Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Thoughts from Hermana Heywood (4-17-17)

These Thoughts are from Hermana Heywood on the Baptism of Alberto
(I hope she doesn't mind)

The baptism of Alberto was INCREDIBLE. Not many people showed up but you could feel the Spirit SO STRONGLY! Alberto had to change A LOT in his life, and I mean A LOT! 
I can´t even begin to describe the changes he has made in his life to be where he is now. 

He smoked.
He drunk.
He had his many "women".
He had a potty mouth.

But he changed. 

He found Christ and wanted to follow Him.
He gave up ALL these worldly things that don't bring us happiness. 
As he entered the water and came back out I could see the relief, peace, 
happiness that he had. 

He was CLEAN.
 Just casually talking to Hermana Leyva via Skype

I could only think to our Savior, 
Jesus Christ in this very moment.  

He was CLEAN. 

He loved us so MUCH that He suffered for us.
All of us.
He suffered so that we don´t have to.

Through our Savior, Jesus Christ we can CHANGE. 

And that is EXACTLY what Alberto did. 
He changed for HIM. 
He changed to come closer to Christ. 

I hope you were all able to really think about Christ this weekend. He has done SO much for us and will do SO much more for us EVERYDAY. 

We have to accept Him...
His hands are reached out to you...

Grab them, take them, let Him carry you home.

I have the STRONGEST testimony that He lives! He loves us! He wants us to come home to Him. He wants us to change, change for the better.

So, go find something you can change so that you can become just a little bit more like Christ. 

A little more like our Savior, Redeemer, our Older Brother. I know for certainty that you will find more and more peace and HAPPINESS in your life. 

Hermana Heywood

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