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Sea. 2 Ep. 18 "Have you seen the Americans or the Carpincho?" (4-3-17)

Season 2 Episode 18 "Have you seen the Americans or the Carpincho?"

Weekend with the Hermanas
So this week has been crazy! There has been some contacting, some good lessons, and then our adventures at our vacation house!! ALERT: email format change from Hermana Sanovich

Starting out with our adventures contacting this week.... 
So we went out to contact and find some more people and we found a really good street so we decided to talk to everyone. So we knocked on the door and then this dog comes around the corner to say hello. Then I hear Hermana Heywood say "The dog only has one eye!" And then I looked and we felt sad for the poor thing until she says "He needs a pirate eye patch." Then we laughed hysterically in front of the poor dog. In the end the lady was really nice and we are going to go back and visit her soon. A different day we had someone respond to the question "Why are you here on Earth?" with the response of "Because I haven't died yet"... WELL yes sir, but there is more than that, we talked for a minute and then when he realized we were Mormons he told us to go away. It was a good teaching opportunity at least. Also there was a group of American students visiting here in Salto that we were trying really hard to find but, we never found them. But everyone else who live on this street asked about them...

Uruguayan Animals 
1. We got to see a carpincho.. That was a highlight of the week for sure!! They are these little animals that only live here in Uruguay and it just casually strolled by us while we were contacting one day. I might have been overly excited and so now it is the ongoing joke in the zone. BUT it was really cute and just so random that it made my day.

2. I got kind of attacked by a dog today. We were waiting for a bus and the dog just jumps up on my lap and it just starts pushing me until I almost fell into a ditch...well, at least I didn't fall into the ditch - mom

Nothing better than French Toast,
Oranges, and General Conference with our favorite Hermanas
Our lessons - We went back to the house of Yesica, with the dog and the kid and YES they were at it again. However, this time the Dad had pushed the kid into the dog so that it would bite him and guess what? IT DID! Needless to say I had had enough of the animal abuse so I started to freak out just a tad about it. Well my little freak out turned into me "talking loudly" in English about how I would take the dog home with us if I could and that I was sorry for the poor thing... Once that was over we were able to teach them about how important their own desires are and how much they need to put in their own effort because we cant do it for them. It only took a small freak out to be able to finally get through to Walter just a little bit...maybe just maybe they realized that we need to be kind to all!

Home away from home

Vacation HOUSE - So on Friday night we got to travel to spend the weekend with the Hermanas in Salto!! It has been a really really fun weekend here with them. On Friday Heywood and I hit our 10 months in the mission so the four of us decided to celebrate with some pizza!! Then on Saturday we were able to eat some lunch and then to watch some General Conference and then go back to the Hermanas house and just laugh about the day. Then on Sunday we got up and made some french toast, and it was fun to have our own little Conference party before we went to the Stake Center to watch it. We also began to practice our musical number for our Zone Conference that is coming up... 

The Gringo Room!!!
Gringo Room - So for Conference we were able to all get together and the Americans went into a different room in the church to watch the conference in English and it was AWESOME!! I love the Spanish language don't get me wrong. However, being able to hear their own voices is incredible. We also enjoyed the little clip about the Mormon Tabernacle singing for Trump and we all started to do our best impression of the Star Spangled Banner, it wasn't the best but we were all enjoying it. Also, for the last song we were all excited to be able to sing in English that we joined in.. Which leads me to a question that we had. Why were there not the words for us to sing with them this time? If anyone knows the answer it would help us out... 

However, speaking of General Conference and of some the musical numbers, this leads me to the 
Challenge for this week: So we were singing along with the lovely Mormon Tabernacle during Conference and then when it was over we started to practice our own song for the upcoming zone conference. To say the least our zone is no Mormon Tabernacle Choir... Nor do we have a lot of musical talent. HOWEVER as we heard this weekend from Elder Holland "All God's critters got a place in the choir" He went on to explain that we are all invited to be part of the choir and to sing, it doesn't even matter how horrible our voices are we are still invited to be a part of the choir! Now in our zone some Elders were not wanting to participate at all and there were a few that were willing even though they were not the strongest singers. Those that put in their whole effort, with the help of some direction and practice, together now  WE have a good musical number. Now applying this to our own lives... we are all invited to be a part of the choir and as Elder Holland said "there is a place for everyone all that wish to be there." Just like a struggling Elder trying to learn his part in a choir we all need the help of a director that sees our potential. We all have access to this direction and he has already given us all the keys to success.. So the invitation is to be a part of the choir, to do everything that he has taught us to lead us to happiness and eternal life. Now we may sing a little differently but when we work together the end result is beautiful.. 

I love you all and hope that you got the chance to listen and watch some conference. I wish you all the best this week... 

Love Hermana Sanovich 

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