Monday, February 27, 2017

Season 2 Episode 13 "Some people are worth Melting for" Frozen (2-27-17)

Season 2 Episode 13 "Some people are worth Melting for" (Frozen)
SALTO - It's Beautiful here
So this week has been the HOTTEST week ever. We would go outside and just feel the heat instantly hit us. Not to mention that it is really humid so we end up sticky at the end of the day but that's totally normal right? This week instead of doing a day by day, play by play I decided to give you all the run down of the people that we have visited this week. 

Herman's not feeling so GREAT!
Juan Manuel - (our friend that speaks English and is in a wheelchair). We went to his house on Tuesday after it had rained a little bit and we were able to share the Restoration with him. however it wasn't our average lesson because it was in ENGLISH!! That was the first time that we had actually taught someone about the gospel in English and it was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be. We luckily were able to show him the movie and that was a cool experience.

Luciana - She has three kids but when we went to her house on Wednesday there were about five or six of them in her house. They were all playing with a type of homemade play dough. I had a little flashback to weekends at my grandmas house when we would do the same thing. However, they were playing with paint to have it be different colors... Needless to say it was hilarious to watch them all interact with each other and try to paint athe play dough all at once. We were able to teach her about the commandments and how we are blessed when we follow them. Then we decided to ask her about her experience with everything and she told us that she wants an answer and that she hasn't received one yet, so we are going to work with her this next week on that. 

Roxeanne & Madre - They are less active member that we visited one day after all of our plans fell through. we had a feeling to go and visit them and it was a good thing that we did. Roxeanne has a couple of things mentally wrong with her and it was a bad day with her disorders so our visit was a little out of the ordinary. She started begging Hermana Heywood for her skirt and then she wanted my shirt, when we told her no she got up and ran to her room. She then came back with a skirt in her hand that doesn't fit her anymore that she wanted to give to me as a gift. Not going to lie it was a weird experience, but her mom thanked us for bringing the spirit into their home so that made it all worth it. Plus I now have a skirt from Roxeanne so I feel special. 

Nver - (I thought it was Nedir but its not) She is a little out there we visited her twice this week and the first time was a little weird because she started telling us about this guy that was coming over to her house all the time and then about her family. Then when we went back she was very concerned about us and making sure that we were comfortable and living safely in Bella Union. (NO mom its not a sketchy area, shes just a little weird). We were able to share a few different parts of the plan of salvation so we are hoping to visit her a little bit this next week too. 

Alberto- He is amazing!! He has totally changed his life around, but it wasn't because of the LDS missionaries. He use to drink, do drugs and was into some pretty bad stuff. Then a pastor from a different religion helped him get out of his situation about 5 years ago. Then about a month or so ago the other Hermanas found him and started teaching him. He told us when we visited him that he only wants to come to church with us and wants to be a permanent part of it, it was incredible. 

The same day about five minutes later, he starts to fall off of his chair in slow motion. We couldn't do anything until he was already on the floor laughing about the whole thing. It was by far one of the funniest experiences that I have had while teaching someone. We got to talk to him another time this week and then he came to church on Sunday and told us that he is praying for us and he wants us to come and teach him more. It was such a tender mercy to have him be so willing to change his life because he felt it was true. 

Some OTHER funny things
1- There have been a billion frogs outside
2- Everyday we are melting because of the heat 
3- Someone told me it was 50 C (that's HOT, for those who don't know) 
4- It was Carnaval this week again so we got to hear the party outside our door
5- Saturday we got new keys for the gate in front of our building. Sunday we climbed that gate because the key doesn't work... 

Map of the Hermana's Area
Challenge - This week we focused on being happy and focusing on the important things, and trying not to focus on the heat. This leads to part of a talk I heard yesterday in church where he told us that 
"change is inevitable but growing is optional" Something like that... SO the challenge this week is to look at the things that you are going through, problems challenges, experiences, whatever it may be... AND focus on what you are learning and make it a growing and learning experience. 

I just wanted to tell you that I love you all and hope that you have a great week jumping into the month of MARCH!!! That is crazy but exciting at the same time. 

Love , Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Season 2 Episode 12 "Carnaval Craziness" (2-20-17)

Season 2 Episode 12 
"Carnaval Craziness"

So this week has been a whirlwind of different events and only one of them is the Carnaval that was going on right in front of our house. It all started on Tuesday...

Tuesday - well it was an average morning contacting in Bella Union we were able to meet a bunch of different people so that was exciting. After lunch we were able to go out and we taught Kevin and his family a little bit. It was all good until we were leaving their house and about 10 minutes later we did not feel good. So we are pretty sure that we got food poisoning from the pizza that we ate there. Needless to say it was a weird end to the day. 

Wednesday - We were able to teach a new investigator about the Restoration of the Gospel and that was awesome. In the afternoon we visited with Ruben and Stefi who have been their investigators for awhile and we were able to talk to them about coming to church. We also taught Luciana and her daughter and they are progressing really well, they just need to find a way to come to church on Sunday. Then we had a family home evening where we talked about talents and Hermana Heywood made some cookies that were delicious. Lucky for me she really does have a talent for cooking. 

Thursday - We did our planning during the morning and it was a little cloudy so we were going to put on our rain boots and be rain ready for when we were ready to leave for the afternoon. We left and were able to talk to Edgar, he got baptized recently, and then it started to storm like crazy. It was raining and there was a bunch of lightening that was strikingly close, so we decided to go home and wait out the storm. We ran back to the apartment and we got SOAKED... It did not clear up so we ended up staying inside the rest of the night. 

Carnaval 2017
Friday - We woke up to lightening and thunder that was not stopping, so we waited it out until after lunch. Then we left and the sun even came out to say hello and that was fantastic. We were able to visit our investigator Alberto who told us that he cant understand us when we speak Russian. We were actually speaking Spanish but its all good, there are just days when he doesn't understand us at all. After we left his house we were able to visit Roxanne and her mom and they told us how much they needed to feel the spirit so that made my day. We then visited our Investigator Enzo and his family who are all less active members, and it was a really good discussion that we ended up having with his mom and dad. Then at about 8 pm we had to go back to our house because CARNAVAL!!! SO as it turns out being on the border of Brazil means that we celebrate their holidays too. We actually live inside the borders of where they close off the roads for the parade, so we heard the music from the comfort of our own home. 

Saturday - We went back to teach Rosana about the Book of Mormon, and that was really fun to see her start to understand more about the church. Then in the afternoon we met some new people and shared a little bit with them. We also met a new investigator Nedir who we met on the walk back to our house. Once again we were in early and it was a good thing too because it was a crazy party. They were SO loud and the music was at such a high volume that our apartment walls were vibrating. I also heard some fireworks at about 4 am so that was exciting. 

Sunday - So the festivities end at about 6 am the next day of the three days of Carnaval, needless to say there were not a bunch of people at church at 9 and those that had gone were absolutely exhausted. However, Alberto was able to come and that made us really excited. We had lunch with Kevinds family and then we got back to the house to study. When we left we were able to visit Edgar, it is incredible to see how converted he is to serving the Lord. We then got on a bus to come to Salto. About 2 hours later we were in the house of the Herman's that live here watching the movie Legacy until it was time to go to sleep. 

Monday - We were up and at em and good to go at around 8 am this morning. On a bus at around 820. Then to a meeting about self-reliance at 9 and then we played soccer at 1030, for about two hours and now we are here writing. The plans are to go to the bus terminal, eat some lunch and then chill until we get on a bus to go home, once we get home we will go to our house and go to bed. OH p-day ;) 

Challenge - We discussed a little bit about the pioneers this week and it was such a reminder of Faith and Strength to me that it influenced the challenge for this week. This week I want you all to think about the pioneers in the church for you, it could be a few generations back or even yourself and learn about how they came to know the church. Then I want you to think of some way that you can be a pioneer for someone else. It doesn't have to be something church or gospel related, but I can promise you that we are all paving the way for those behind us. 

I wanted to Thank you for your examples to me and the strength and support not only during the mission but my entire life. 
I love you all and hope that you can have a fantastic week. 

Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Season 2 Episode 11 ¨Sanovich and Heywood Take Salto¨ (02-13-17)

Season 2 Episode 11 ¨Sanovich and Heywood Take Salto¨

SO the biggest thing that happened this week was CHANGES!! It was a crazy is a general play by play of what happened. 
Hermana Sanovich with her NEW COMP Hermana Heywood
Monday - We got the call from President Olsen telling us about our changes at around 630 pm. So we went back to the house and we started cleaning it like crazy. Then I got to start packing all of my stuff into my bags. I think that I finished around 1 am Tuesday morning so that was exciting. 

Tuesday - We got up and I put some more stuff in my suitcases and then we got ready to go and teach some people. Nobody was home so instead I got to say goodbye to some of the people that I have gotten to know there. We packed up everything and we left the house around 7 pm to get on our bus at around 830 pm that night. Leaving Momi Cabrera was really hard but she is the best to help us leave with all clean clothes and helped me with my bags to get to the bus. We got to Montevideo around 11 at night and waited there until about 1230 the next morning. 

Wednesday - We ended up sleeping on the floor in the apartment of some Hermanas that live not too far from the terminal there so that was good. Then at around 7 we left and got to drop off Hermana Kahn at the terminal, where I got to see Hermana Trujillo because everyone that was finishing their missions were there waiting to get on the bus and go home. That was awesome to see her, but really weird to think that she is going home. Then I stayed in the terminal until about 1 pm when I got on a bus to head to Salto. At around 7 pm I got to the terminal in Salto where I got to meet up with my new comp HERMANA HEYWOOD. We ate some food and then we waited until about 10 pm for our bus to take us up to our area. 

 JUAN Manuel - Hermana's new bff
Thursday - We get to Bella Union at around 1230 in the morning and luckily this member was able to help me move my stuff up the stairs into our apartment. I was dead after that so we slept and it was fantastic. Then that morning we did some planning and cleaned out our house a little bit because the Herman's didn't have time to do that before changes. Then we got to visit this awesome guy named Alberto that got baptized last Saturday and that was awesome. We also got to eat lunch with FLIA Portugese- they are all really nice. It was a good day, and we got to teach a couple of other people too before the end of the day. 

Friday - We took a little adventure this morning and we went to buy groceries in Brazil. We are the furthest point North that Uruguay has, we have a border with Brazil that is part of our area. It is a cool little area that I will be sending more pics of as we take them. We taught about three different families and that was awesome. 

 "When you just smell really bad after a humid day"
Saturday - We contacted during the morning because we couldn't find the address that we were looking for. Then we went to lunch with a lady that was really nice. However when we got home from lunch we both were a little sick so that wasn't the funnest thing but it was okay. After that we were able to go and teach Edgar an investigator that is struggling to leave his other church even though he already has a testimony that the church is true. We then contacted a little bit, and we had the chance to meet the coolest family. The son is 28 and is in a wheelchair but he has an incredible amount of faith to overcome his challenges. They are the cutest and sweetest and we are excited to see them again soon.

Us - Bella Union, Uruguay
Sunday - We went to church and that was a little weird because it was  bunch of different people in a new building but it was good. The weirdest part was that sacrament is the last thing of the day so that is a little odd. It was good, I was able to meet a bunch of people in the ward and introduce myself for just a second. We got to visit Edgar again and then we had to get on a bus. Turns out that Sunday night we travel to sleepover with the other Herman's in Salto to be here Monday for our district meeting... 

Well it was a crazy week for me and this week (tomorrow) is VALENTINES DAY!! 

I want to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day and my hope that as the challenge this week you can spread the love that you have and the love that the Savior has for all of us with others. 

Thank you all for your love and support.

Love, Hermana Cassidy Sanovich ❤

From "Momi" Cabrera...February 8, 2017

One last FUN pic with Hermana Kahn
From Momi Cabrera
February 8, 2017 Hi! Your daugther will go to Salto! It is a city of north Uruguay
I will miss her a lot!!!!
From Mama Nicole:Oh my goodness I am so sad that she left you and your sweet family. I know she is going to miss you a ton. I want to stay in touch with you though. ok
Thank you so much for the pictures, they mean the world to me...
From Mami Cabrera: Yes of course I want to stay in touch with you! Today in the morning I cry a lot alone for Hermana Sanovich, she is no longer here! I can not hear her voice anymore 😥

Some thoughts from Me.... (mama nicole)  I will be FOREVER grateful for the amazing person that Momi Cabrera has been to Hermana Sanovich.  I don't think she will ever really know how much it means to me, to have someone as SWEET and HUMBLE as she is, taking care of my daughter when I can't!!!!  I LOVE HER dearly!  What an amazing journey this has been.  I am continually in awe of the Blessings we have received with Cassidy serving.  I miss her a ton, but know that our Heavenly Father is watching out for her each and every day.  Thank YOU Momi Cabrera for loving my daughter, I hope one day I will get the chance to Thank YOU in person.  I love that my daughter has had the chance to meet someone as kind and gracious as YOU.  May the Lord Bless YOU and your Family.... Love, Mama Nicole
"Momi" Cabrera

Hermana Kahn and Hermana Sanovich
Hermana Sanovich - living our of your luggage

Saying Goodbye is Hard - so making a Crazy face makes it not seem so hard...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Season 2 Episode 10 "The winds of change" (2-6-17)

Season 2 Episode 10 "The winds of change"

So this week has been absolutely crazy and to be honest time has slipped away from me today, so I apologize in advance if this is not the best email in the world but it is what we have for this week.

Hermana with a bunch of Hermano's (hahaha)
Elder Del Aguila, Elder Baird, Elder Ornano, Hermana Sanovich, Elder Chatwin (me), and Elder Good
Lets jump right in shall we - so Tuesday it rained, but we were able to find 2 new investigators who are 19 and 21 so that was awesome. Then later that night we went to visit an investigator that wants us to come to her house every Tuesday, which is awesome because it is the only thing that is consistent. So we ended up at her house and she had made us dinner which was really sweet of her only that it was about 9 o'clock at night and she wanted us both to eat 3 hamburgers each. So we got home and went straight to bed with happy and really full tummies. 

Blurry Selfie - Planning
Wednesday - We were up really early to go to Montevideo to take a picture to be a legal citizen of Uruguay at least for a little bit.  Then we were able to come home and visit Raul a little bit and we met a little old lady who wanted us to sing to her and she was so happy to just have us be with her. The whole day was a really long one filled with a bunch of different type of experiences. Of course Montevideo means AMERICAN FOOD!! Its probably the best thing about going to Tres Cruces (a city in Montevideo)

Thursday - We did our planning as usual that's how our Thursday mornings go. Then we also got to out and contact - which is an average afternoon here in Nueva Helvecia. One of these contacts was absolutely hilarious, so we go to the door and this guy who is like 19 comes to the door and starts talking to us and then just starts laughing. He then leaves and then two other guys (his brothers) come to the door and at this point we were all laughing. I'm not sure what we were laughing about but it was a great way to break the ice. We then got to visit Mario and Pocha and to visit them is such a blessing. Mario cant leave his bed because he has some serious medical issues and Pocha has some serious medical stuff as well so, they are unable to come to church. But every time that we visit them the spirit is so strong in their house... 
Branch Meeting

Friday - The biggest thing that we did was have our activity again. We had a scavenger hunt in the church to learn about the things in life that we need to be truly happy. It was a great activity and we got to laugh and learn all together. 

Saturday - We taught Raul, Josefa and Nelson all together and that was interesting. Nelson got a little sidetracked talking about the USA and the changes in the government but other than that little detour it went really well. Then when we were walking home we pass by a bar and Hermana Kahn starts to trip and the guy sitting outside drinking says "Don't drink anymore" which then we chuckled and I yell back "You guys shouldn't either"... It was a little funny moment that just shows that you can share the Gospel in the funniest of ways.. ;) 

Branch Meeting - Love that Smile

Sunday - We have a New Branch Presidency and we are excited to work with them. The new President is Willy Rohrer (he lives in the town right close by), with Hermano Silva (the teacher for Gospel Doctrine) and then the other counselor is Hermano Aritsimunho(he is from Artigas) and the secretary is his 18 year old son Pablo Aritsimunho... SO we are happy to be able to all work together to help grow the branch. 

Monday - So we are patiently (or impatiently) waiting to hear about the changes that will be coming our way a little later today. I was hoping to be able to tell you all about it but it looks like we've got a "to be continued" on our hands... 

Desafio (Challenge) - BE POSITIVE!!! I love that we are studying President Hinckley recently, he is always talking about being optimistic. So this challenge is that everyday when you get home for the night to say (with whoever is there with you, or alone) " Today was a good DAY". It is also important to then start out the morning telling yourself and others " today is going to be a great day"... I know that the way we look at things and our perspective is what can bring us true happiness. No matter the circumstance we can always be positive...we can make that choice.

Hermana's Tan lines (oh her poor feet)
I love you and I am wishing you all a happy week ahead because I know that it will be a great one. 

Chao for now, 
Hermana Sanovich