Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Season 2 Episode 22 "I'm on top of the World right now" (5-2-17)

Season 2 Episode 22 "I'm on top of the World right now"

This week has been absolutely amazing!! We were able to see so many different miracles this week... Starting with the title of this weeks episode, on Monday they told us that there was a companionship that was able to find 19 new investigators in one week. Which for our zone is really a lot, so the Zone Leaders told us that if we could get 20 new investigators that there would be a prize. Now Heywood and I are just a little competitive but, when he said it would be impossible we became so determined to find 20 new people to teach. 
I am proud to say that WE DID IT!! "I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD"
It was not easy by any means, however it was well worth it!!! 

Here is a brief synopsis of how WE DID IT... Tuesday, it was raining and we were doing divisions so we got a different start to the week but we were able to find some of these new people nonetheless... By the end of Wednesday we had 10, then on Thursday we were planning during the morning and in the afternoon we were at 14. Friday was a mess but we were still able to end the day with 15, then when we ended Saturday we were at 18. Then Sunday after church we were able to find the last 2. So other than us being able to say that we did something that we all thought was impossible, we were also able to find 20 people willing to listen and learn more about the Gospel.

 Marcelo, Raquel, Enzo, Valeria, Frederico, Daniel, Luciana, Cecilia, Maria, Ruben, Ana, Analeia, Maria, Coulto, Susana, Milta, Lydia, Jeovana, José, Loana.  These 20 people have changed my life, they pushed me, they challenged me, one even smoked in my face. They are incredible! Each person has a story, and they are all proof to me that this is Gods work and that we are all here to help him help his children come back to him. I have loved seeing all of the small things that have come together this week to help us to be so dedicated with our goals and to be able to push ourselves and to trust in the Lord.

So May 1st is a big Holiday here where we all get together as a ward and we get to eat what they call an Olla.. It is basically a big pot full of meat, and something that was like a type of rice. It was a great way to all be together, eat some food and play some futbol!! Obviously that was the most important part of the day, we are in South America after all and whoever loses has to clean the big pot. 

Challenge - PUSH yourself!!! Pick a goal that seems impossible, set your sights on something that is not easy or even common. And then DO it!! Put in your all in everything that you do and enjoy doing it. You will feel so accomplished and the Lord will help you accomplish all that you can set your mind on.

Thank you for all that you do and for your support.
You are the best, enjoy your week.

Love, Hermana Sanovich

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