Saturday, September 23, 2017

Season 3 Episode 15 - "27 hours of Terminals" (9-11-17)

This is what a BUS ride looks like at 3am
Season 3 Episode 15 - "27 hours of Terminals"

How to lose an entire day in a terminal... Brought to you by Hermana Sanovich and Hermana Mattos.  Well you got it folks this change it seems that the buses are just going to continue being a huge part of my life. However, this time they also include more hours in a terminal. So this week was changes and as many of you know that Hermana Wagner is now safe and sound in her home in Lindon, Utah and with her family. What you may not know is that she left me in a bus terminal at 3 am to get home... 

Wednesday - we sent her on her way to Montevideo and I stayed in the terminal with Hermana Reyes and Hermana Galvez until around 6:30 in the morning, when Hermana Reyes left to go to her new area. Once everyone had left me and Hermana Galvez were able to go to the church and to stay there for a few hours before going back to the terminal to wait for my new companion HERMANA TAYLOR!!! She is from California and is absolutely AMAZING!! 

Thursday - we were able to work a little in our area before we were back on a bus and in the terminal that Hermana Taylor could go with Hermana Galvez to Dolores so Hermana Mattos and I could travel to Montevideo Friday morning. They left at around 8 at night and once again we were in the terminal, and the funny thing is that all of the food places in the terminal close at about this time of night so we were just sitting in a terminal doing the most random of things until 3 am when our bus left to go to Montevideo.

Friday - we were in Montevideo and had a wonderful concilio (council) with President and Hermana Olsen along with the assistants. They taught us a lot about going back to the basics of missionary work and about focusing on the people that we were teaching so that they could progress. It was a great little conference and before we knew it we were in another terminal waiting for our bus to go back to Mercedes. We got back to Mercedes and waited only a little bit to be able to travel back to Fray Bentos and actually sleep in a real bed!! 

Saturday - in the morning we traveled back to Mercedes to get our real companions back and it was about noon by the time we were all back in our normal areas and with our real companions again.

Sunday - we were able to go to church and to feel the spirit and to learn from the different teachers here in Fray Bentos. It was also a great opportunity for us to go to the baptism of a members son  and to participate with yet another musical number. Someone really needs to tell the Uruguayans that I do not sing that well.. 

Monday - we were able to go to our home away from home in Mercedes and to be with the zone to make some delicious tacos and then to play some UNO. 

IT has been a week full of travel/TERMINALS once again and I feel like my email is more of a travel log than anything else. HOWEVER, there is one thing that I learned this week that I wanted to share with you all and it makes it as this week´s challenge.. 

Hermana Oran and I from the last change

CHALLENGE- We watched a video clip that comes from a movie where Brad Pitt is fishing, now President never told us which movie it came from however if you want to look it up it might make more sense. NOW the important thing is that in this clip he is trying to catch this fish that was trying really hard to get free. As part of this he entered into the river and was willing to dive in to the cliffs and everything just to get the fish he was set on catching. Now this applies to us all as miembro (member) missionaries as being fishers of men and being dedicated to sharing the gospel with everyone. It also applies to our goals and being committed to them...this week set a Goal and make a plan to stick to it no matter what, even if you have to get a little wet. When you accomplish your goal it will be amazing...
Hermana Oran and I from this change

Well that's all for this week. 
Thank you for all of your love and support. 

I love you,
Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

Around - Fray Bentos

Fray Bentos

Fray Bentos

Fray Bentos

Duh Elders....

Elders and Tacos


                                                         Hermana Taylor
                                                      (sorry caught her with her eyes closed)

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Season 3 episode 14 " Wonderful weeks with Wagner" (9-4-17)

Season 3 episode 14 " Wonderful weeks with Wagner"

This week has been incredible. I am sorry that there is so little time to actually go into detail about what has been going on here in Fray Bentos but here is a little bit of the highlights...

We went to PAYSANDU!!!!!! 
I was able to visit Guadalupe and her family. I learned that her brother got baptized in April and that he is wanting to go on a mission and that was really exciting to see how the Gospel spreads and how much small simple things can change peoples lives forever!!! 

Me cleaning the font before the Baptism

Set up complete

Ismael's Baptism

We had Ismaels baptism!! Ismael Acosta Ponce, 75 year old, cancer survivor got baptized this weekend and it was amazing!! I loved being able to see how happy and joyful he was about the change he was making in his life!! I am so happy to be a missionary!!!! 

Hermana Wagner has been such an incredible comp!! She has changed how I have seen things here in the mission. We have laughed so much and we have also worked so hard!! We have been on a number of buses for over 120 hours in the past 6 weeks. I love her she has taught me so much about love and charity for those around us. I am excited for her and the adventure she has waiting for her back in Utah. 

I am also pleased to announce that I will be working with Hermana Taylor here in Fray Bentos this upcoming change. She is newer to the mission and I am excited to enjoy this time of miracles here in URUGUAY!!! 

My family is doing amazing things back home and I could not be prouder!! I have learned how important family is for sure and I am so glad that I have mine!!! 

Desafio...(Chanllenge) This week I want you to try and face all of the challenges or hard situations that you have coming up with a positive outlook. I know that we can do difficult things when we put our FAITH not only in our Father in Heaven but in ourselves.

This week is going to be a great one I promise!!  

Love you all, 
Hermana Cassidy Sanovich

Guadalupe, her brother Jorge

Guadalupe, her mom and  I

Lucia and Soledad
Resendiz and Hot dogs

Us making pizza

Elders and Ice cream

Hermana Wagner and Ice cream


"JOSH" #missioncomplete
"DRAKE" #15months

Monday, September 4, 2017

Season 3 Episode 13 " You know you´ve been in South America too long when..." (8-28-17)

Independence Day
Season 3 Episode 13 
"You know you've been in South America too long when.."

Hey it's US!
Well we decided that this week we were just recognizing the difference that an entire year in Uruguay has had on the way that we react to different things. Here are just a few examples from this week... 

1- A spider lands on you and you don't scream
2- When you have clothes drying on a broomstick under a heater.. after being washed in a bucket
3- When you eat noodles five time in one week but Sunday is special because the members made them
4- You are happy because the cockroaches outside your house are dead and not alive
5- You can live off of the equivalent of 2 US dollars for a week 
6- Buses are life
7- We travel cross country on a weekly bases
8- People yell random things in English at us becuase they dont know how to say anything else
9- Buying shrimp out of a truck on the side of the road is a luxury
10- ???? She forgot to add number 10 :(
So as you can tell we are enjoying every minute of our time this week here in Uruguay. We were able to go and do some divisions in Young, where Hermana Wagner started her mission so that was an amazing experience. While there we met some crazy lady that wanted to teach us about all of her beliefs about life and marriage and it was really really interesting. We also got to visit the two families that I took pictures with and they are amazing!! I love being able to go and see all these different people and learn from them every single time. 

While we were in our own area we got to do some cool stuff too!! 
We taught our lovely investigator Ismael and we have wonderful news - he will be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday and we are super excited to be able to help him reach his goal! 

Laura- she was not having a great day when we went to visit her but we were able to share more about the Atonement and prayer so hopefully she was able to have a better week and we will be able to see her more this upcoming week.
"YOUNG" got some letters

Belen- She is awesome!! We were able to talk to her about how she feels like she already has received an answer that all that we share is true and wants to learn more and get baptized!! 

So I would say that it was a successful week here in Fray Bentos and we are looking forward to another crazy and wonderful week coming up because.... It will be the last full week that Hermana Wagner has as a missionary here in Uruguay!! dun dun DUN... We are going to be running around like crazy little missionaries to keep everything running smoothly so that we can get everything that we need to done...

Challenge- This week on Sunday we had a special conference with all of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay!! We were able to hear from Elder Rasband and he shared something that really stood out to me. He talked about FAITH and how we need to ACT ON OUR FAITH, something that has been discussed a bunch recently...I would like to challenge you to be DOERS and not just Hearers of the word... ct upon the things that you read and know and I promise the Lord will bless you!! 

Thank you for being awesome!! 
I love you and love hearing from you all!! 
Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 
Hermana Rios with the Centurion family
Ismael with Us - He is so sweet!
Cool family that I met in YOUNG

25 de Agosto - 25th of August - Independence Day

Family watching the soccer game from their Roof...

We made Pasta with Shrimp

US making tortas fritas (fry bread)

US being Uruguayan's with our tortas fritas (fry bread)
delicious food from another cool family in Young

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Season 3 Episode 12 "Take two" Argentina & Salto

Season 3 Episode 12 "Take two" Argentina & Salto

Okay, I apologize before hand that this email is going to be a little short... 

it's a kind of CRAZY around here.

We are having some FUN around here!
Okay first we went to Bella Union, and it was awesome. We were with Hermana Cowley and Hermana Sierra, and we had a BLAST!! We were able to work a bunch and we had fun while doing it!! I love them both and am so happy that they are taking care of my home in Bella Union. 

Hermana's and Hot Dogs

Then we went to Salto... We had a great time with Hermana  Harker and Hermana Huntsman. We did something a little different this week. We put posters on the fence in front of the church with a bunch of questions and talked to every single person that walked by, it felt AMAZING!! We were able to teach a man about the Plan of Salvation, we taught a woman who at the beginning did not want anything to do with us and now is an investigator, we are all loving it. We felt a little like the Sister Missionaries that are in Times Square, not even close but we tried.  We also had interviews with President Olsen and that was a great, he is always so inspiring and knows exactly what to say chance to be able to learn and then apply everything this week.

We tried to go to Argentina, but we got stuck at the border...SO we will not be going to visit Argentina anytime soon... 

On OUR way to Argentina
What do I see?? It's Argentina that I see...(but only in the distance)

Well, this week was crazy!!!  
This weeks Challenge is to work on what "CHALLENGES YOU MAY BE STRUGGLING WITH" and turn them around, look at them differently, try to see them in a different LIGHT, possibly try to Learn and Grow from them.  I know LIFE can be HARD sometimes but when we put our FAITH in our Heavenly Father he will give us the LIGHT that we need to turn things around.
LOVE YOU ALL - Hermana Sanovich 

Hermana HUANCA 
We LOVE to do Selfie's

These are pictures from  
De La Conferencia Con Elder Teixeira
(The Conference with Elder Teixeira)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Season 3 Episode 11 " The one with Teixeira" (08-14-17)

Season 3 Episode 11 " The one with Teixeira"
Montevideo Temple
So this last week we had the opportunity to have Elder Teixeira (A General Authority) and his wife come to our mission.  Which means that we had two Conferences in Montevideo, and you know what that means....BUSES!!and more BUSES!! 

We left our house at 2 am Thursday morning and were on a bus to the first conference with Elder and Hermana Teixeira. We had the chance to hear more about the general mission goals for this area of the world and to hear really great advice about how to be better leaders every single day. Then we spent the night in Montevideo with Hermana Livingston and Hermana Bredeson because on Friday we were having another conference with the Teixeiras. This time with half of the mission!! I had the chance to see a bunch of my mission friends and we received some amazing revelation to apply in ALL of our areas.

The Salto crew Hermanas (Cowley,Wagner, Sierra, Me, Huntsman, Harker)
One of the messages that I want to share was from Hermana Teixeira from Friday afternoon. She talked with us about fear and about getting over our fears, not only in the mission but in life in general. She shared that as our Faith increases and we trust in God even more we are able to overcome our fear and in turn do amazing things. She shared an experience from her own life from when she got baptized. She is from Portugal and the missionaries were teaching her family and she explained that her father wanted each child to decide for themselves if they wanted to join the church. She was scared to say yes and to separate her family because of religion right after her family had already been separated. 
However, a few years down the road missionaries were visiting her families home again one Monday night and while playing chess a new missionary asked her if she wanted to be baptized, at that moment she realized that she needed to use her Faith and she accepted.  

I loved her story because she used her experience to show that we do not need to fear and that we can stand up for what we believe in. The new missionary was BRAVE to ask her to be baptized, she was BRAVE to say yes and they both showed EXTREME FAITH. 
I think that is the most valuable lesson from this week - That as our Faith increases the possibilities do as well. It is incredible to see the difference that Faith can have in someones life. I have no doubt that when we act on our Faith it will bring miracles every single time. 
It was so good to see Hermana Sierra
Hermana Wagner and I
The other miracle from this week was Laura. Hermana Wagner was teaching her a little before I got to Fray Bentos but we had the chance to visit her and her family this week. Laura told us that she wanted to stop smoking and that she wants to come to church. I love watching people change their lives and get closer to God when they start to live his commandments. She is an example of Faith and of trusting Heavenly Father in all that she does.

Desafio/Challenge - So this week the challenge is to increase your FAITH in whatever way you can. We learned this week that you can do so through reading the scriptures, praying, and by loving others. Don't forget to write your experiences down.  You maybe surprised at the lessons you will have learned.

Love you all ❤ I wish you the BEST headed into this new week!

Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

We thought this said "Holy Bus" - We laughed for about 15 minutes!
Yes, English is a struggle these days.