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Season 2 Episode 24 " Uruguayan Animals" (5-15-17)

Season 2 Episode 24 " Uruguayan Animals"

Hyrum and Joseph 11 months
So this week was a little different than we have had for awhile up here on our own little island Bella Union. We had a bunch of plans and about all of them fell through, this actually happened to us almost every single day this week. However lucky for us we were able to find people to teach and even some stray animals too!! 

The people first, I am learning that they are just as interesting as the animals that surround them. The top two people that we visited this past week would have to be Lydia and Maria. Hermana Heywood and I found them a few weeks ago.  Sierra and I went back to see Lydia and to see how things were going. We quickly learned about how hard her life has been and that she can not walk very far, use her left arm, or even read! All because of an accident that happened a few years ago. We were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation and it was a great chance to help her see the eternal perspective of all of the bad things that are happening in her life. Then with Maria, the Elders started teaching her back in October before the Hermanas first went to Bella Union - she has had her fair share of lessons with the missionaries. However, this time when we got there the first thing she tells us is "I am going to get baptized. I don't care what I have to do... I am going to get baptized." This makes any missionaries day way better!! 

Loving my "New" Companion
Hermana Sierra - Raincoats and Rain Boots

The only thing is that she works in a free shop. We love the free shops because it is basically an American mall all in one store! However, the only bad thing is that everyone who works there all have to work on Sundays. It was so eye opening to me that she wants to be doing everything right but, she cant because of the limitations of where she lives. These two women had a huge impact on my attitude and my perspective this week in reminding me that we can do hard things and that God is mindful of our circumstances. 

Now on to something that was a little funny but really just weird... So we have had a few interactions with some of the men that live in our area. Nothing scary or dangerous just moments where we would look at each other and just ask really? One of these times was a truck full of guys that offered to have us come and live in their house and they just kept hitting on us. This was followed shortly there after by a group of guys just staring at us and then telling us that we were really pretty. SO this was not really that important this week however it was funny because Hermana Sierra just says in English "Normal me would just punch them in the face, but I cant because I am a missionary." We laughed about that for a solid twenty minutes.

"Juliet" the roaming night "Cow"
So the animals --- This week we were able to see a bunch of dogs (not new but still cool)... We were able to see one in particular that was playing with a rock behind a contact that was going off about Trump, I was quite entertained watching it kick it back and forth to itself. Then we got to see the Carpincho!! So I couldn't let an entire week go by without showing her the carpincho that would be tragic. However, the best animal sighting was Juliet. SO our dear Juliet is a friendly cow that wonders the streets of Bella Union every single night. We saw her one night and just thought she was lost, but after seeing her in the middle of the busy street after that we asked about her. Turns out that she just comes and walks around all night and the town gave her the name "Manchita" however Hermana Sierra started calling her Juliet before we knew her name so now and forever she will be Juliet... It is the little things in life, like a cow wondering at night or SKYPING your family that keeps us missionaries going!! 

Yes it is true I had the wonderful chance to see and talk to my family yesterday and it was just FANTASTIC! I have such a wonderful family! 

So yesterday before skype I was listening to a story that one of the speakers mentioned during sacrament meeting about Thomas Edison. So he got home one day from school with a note from his teacher that he gave to his mother. His mother read the letter out loud to him it said "Your son is too advanced for our school and it is suggested that he studies with you under better attention than we can offer him here." He ended up being taught in his home by his mother and became an amazing inventor. Years later he was cleaning out his parents home and came across an old folded piece of paper that read " Your son is mentally ill and we will not be able to have him here". This story just shows what our perspective can do. His mother helped a young and unable child become someone great. We all have the chance to change the way we look at things. This brings me to the challenge this week take the negative "letter" and turn it into something positive. Use your skills that you have and become GREAT! 

Thank you for always supporting me during this crazy adventure here in Uruguay. 

I love you all, 

Love Hermana Cassidy Sanovich  

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