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Season 2 Episode 20 " Baptisms, Birthdays and Bears.. OH MY!!" (4-17-17)

Season 2 Episode 20 " Baptisms, Birthdays and Bears.. OH MY!!"

So this week was crazy, and it felt insanely long... A bunch of just random little things have happened and the best way to tell you about it is a list of 20 things that happened the week I turned 20... SOOOOO here we go,

1. We have some new neighbors and they have started to play music in English.... Lucky for US.

The Birthday Girl "20"
2. Roxanna fell asleep while we were waiting to eat lunch with her

3.  Alberto told us that we were not allowed to help him clean up outside because we are busy looking for the children of God. 

4.  The river got flooded so much that the buses were not going to Artigas. So we were literally on our own private island...

5.  We contacted the sweetest older gentleman and he just thanked us for talking to him. He told us that he was going to live his life so that he could be with his wife in Heaven again, there were tears shed.

6.  I have seriously started to trip at least three or four times a day, which also included stepping in dog poop Sunday morning but, not realizing it until around Sunday school... go dog poop! 

7.  We got hardcore rejected... This lady told us "I'd prefer if you just kept on your way and did not come back."  The funny part about this is that we have taught her parents before and even went back this week and at that time all was good. 
(was she having a bad day? we are not sure!)

8.  All of the creepy guys that live in Bella UniĆ³n have started talking to us and telling us that they are going to come to church, we think it is related to the fact that we wear skirts again.

9.  We went on a car ride to visit a less active member and the entire time it just reminded me of the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland, the car was old and the dirt roads are really bad.

10.  Uruguayan churches will never be clean... Well nothing is really that clean here... But we try our BEST... 

11.  I watched my lovely companion fall down the stairs into the Baptismal font that we were cleaning... She said that it was part of my Birthday present, thanks.

Birthday Present from Heywood 
12.  We ate pizza and some brownies from a package from the USA and they were delicious. #thanksHeywood

13.  We learned that in order to fill up a font it takes about 4 hours and it will only be about room temperature, because hot water does not come out of the taps in the church.

14.  We met some cool Uruguayan people that invited us to tell them all about being Missionaries. GO US!

15.  We were able to explain that Easter is the same because we all believe in Christ. 

16.  We visited Yesica and her puppy decided to attack me this time, but it was a great lesson and discussion so it was worth it. 

Alberto's Baptism was Incredible
17.  ALBERTO GOT BAPTIZED!!! it was an awesome and really spiritual experience to be able to watch him take that big step.

18.  For my Birthday Alberto bought me a stuffed teddy bear that says I Love you... I might have teared up and just wanted to hug him because it was just so sweet .

19.  SALTO is the best zone ever = I got quite a few happy Birthday phone calls, then we were able to celebrate on Sunday with a cake that the Hermana's made for me. Then we even had more cake Monday as a Zone. 

20.  EASTER...We were able to have a little egg hunt as Hermana's in their house Sunday night. But we all know that the holiday is about way more important things than candy and eggs. It is so different here but the spirit of it all is the same!!!

So all in all it has been a Great Week, and we were able to see a bunch of Miracles. 

Picture of the Carpincho - Critter
The challenge this week is to watch at least a little bit of the Devotionals that the General Authorities are going to have this week. However, I am not sure if that is just a thing that they are broadcasting to the Missionaries so the challenge is to watch a Conference talk that you missed or one that calls out to you. I love that we have the chance to watch and re watch time and time again all of the modern day revelation we are receiving.

With all that is going on this time of year and all of the focus we have put on Christ this week I just want to let you all know that I know without a doubt that Christ lives and that he is our Savior and that he is a part of each and every one of our lives...He loves ALL OF US and he is willing to help us if we will reach out to him.

I hope you had a "HOPPY" Easter and that you are able to always remember Christ even without the chocolate eggs and bunnies.. 

Love you, Hermana Sanovich

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