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Season 2 Episode 23 "ORO" (5-8-17)

Season 2 Episode 23 "ORO" / "GOLD" / "NEW"

President and Sister Olsen with Hermana Sierra & Hermana Sanovich

So this week was a little different, so on Tuesday we had our p-day and we were able to stay in Salto with the Hermanas here and with all of Hermana Heywoods stuff. We left the Obelisco house and got on the bus headed for Montevideo at about 1 am on Wednesday. Next thing I know we are in Montevideo and we are getting into a van to go and pick up our new ORO's/golden's/newbies/greenies - at the mission house. 

Oros - Golds - Newbies - Greenies
Lets just say that that bus ride seemed very long and yet went by a little too fast.  My mind was racing and my heart was pounding the entire time. Everyone starts talking about where she/my new companion is going to be from, what she is going to be like, how well we are going to get along etc. etc. So in normal Cassidy fashion, my mind starts racing and before I know it we are already outside of the temple to meet our new companions. HERE WE GO!

We sang (probably horribly) "Called to Serve" and when Hermana Sierra turned around I was SO happy! She is absolutely amazing! These past couple of days being in our area have been absolutely incredible! She has so much determination, excitement, and drive to be a missionary.  It is has been the best to use all of her new perspective to have in our area. We are already seeing so many different miracles. Recently we were able to teach a couple who has been struggling with the fact that are not married, they had the coolest questions. I am going to have to study more about these questions to be able to answer them when we visit next time, but Hermana Sierra was able to talk to them and share so much of her testimony and light that she has with them.
Cute "New" Companions

I feel blessed and honored to be able to be her companion, I am learning so much everyday that we are together. She is teaching me WAY more than I could ever teach her. So some little facts about Hermana Sierra she is from Shillan Chile, she is the youngest of 6, she studied at UVU, she speaks fluent English, she is 19 years old. Just a little bit more about this amazing companion of mine, she wants to talk to everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE!!! We would be walking in the street and she would stop me and say "can we talk to them?". 
I am loving being able to have so much fun and grow with her during our time together. 

CHALLENGE - The past week we talked about not trying to hard to be perfect. I loved what our second counselor said to us recently "we are never asked to be perfect". Which is so true, we are so hard on ourselves trying to be perfect and in the end it is 100% impossible... AND we are never even asked to be perfect, we are continually asked to give it our all and do all that we can. 
So that is my invitation for all of you - stop being hard on yourself, telling yourself that you are not good enough. You are more than enough... So be positive and this week only say nice things about yourself 
and others. 
LOVE from the USA
ALSO...this week is mothers day so another challenge, Say Thank you to your mom and all of the women that have changed your life. I am so grateful to have such an amazing mom! I love her so much and would not be the person that I am without her as my example! I LOVE her so much and want to take a second to thank her for all that she has done and is doing for me. If someone wants to give her a hug for me that would be great.
With Love,
Hermana Sanovich

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