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Season 2 Episode 19 "Soaking Wet in Salto" (4-14-17)

Season 2 Episode 19 "Soaking Wet in Salto"

H´Sepúlveda said we looked like Tela-Tubbies
So this weekend we were able to come back to Salto for another three day weekend!! WAHOO!! We are having a bunch of fun in our little quartet, and we were even able to do some cool things this week before we came here.

We will just start out with our little Hilarious Hermanas moment from this week - So we got home Monday night around 8:30 as usual and we bought some ice cream to eat on the way home. AND we noticed that we did not have the keys. Long story short we got to break into our own house... So we climbed the gate and then climbed in through the window. We spent the next day leaving and coming into our house this way. It was a great adventure that we are trying really hard not to repeat. We did get new keys and luckily we did just before the gas in the house went out, we had to stop cooking our lunch and have a gas guy come drop off a tank of gas. I'm just happy that we were able to let him in the front door and not the window. (that would have been funny to see)

BRASIL con Elder Gómez y Huanca
In other news this week we were able to find the Carpincho 
(our little animal friend) again and this time there are pictures!!! 
***she did not send us any pics this week of this critter hopefully next week*** I was just as excited as before and this time we have proof. Some people told us that they thought we were from Australia so that was cool to hear for once. We then contacted this cute little 93 year old lady who started to cry when we gave her a little card. Hermana Heywood told a lady that she was from England and I started to laugh just a little, our goal this week is to be from different countries, I'm going to be from Russia.. We contacted two little boys when they asked for a Book Of Mormon we were amazed and it was one of the coolest little contacts ever. When we left them we went to Roxana and Mimos house and they gave us a little box of chocolates to start celebrating Easter. We also taught this girl Marisol and she was so sweet, we were really able to show her how much God loves her because her family situation is not great. The best thing that happened was ALBERTO passed his interview!! (he is going to be baptized on Friday, my Birthday yea) So we went to Brazil with Elder Gómez and Elder Huanca for lunch and then we all got on a bus and came back to Salto

SALTO ----- We had an amazing conference with President on Saturday morning where we talked a lot about having a good and loving companionship as well as being able to work with more than the other missionaries here in Salto. It was such a great experience!!!  It started off by being a major down pour!! It's just the beginning of the Rainy season here... Saturday night I was with Hermana Harker and she is super awesome. We laughed at a couple of things that happened during the night some of which are 1.  The power went out in their house 2.  I almost ran into a barbed wire fence with my face 3.  We had two little girls follow us 4.  We went to their house to teach them and it was totally the "Home Alone" house... So this house was crazy!!! We talked with about 7 people who didn't live there and in the end we just told them we would come back later this week.. "Does anyone even live here?"   Then on Sunday we were able to have Stake Conference and it was all about not giving any type of excuses. It was exactly what they needed to hear and what I needed to hear too. Then on Sunday afternoon I was able to go and be a companion with Hermana Sepulveda and we got even more soaking wet than I thought was possible. However, we had a bunch of fun and we all were together... 

Hyrum & Joseph

DESAFIO/CHALLENGE - This week we talked about Joseph and Hyrum Smith. It has been something that President Olsen has been challenging us to focus on. We are all trying to have a companionship like they had. So me and Hermana Heywood have decided that I am Joseph and that she is Hyrum... We may or may not call each other that throughout the day and President mentioned that we are a little too much like them. It has been a great motivation for us to work together and be a team. So my challenge for you is to read more about Joseph and Hyrum Smith and then to apply the way that they love and serve one another into some aspect of your daily life.. 

I love you all and hope that you have a great Easter weekend!!!

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  1. Oh... I love these post. You made me laugh, cry, ponder and be so thankful for the gospel in my life. Love you Hermana Sanovich