Saturday, August 26, 2017

Season 3 Episode 12 "Take two" Argentina & Salto (8-21-17)

Season 3 Episode 12 "Take two" Argentina & Salto

Okay, I apologize before hand that this email is going to be a little short... 

it's a kind of CRAZY around here.

We are having some FUN around here!
Okay first we went to Bella Union, and it was awesome. We were with Hermana Cowley and Hermana Sierra, and we had a BLAST!! We were able to work a bunch and we had fun while doing it!! I love them both and am so happy that they are taking care of my home in Bella Union. 

Hermana's and Hot Dogs

Then we went to Salto... We had a great time with Hermana  Harker and Hermana Huntsman. We did something a little different this week. We put posters on the fence in front of the church with a bunch of questions and talked to every single person that walked by, it felt AMAZING!! We were able to teach a man about the Plan of Salvation, we taught a woman who at the beginning did not want anything to do with us and now is an investigator, we are all loving it. We felt a little like the Sister Missionaries that are in Times Square, not even close but we tried.  We also had interviews with President Olsen and that was a great chance to be able learn and then apply everything this week.

We tried to go to Argentina, but we got stuck at the border...SO we will not be going to visit Argentina anytime soon... 

On OUR way to Argentina
What do I see?? It's Argentina that I see...(but only in the distance)

Well, this week was crazy!!!  
This weeks Challenge is to work on what "CHALLENGES YOU MAY BE STRUGGLING WITH" and turn them around, look at them differently, try to see them in a different LIGHT, possibly try to Learn and Grow from them.  I know LIFE can be HARD sometimes but when we put our FAITH in our Heavenly Father he will give us the LIGHT that we need to turn things around.
LOVE YOU ALL - Hermana Sanovich 

Hermana HUANCA 
We LOVE to do Selfie's

These are pictures from  
De La Conferencia Con Elder Teixeira
(The Conference with Elder Teixeira)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Season 3 Episode 11 " The one with Teixeira" (8-14-17)

Season 3 Episode 11 " The one with Teixeira"
Montevideo Temple
So this last week we had the opportunity to have Elder Teixeira (A General Authority) and his wife come to our mission.  Which means that we had two Conferences in Montevideo, and you know what that means....BUSES!!and more BUSES!! 

We left our house at 2 am Thursday morning and were on a bus to the first conference with Elder and Hermana Teixeira. We had the chance to hear more about the general mission goals for this area of the world and to hear really great advice about how to be better leaders every single day. Then we spent the night in Montevideo with Hermana Livingston and Hermana Bredeson because on Friday we were having another conference with the Teixeiras. This time with half of the mission!! I had the chance to see a bunch of my mission friends and we received some amazing revelation to apply in ALL of our areas.

The Salto crew Hermanas (Cowley,Wagner, Sierra, Me, Huntsman, Harker)
One of the messages that I want to share was from Hermana Teixeira from Friday afternoon. She talked with us about fear and about getting over our fears, not only in the mission but in life in general. She shared that as our Faith increases and we trust in God even more we are able to overcome our fear and in turn do amazing things. She shared an experience from her own life from when she got baptized. She is from Portugal and the missionaries were teaching her family and she explained that her father wanted each child to decide for themselves if they wanted to join the church. She was scared to say yes and to separate her family because of religion right after her family had already been separated. 
However, a few years down the road missionaries were visiting her families home again one Monday night and while playing chess a new missionary asked her if she wanted to be baptized, at that moment she realized that she needed to use her Faith and she accepted.  

I loved her story because she used her experience to show that we do not need to fear and that we can stand up for what we believe in. The new missionary was BRAVE to ask her to be baptized, she was BRAVE to say yes and they both showed EXTREME FAITH. 
I think that is the most valuable lesson from this week - That as our Faith increases the possibilities do as well. It is incredible to see the difference that Faith can have in someones life. I have no doubt that when we act on our Faith it will bring miracles every single time. 

It was so good to see Hermana Sierra
Hermana Wagner and I
The other miracle from this week was Laura. Hermana Wagner was teaching her a little before I got to Fray Bentos but we had the chance to visit her and her family this week. Laura told us that she wanted to stop smoking and that she wants to come to church. I love watching people change their lives and get closer to God when they start to live his commandments. She is an example of Faith and of trusting Heavenly Father in all that she does.

Desafio/Challenge - So this week the challenge is to increase your FAITH in whatever way you can. We learned this week that you can do so through reading the scriptures, praying, and by loving others. Don't forget to write your experiences down.  You maybe surprised at the lessons you will have learned.

Love you all ❤ I wish you the BEST headed into this new week!

Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

We thought this said "Holy Bus" - We laughed for about 15 minutes!
Yes, English is a struggle these days.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Season 3 Episode 10 "She's the Josh to my Drake" (8-07-17)

Season 3 Episode 10 "She's the Josh to my Drake"
Us on the BUS on the way to divisions

This week a few major things happened. 
The biggest being that we decided that our companionship is most like the famous brother duo of Drake and Josh. (if you have never seen the show I would highly recommend it) So the two brothers are hilarious and they are complete opposites but work together really well. Josh is the smart one with great ideas, who always seems to know exactly what to do. While Drake is the brother who is cool and chill and most of the time has no idea what exactly is going on. Needless to say Hermana Wagner is Josh and I am Drake. She is the pro at showing me around and making our days insanely efficient. Have I mentioned that she is GREAT? 

Anyways this week was a little nuts and to fill you in on it all here is a little list of the big things that happened....

Monday night - we had 6 hermanas sleeping in our house, so me and Wagner slept on the kitchen floor.

Tuesday - I went to Dolores with Hermana Galvez who is from Honduras.. We were able to have some fun in an insane rain storm and to find a guy who told us that he was divorced from God... We are pretty sure that that is not actually a real thing. 

Wednesday - we were able to have a meeting with our mission leader who lived in Salt Lake for awhile. We got broken up with by an investigator after having one of the most spiritual lessons about the Plan Of Salvation ever. Then we found a lady named Berta who told us that she does not believe in God. That lesson was great however our second lesson with her we realized that she does not have any desire to know God at all. 

Thursday - we taught Laura and she accepted to be baptized!! We are really excited to help her with her goal to get baptized soon. 

6 Hermana's in one apartment

Divisions take 2 this week... On our second division adventure we were able to have Hermanas Huanca and De Souza here with us in Fray Bentos... Hermana Huanca is from Bolivia and Hermana De Souza is from Brazil... I learned so much from each of the Hermana's that we were able to work with and we were able to have some good laughs too.. 

We slept on the kitchen floor

Well as usual this week was crazy and the up coming week is going to be even crazier. We are heading to ARGENTINA to do some divisions with a companionship there and then we are going to Montevideo to enjoy a few conferences with President Texiera. We are looking forward to some good laughs and some more hours onto our bus hour tally... speaking of this week we only spent a total of about 4 hours on a bus . Bringing our change total to 24.5 hours :) 

Desafio (Challenge) - part one there is an episode of Drake and Josh we have been quoting all week and we would like you all to watch it. It is an episode where they try to replace each other and that is how we joke about divisions... jajajaja 

HOWEVER, on a more serious note this week I have seen first hand that things are NEVER what they seem to be. People have back stories, places have hidden lookouts, and we all have things to learn. SO take a second and get to know someone who from first glance you would never think you would be friends with or do something you do not think that you will enjoy. The world might just surprise you...

Have a great week, 
Hermana Cassidy Sanovich

My companion is the best she bought me a spinner that lights up
On our way home from divisions
Me and Hermana Galvez

Us with Alba
Maria and Nico with Hermana De Souza and I

Divisions with Hermana Desouza and Hermana Huanca

Friday, August 4, 2017

Season 3 Episode 9 " A Whole New World" (7-31-17)

Season 3 Episode 9 "A Whole New World"
It's been 13 months (can't believe it myself)
Hello my lovely people how are you all? This week was so crazy that I am not really sure it actually all happened in only a week. For example I am now in the zone of Mercedes 
(no dad not the Benz kind) we actually live in a city named Fray Bentos and it is beautiful!! It is totally different than the other areas that I have had and I am excited to get to know it a little more as the change gets going. 

BUT before we get ahead of ourselves a couple of NEW/BIG things have changed...

NEW AREA - Fray Bentos 
NEW COMP - Hermana Wagner, from Lindon Utah 
NEW CALLING - Hermana Entrenadores (Sister Trainers)

Alberto me and Sierra
Zully and Family

Nadia and Ceferina
I have decided that I am in a whole new world and then we have sung the little mermaid song about three times up until this point. This week was changes week and as we all know I just love change.... NOT I am not a huge fan however, I think I handled it really really well. I was able to pack up and say goodbye in Bella Union all before 6 pm Tuesday. Around 9 Tuesday night we got into Salto and the street where the Hermana's live was being worked on so that meant that we got to take my luggage through the grass and rocks not only to get to the house but also to do it again on Wednesday morning. Wednesday around 6 am I was saying goodbye to Hermana Sierra and all of the Salto friends and I was on a bus on my way to Mercedes. I got there and was reunited with my friend Hermana Wagner... We are comps now and it is great... 
Here are some other cool things that happened - 
We slept in members house and in strangers bed while we were waiting for a bus 
We went to Montevideo and attended Leadership Conference
I spent about 20 hours on a bus this week 
We found out that we are going to be doing divisions 9 times this change
We get to travel to Argentina this change... 
We did not really sleep that much because of our bus schedule 
Saying Good bye to Hermana Sierra :(
Me 13 months and Sierra 3 months

Desafio (Challenge) DO SOMETHING NEW... NO REGRETS!! 
It's the WEEK of CHANGES &  CHANGES are awesome right?

Love you all,
Hermana Sanovich

Wagner & I at the Temple

Hermana Oran and I in Tres Cruces before concilio (council)
Our Zone

Me with Livingston and Bredeson (both from my group at concilio)
Elders made US chicken definately worth documenting 

Ice cream in the terminals is our new bff

Dead Tired or Playing Dead Who knows???

Hermana Wagner and I...