Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Season 2 Episode 25 "Haters gonna Hate" (5-22-17)

Season 2 Episode 25 "Haters gonna Hate"
This week we had a fun time telling a bunch of people that the Gospel has been restored!! However, we had some people tell us, some not so nice things and that would be why the title of this week is "Haters gonna Hate". So on three different occasions we had people telling us that we are Americans here to spy on them, that I am from a country that is destroying the world... You know the average Trump and Government hatred that people are all about here recently. However, one of the ladies was not mean about that but mean about us as missionaries. We had talked to her spouse a while back and he was all about talking to us. Then she was not a fan as a matter of fact we walked in and she says "OH NO!!!!!!!!!!" That was a not quite the response we thought we were going to get all while walking into their house..... :(

Other than that here are some FUN things that I've learned this week about LIFE here on the mission...
* Agustina lives in Salto (shes a convert from Peru)
* Salto is close to Argentina
* I miss the city 
* I don't like Polenta
* A Hermana from Peru drinks cow blood warm
* Chile, Peru and Columbia don't really like each other
* ALWAYS be nice
* light sabers are 89 dollars here
* free shops are the best and the worst 
* I have the hiccups every day
* CO2 alarms are very loud
* Everyone thinks I am lost all the time (I really am not)
* Uruguayan asados (roasts/barbecues) are awesome 
* I can cook (contrary to popular belief) 
Asados - Roast/BBQ

The challenge this week is to stand up for what you believe in and to not be embarrassed to stand alone. A bunch recently people are focusing on the things that are not important and are judging others because of it. 
SO this week be you, the whole crazy weird you!! 

Love you all (sorry for the short letter this week, I will be better next time - I promise) 

Love, Hermana Sanovich  

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