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Season 2 Episode 21 Many mini-miracles (4-24-17)

Alberto brought US roses, he is so sweet!
Season 2 Episode 21 - Many mini-miracles

MILAGRO - acontecimientos extraordinarios causados por el poder 
de Dios...
(MIRACLE - extraordinary events caused by the power of God)

This week was full of a lot of little things and some really good reflection time... 
For starters this week when we visited Alberto he gave us some roses.
Then we were able to meet this new lady named Teresa who was a saving grace on a rainy day. We were able to talk with her and even her son who is 7 listened to us. Then a little miracle happened was when he asked us a bunch of funny questions like - Are you from outer space? Do you speak Japanese? Do you know about God? It was a great and hilarious experience for us both.

The Not so CLEAN bunny

We visited a less active member and her daughter who is 7 she is wanting to get baptized here soon. So while we were at their house they showed us that they have a bunny and it was the cutest little guy who also was a little gross - it is an animal from Uruguay... (enough said) We also had the chance to go see Loana and her family she made this delicious bread roll type thing that she is going to teach us how to make so I am excited about that. For those of you who know me really well you know how much I love bread so this was a great miracle. We also visited two investigators and they showed us their wedding pics from 1960s, it was a sweet opportunity for us to get to know them a little more. We visited our friend Neder and she was so happy to see us because we had not visited her in a long time.  We also saw Roxana and Mimo, we were able to share a couple of Mormon Messages.  We felt the spirit really strongly while in their house. We ended the week with a Relief Society social and a Young Women activity, so Saturday we were really excited to be able to see and 
RS & YW Activity
be with the entire ward and help them all grow closer together. 

Hilarious Hermanas... We are keeping a "tripping tally" to see which one of us falls more because its getting a little intense on how often we "trip." We are also being reminded every hour that another hour has past because Heywood's watch now beeps every hour on the hour.. lol (we have NO idea why it has started doing this) it is helping us keep time in a very creative way.. 

This weeks BIG miracle - it was raining real hard towards the end of the night and we were still one investigator short to meeting our contact goal so we decided to walk a little ways away to go and visit someone that was a reference from the Bishop. It was the best decision we have made. We got to her house and were not expecting her to be home, however after knocking (clapping) three times she let us in her house. We were able to teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel and it was truly great lesson. Then we were finishing and she asks us "Why did you come here today?" we looked at each other and told her that we had planned on going to visit her that day when we planned earlier that morning. But didn't make it.  She looked at us in awe, then explained that about a half an hour she had prayed to know if she should keep on this path and what she needed to do in her life. Then we showed up at her door. She told us that we are were the answer! THAT IS A MIRACLE!  She is going to come to church and put in her all to follow Gods direction for her.  Needless to say as a Missionary that was a great experience for us to feel that we are really doing what God needs us to be doing here in Bella Union. 

Me with the "Carpincho"
Desafio (Challenge) So some weeks we have big miracles, like for us last week we had Alberto get baptized.  However, this week we only had some contacts and not a lot of "number success", but it is not the numbers or the investigators or the baptisms that matter. We were able to see Gods hand in our lives in so many little ways this week. It rained, we took a little pit stop. It rained again and we got to see Katarine. We were walking all day and some of the other little things happened to make us smile. The point here is that every single day there is a miracle, and if you cant see one LOOK HARDER!! God loves us, we are his children and he is showing us everyday how much he cares about us. So this week make note of all the mini-miracles in your life. I promise that as you do your attitude will improve and that the hard stuff wont seem as bad.
It's P-Day (What are those Elders doing?)

I love you all and hope that you have a great week..
Love , Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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