Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's time to get our Running shoes and get things done! (3-10-16)

We only had a short amount of time to get ready for "The Adventure" I like to call it...  

It was Super crazy with getting All the documents together. 
From getting copies of her Birth Certificate, Drivers License to Background checks to a "Special Stamp"(Epistle) for Uruguay, Passport Application, to lots of SHOTS. Cassidy's favorite! 
(we did ALL that pretty much in a few days March 10 - March 15) 
Including taking the Typhoid pills for 10 days.  
For the next 2 weeks we did LOTS & LOTS OF SHOPPING....
Cassidy had taken care of a few things, having her Wisdom teeth out right before Thanksgiving - November 23, 2015 
and she received her Patriarchal Blessing on January 10, 2016.  So glad that those things were already taken care of.
*On March 20, Ross and Cassidy take in all the documents needed to the Travel Department at the Church Office Building, at this time she is told from the Director that she would be going to the Columbia MTC and that's when the CHANGES start to happen.

 * Sunday - April 10th 2016 we go to Temple Square to get her
Mission pictures taken by Autumn Bennett

* April 13, 2016 we get to FLY to Phoenix, AZ.
* April 14, 2016 Cassidy's 19th Birthday we go to the Mesa, AZ temple to take out
Cassidy's Endowments.  What an INCREDIBLE DAY! 

 Mesa, AZ Temple -
Quick Trip just the 3 of US
Gorgeous weather it was 80 degrees Perfect!!!

* April 16 - We go to the Tait's house for the program musical number practice for the farewell and received some not so happy news from President Tait (not his fault)  He was on Cassidy's Mission Portal and wanted to know why we were having the farewell so early, we thought he was joking at this point, well, because the farewell talk is next week.  He said that he had a Report date of
June 2, 2016 and that Cassidy would be going to the Argentina MTC still Uruguay Mission.  Oh, this was not good news at all.  Disappointment was written all over her face.  Then with a few phone calls to the Stake President we realized this was NO joke.  The Stake President had received a letter that very day that stated Cassidy would not be leaving until June 02, 2016.  Nothing like having to test your patience and also your understanding that EVERYTHING HAPPENS for A REASON.  We would later see what those reasons were.

Thank goodness for a Father in Heaven who really does know us and loves us and only wants the BEST for us.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Opening of "The Call" (3-7-16)

"Love grows BEST in SMALL places"
The entire house from hallways to down the stairs we felt the love from many friends and family.  We appreciated the support from everyone. Of course I had to say the first words, I said this "19 years ago when we bought this starter home and we were expecting Cassidy, we thought we wold only stay 5 years and here we are. I saw a saying at that time on a t-shirt that looked like these houses they were little bird houses lined in a row and this it what it said "Love grows BEST in SMALL PLACES and at this time we definitely think that LOVE really does grow in small places... We were feeling the crunch but no one seemed to care.  We were all there to support Cassidy.

The Sanovich Family
Dear Sister Sanovich,
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the "Uruguay Montevideo West Mission"   
 You should report to the Argentina Missionary Training Center on Thursday, May 12, 2016

Penny holding Hayden, Piper, Bobby, Jackie
Cassidy, Grandma Sanovich, Ross Nicole, Kenley
Carley and Grandma & Grandpa Jacobs

And so the JOURNEY BEGAN....