Monday, March 27, 2017

Season 2 Episode 17 " Houston I think we have.... GRIPE!!!" (3-27-2017)

Season 2 Episode 17 " Houston I think we have.... GRIPE!!!"

So this week we actually had something that we call gripe. It is basically the same as the flu, so nothing really huge but it was a little adventure for us... So because we were sick we were in our beds all day Wednesday and Thursday, and for the first half of Friday. However, there were a couple of things that did happen that were funny. 

So as usual we were able to have an adventure with Alberto. This time he decided to come to the door in just a towel wrapped around his waist. However it was a special towel considering that it had a Lion and a bunch of jungle animals on it... We just looked at each other and laughed and then I said a little prayer that he would put more clothes on before he sat down and we started a lesson. Luckily he did and it was a good chat but we started out laughing our guts out... 

We also got to visit our friends Yesica and Walter, as well as their crazy kids. Their son is about 7 and is crazy, he has so much energy and just runs around all the time. However, this time it got a little intense because he had a knife. So he was running around and then he was throwing this knife at the ground. It didn't really bother us until he grabs their puppy and puts the knife up to his throat.. Needless to say I LOST IT!! Then the family starts laughing and they all start telling me its not real and to prove it they start pushing it against their fingers... It was quite the experience to start out a lesson, and it also happened to be Tuesday afternoon when we were starting to get just a little sick so it was great. 

We went from their house to the Ward Council and the Bishop always says this saying and I love it "Thank you for all that you do and for all that you don't do because it saves me a lot of work." Just a little encouragement from Bishop Molina... 

We have "Gripe" (flu) YES WE DO!!!
Once we had recovered from our FLU/GRIPE we went out and contacted a bunch of new people. There were not a lot that were ACTUAL PEOPLE. (hahahha) So needless to say we will be visiting that area again! However, there was this one lady who told me that she knew me. Then she says "I've seen you before somewhere I AM sure of it" When I explained that I had not been in this area for very long and that I had never been to that part of town she told me that she was sure "that I was famous and that she saw me on TV or something like that..."  We are not sure what will happen with her but it was a little sign that we needed to be doing what we were and contacting at her house, now we just have to convince her that I'm not famous... lol

Birthday brownies for Heywood's Birthday
 Happy 20th - with Loana y su familia!
In all the sickness and craziness I almost forgot that this week was Hermana Heywood's Birthday on Tuesday right before we got sick. We were able to party a little bit with a family and they made brownies, well we started to make brownies and then they ran out of gas so we went searching for a neighbor that had some gas we could use to cook the brownies and pizza. We ended up finding her Grandma in the end we did actually get some Birthday pizza and brownies. Happy 20 BIRTHDAY Heywood!!!! 

This week we were also able to start off the Conference time of year!!! We listened and watched the women's conference on Saturday and we were even able to do so in English!!! This leads me into the.... 

     CHALLENGE for the week, Conference is this weekend (in case you have forgotten) so you know what that means. WATCH IT!! It is a simple challenge, it takes a little bit of time but it is also online and you can watch it wherever you are going to be and when you have time. Isn't technology cool? The most important part is that you WATCH IT because, I know that we are going to receive a bunch of direction that we all need to keep moving forward that will come through the words of the Prophet and Apostles.. 

I love you all and hope that this week will be a great way to SPRING into April!! 

Con Amor (With Love) - Hermana Cassidy Sanovich

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