Monday, May 29, 2017

Season 2 Episode 26 "Rain brings out the best of Bella Unión" (5-29-17)

Season 2 Episode 26 "Rain brings out the BEST of Bella Unión"

So this week it has been raining every single day. That's right, water has been falling from the sky since last Monday and did not stop until early this morning. This has led to a few funny experiences for us this week and some funny quotes from the other missionaries here in Salto, this is how we feel about all the Rain... 

"Will it ever stop raining?" -E Silva
"The Sky is spiting on us" - H Harker
"People hide when it is raining"- H Sierra 
"It's like walking in mist" - E Heaton 
"They say it is going to rain until Wednesday" - E Gómez
"It's like Halloween!"- E Black 
Me with my Favorites "Carpinchino's"
ZOO day in Uruguay
So as you can tell the rain has been a really big part of this week. However some other cool things happened too!! We actually got to see the sun this morning and I was overly excited for sure. SO also something else that happened was that for p-day we went to a zoo, and it may have been the most exciting thing that I was looking forward to all week long and it was actually not as bad as I thought the Uruguayan Zoo was going to be. There were Bears, Lions and Tigers and some other animals that we would not put in a zoo in the states but its all good. 

ANYWHO this week was interesting.
We had some experiences with food.. We ate mondongo... What is that? Well I have been told that it is the intestine of a cow... Was it good? NO!! We were eating it and I wanted to barf the entire time. It is rubbery and there really is no type of flavor at all but the texture just kills you. We were able to finish it luckily - trick to eating things that are gross is to not chew and just swallow. So this made our lunch's that we made at home even taste better because we were able to cook some delicious tacos and some Alfredo chicken. I would say that this training thing is helping out my cooking skills because our food is actually delicious! 

Divisions in Salto
So aside from the rain and the food we were also able to teach some really cool people. Two of them were Silvia and Cirino... Silvia is a reference from our good friend Alberto who is actually living with her less active Grandpa. So we were able to visit her and to teach her and she wants to come to church and get baptized so that makes us really excited to work with her and get her to reach her goal. It was also one of the best experiences to hear Alberto testify and share all about how the Gospel has changed his life. It is such a blessing to be able to see how much the Gospel means to him and how much he wants to share.

Now onto Cirino - so he is a little different. He is about 65 and he is a retired veterinarian. He smokes, like a lot a lot... he also was really awkward talking to us the first time and I didn't think that we would talk to him again. BUT we did and when we had finished we asked if he had any questions and He goes " How do I become as certain as you guys" which is basically any missionaries dream question...We were able to explain that everyone is able to get their own response and have that certainty. He is really looking forward to having it for himself and it is awesome to see his desires pushing him to act and do everything to get his answer. 

Hermana Sanovich and Hermana Sierra
Challenge - So this week I actually have been looking back on a few things. I am not sure if any of you realized but this week will be my one year mark as a missionary. Wow has the time flown by. I would not trade it for anything in the world. One thing that stands out to me that I have been sharing with the people here in Uruguay is how important our communication with our Heavenly Father is in our lives. I have loved being able to teach people to be able to communicate with him and then in turn teaching them how he communicates to them. One of these ways is to be reading the scriptures.  Awhile back the challenge was to read the Book Of Mormon and to pray about it, did you do it???  Well if you did I want to hear about it and if you didn't I want you to actually do it this time!! 
I know that it will help you in your lives. 
Thank you for all of your love... 
and for your never ending support during this crazy Uruguayan Adventure! 
Love, Hermana Sanovich 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Season 2 Episode 25 "Haters gonna Hate" (5-22-17)

Season 2 Episode 25 "Haters gonna Hate"
This week we had a fun time telling a bunch of people that the Gospel has been restored!! However, we had some people tell us, some not so nice things and that would be why the title of this week is "Haters gonna Hate". So on three different occasions we had people telling us that we are Americans here to spy on them, that I am from a country that is destroying the world... You know the average Trump and Government hatred that people are all about here recently. However, one of the ladies was not mean about that but mean about us as missionaries. We had talked to her spouse a while back and he was all about talking to us. Then she was not a fan as a matter of fact we walked in and she says "OH NO!!!!!!!!!!" That was a not quite the response we thought we were going to get all while walking into their house..... :(

Other than that here are some FUN things that I've learned this week about LIFE here on the mission...
* Agustina lives in Salto (shes a convert from Peru)
* Salto is close to Argentina
* I miss the city 
* I don't like Polenta
* A Hermana from Peru drinks cow blood warm
* Chile, Peru and Columbia don't really like each other
* ALWAYS be nice
* light sabers are 89 dollars here
* free shops are the best and the worst 
* I have the hiccups every day
* CO2 alarms are very loud
* Everyone thinks I am lost all the time (I really am not)
* Uruguayan asados (roasts/barbecues) are awesome 
* I can cook (contrary to popular belief) 
Asados - Roast/BBQ

The challenge this week is to stand up for what you believe in and to not be embarrassed to stand alone. A bunch recently people are focusing on the things that are not important and are judging others because of it. 
SO this week be you, the whole crazy weird you!! 

Love you all (sorry for the short letter this week, I will be better next time - I promise) 

Love, Hermana Sanovich  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Season 2 Episode 24 " Uruguayan Animals" (5-15-17)

Season 2 Episode 24 " Uruguayan Animals"

Hyrum and Joseph 11 months
So this week was a little different than we have had for awhile up here on our own little island Bella Union. We had a bunch of plans and about all of them fell through, this actually happened to us almost every single day this week. However lucky for us we were able to find people to teach and even some stray animals too!! 

The people first, I am learning that they are just as interesting as the animals that surround them. The top two people that we visited this past week would have to be Lydia and Maria. Hermana Heywood and I found them a few weeks ago.  Sierra and I went back to see Lydia and to see how things were going. We quickly learned about how hard her life has been and that she can not walk very far, use her left arm, or even read! All because of an accident that happened a few years ago. We were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation and it was a great chance to help her see the eternal perspective of all of the bad things that are happening in her life. Then with Maria, the Elders started teaching her back in October before the Hermanas first went to Bella Union - she has had her fair share of lessons with the missionaries. However, this time when we got there the first thing she tells us is "I am going to get baptized. I don't care what I have to do... I am going to get baptized." This makes any missionaries day way better!! 

Loving my "New" Companion
Hermana Sierra - Raincoats and Rain Boots

The only thing is that she works in a free shop. We love the free shops because it is basically an American mall all in one store! However, the only bad thing is that everyone who works there all have to work on Sundays. It was so eye opening to me that she wants to be doing everything right but, she cant because of the limitations of where she lives. These two women had a huge impact on my attitude and my perspective this week in reminding me that we can do hard things and that God is mindful of our circumstances. 

Now on to something that was a little funny but really just weird... So we have had a few interactions with some of the men that live in our area. Nothing scary or dangerous just moments where we would look at each other and just ask really? One of these times was a truck full of guys that offered to have us come and live in their house and they just kept hitting on us. This was followed shortly there after by a group of guys just staring at us and then telling us that we were really pretty. SO this was not really that important this week however it was funny because Hermana Sierra just says in English "Normal me would just punch them in the face, but I cant because I am a missionary." We laughed about that for a solid twenty minutes.

"Juliet" the roaming night "Cow"
So the animals --- This week we were able to see a bunch of dogs (not new but still cool)... We were able to see one in particular that was playing with a rock behind a contact that was going off about Trump, I was quite entertained watching it kick it back and forth to itself. Then we got to see the Carpincho!! So I couldn't let an entire week go by without showing her the carpincho that would be tragic. However, the best animal sighting was Juliet. SO our dear Juliet is a friendly cow that wonders the streets of Bella Union every single night. We saw her one night and just thought she was lost, but after seeing her in the middle of the busy street after that we asked about her. Turns out that she just comes and walks around all night and the town gave her the name "Manchita" however Hermana Sierra started calling her Juliet before we knew her name so now and forever she will be Juliet... It is the little things in life, like a cow wondering at night or SKYPING your family that keeps us missionaries going!! 

Yes it is true I had the wonderful chance to see and talk to my family yesterday and it was just FANTASTIC! I have such a wonderful family! 

So yesterday before skype I was listening to a story that one of the speakers mentioned during sacrament meeting about Thomas Edison. So he got home one day from school with a note from his teacher that he gave to his mother. His mother read the letter out loud to him it said "Your son is too advanced for our school and it is suggested that he studies with you under better attention than we can offer him here." He ended up being taught in his home by his mother and became an amazing inventor. Years later he was cleaning out his parents home and came across an old folded piece of paper that read " Your son is mentally ill and we will not be able to have him here". This story just shows what our perspective can do. His mother helped a young and unable child become someone great. We all have the chance to change the way we look at things. This brings me to the challenge this week take the negative "letter" and turn it into something positive. Use your skills that you have and become GREAT! 

Thank you for always supporting me during this crazy adventure here in Uruguay. 

I love you all, 

Love Hermana Cassidy Sanovich  

Monday, May 8, 2017

Some Random PICS... (5-3-17)

Hermana Sanovich was able to meet up with a darling friend Hermana Evans who has been serving in Uruguay as well...and has completed her mission (5-3-17) 
But because we are so blessed to know this Wonderful family (The Evans) 
we were fortunate enough to send with them 
(as they were able to go pick up their sweet daughter) 
a NEW back pack for Hermana Sanovich filled with lots LOVE from HOME...
Thank you will never be enough....
This picture definitely melted my heart!   
That same day we actually received a letter from Cassidy filled with lots 
of little notes to each of us.  
What a GREAT DAY it was. Feeling so BLESSED!!!
Hermana Sanovich & Hermana Evans
Letter from Cassidy
Inside the letter

Hermana Sanovich has been without a Camera for a couple of months so I stole these CUTE pics from Hermana Heywoods Instagram post from last week 
(I hope she doesn't mind thanks Heywood family) 
I love seeing these sweet Hermana's together...such GREAT missionaries 
and NOW forever FRIENDS!

One last get together before changes
Just some good old Hermana time!!!


Hermana Heywood and a COW on the sidewalk?! WEIRD???

Season 2 Episode 23 "ORO" (5-8-17)

Season 2 Episode 23 "ORO" / "GOLD" / "NEW"

President and Sister Olsen with Hermana Sierra & Hermana Sanovich

So this week was a little different, so on Tuesday we had our p-day and we were able to stay in Salto with the Hermanas here and with all of Hermana Heywoods stuff. We left the Obelisco house and got on the bus headed for Montevideo at about 1 am on Wednesday. Next thing I know we are in Montevideo and we are getting into a van to go and pick up our new ORO's/golden's/newbies/greenies - at the mission house. 

Oros - Golds - Newbies - Greenies
Lets just say that that bus ride seemed very long and yet went by a little too fast.  My mind was racing and my heart was pounding the entire time. Everyone starts talking about where she/my new companion is going to be from, what she is going to be like, how well we are going to get along etc. etc. So in normal Cassidy fashion, my mind starts racing and before I know it we are already outside of the temple to meet our new companions. HERE WE GO!

We sang (probably horribly) "Called to Serve" and when Hermana Sierra turned around I was SO happy! She is absolutely amazing! These past couple of days being in our area have been absolutely incredible! She has so much determination, excitement, and drive to be a missionary.  It is has been the best to use all of her new perspective to have in our area. We are already seeing so many different miracles. Recently we were able to teach a couple who has been struggling with the fact that are not married, they had the coolest questions. I am going to have to study more about these questions to be able to answer them when we visit next time, but Hermana Sierra was able to talk to them and share so much of her testimony and light that she has with them.
Cute "New" Companions

I feel blessed and honored to be able to be her companion, I am learning so much everyday that we are together. She is teaching me WAY more than I could ever teach her. So some little facts about Hermana Sierra she is from Shillan Chile, she is the youngest of 6, she studied at UVU, she speaks fluent English, she is 19 years old. Just a little bit more about this amazing companion of mine, she wants to talk to everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE!!! We would be walking in the street and she would stop me and say "can we talk to them?". 
I am loving being able to have so much fun and grow with her during our time together. 

CHALLENGE - The past week we talked about not trying to hard to be perfect. I loved what our second counselor said to us recently "we are never asked to be perfect". Which is so true, we are so hard on ourselves trying to be perfect and in the end it is 100% impossible... AND we are never even asked to be perfect, we are continually asked to give it our all and do all that we can. 
So that is my invitation for all of you - stop being hard on yourself, telling yourself that you are not good enough. You are more than enough... So be positive and this week only say nice things about yourself 
and others. 
LOVE from the USA
ALSO...this week is mothers day so another challenge, Say Thank you to your mom and all of the women that have changed your life. I am so grateful to have such an amazing mom! I love her so much and would not be the person that I am without her as my example! I LOVE her so much and want to take a second to thank her for all that she has done and is doing for me. If someone wants to give her a hug for me that would be great.
With Love,
Hermana Sanovich

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Season 2 Episode 22 "I'm on top of the World right now" (5-2-17)

Season 2 Episode 22 "I'm on top of the World right now"

This week has been absolutely amazing!! We were able to see so many different miracles this week... Starting with the title of this weeks episode, on Monday they told us that there was a companionship that was able to find 19 new investigators in one week. Which for our zone is really a lot, so the Zone Leaders told us that if we could get 20 new investigators that there would be a prize. Now Heywood and I are just a little competitive but, when he said it would be impossible we became so determined to find 20 new people to teach. 
I am proud to say that WE DID IT!! "I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD"
It was not easy by any means, however it was well worth it!!! 

Here is a brief synopsis of how WE DID IT... Tuesday, it was raining and we were doing divisions so we got a different start to the week but we were able to find some of these new people nonetheless... By the end of Wednesday we had 10, then on Thursday we were planning during the morning and in the afternoon we were at 14. Friday was a mess but we were still able to end the day with 15, then when we ended Saturday we were at 18. Then Sunday after church we were able to find the last 2. So other than us being able to say that we did something that we all thought was impossible, we were also able to find 20 people willing to listen and learn more about the Gospel.

 Marcelo, Raquel, Enzo, Valeria, Frederico, Daniel, Luciana, Cecilia, Maria, Ruben, Ana, Analeia, Maria, Coulto, Susana, Milta, Lydia, Jeovana, José, Loana.  These 20 people have changed my life, they pushed me, they challenged me, one even smoked in my face. They are incredible! Each person has a story, and they are all proof to me that this is Gods work and that we are all here to help him help his children come back to him. I have loved seeing all of the small things that have come together this week to help us to be so dedicated with our goals and to be able to push ourselves and to trust in the Lord.

So May 1st is a big Holiday here where we all get together as a ward and we get to eat what they call an Olla.. It is basically a big pot full of meat, and something that was like a type of rice. It was a great way to all be together, eat some food and play some futbol!! Obviously that was the most important part of the day, we are in South America after all and whoever loses has to clean the big pot. 

Challenge - PUSH yourself!!! Pick a goal that seems impossible, set your sights on something that is not easy or even common. And then DO it!! Put in your all in everything that you do and enjoy doing it. You will feel so accomplished and the Lord will help you accomplish all that you can set your mind on.

Thank you for all that you do and for your support.
You are the best, enjoy your week.

Love, Hermana Sanovich