes it feel really long and then p day comes again and it seems so short... 

At the beach
Yay for P-day

But I do have a challenge for you this week: 
(let me know if I ever repeat them) but this week I would love to invite you to start the Book of Mormon over again (or for the first time). 
I am planning on starting again and I think that it is totally possible for you to start it now and finish it before I get home... I know that it can help change and improve lives just reading it...

Thank you for all of your love and support always!
Hermana Sanovich