Monday, February 6, 2017

Season 2 Episode 10 "The winds of change" (2-6-17)

Season 2 Episode 10 "The winds of change"

So this week has been absolutely crazy and to be honest time has slipped away from me today, so I apologize in advance if this is not the best email in the world but it is what we have for this week.

Hermana with a bunch of Hermano's (hahaha)
Elder Del Aguila, Elder Baird, Elder Ornano, Hermana Sanovich, Elder Chatwin (me), and Elder Good
Lets jump right in shall we - so Tuesday it rained, but we were able to find 2 new investigators who are 19 and 21 so that was awesome. Then later that night we went to visit an investigator that wants us to come to her house every Tuesday, which is awesome because it is the only thing that is consistent. So we ended up at her house and she had made us dinner which was really sweet of her only that it was about 9 o'clock at night and she wanted us both to eat 3 hamburgers each. So we got home and went straight to bed with happy and really full tummies. 

Blurry Selfie - Planning
Wednesday - We were up really early to go to Montevideo to take a picture to be a legal citizen of Uruguay at least for a little bit.  Then we were able to come home and visit Raul a little bit and we met a little old lady who wanted us to sing to her and she was so happy to just have us be with her. The whole day was a really long one filled with a bunch of different type of experiences. Of course Montevideo means AMERICAN FOOD!! Its probably the best thing about going to Tres Cruces (a city in Montevideo)

Thursday - We did our planning as usual that's how our Thursday mornings go. Then we also got to out and contact - which is an average afternoon here in Nueva Helvecia. One of these contacts was absolutely hilarious, so we go to the door and this guy who is like 19 comes to the door and starts talking to us and then just starts laughing. He then leaves and then two other guys (his brothers) come to the door and at this point we were all laughing. I'm not sure what we were laughing about but it was a great way to break the ice. We then got to visit Mario and Pocha and to visit them is such a blessing. Mario cant leave his bed because he has some serious medical issues and Pocha has some serious medical stuff as well so, they are unable to come to church. But every time that we visit them the spirit is so strong in their house... 
Branch Meeting

Friday - The biggest thing that we did was have our activity again. We had a scavenger hunt in the church to learn about the things in life that we need to be truly happy. It was a great activity and we got to laugh and learn all together. 

Saturday - We taught Raul, Josefa and Nelson all together and that was interesting. Nelson got a little sidetracked talking about the USA and the changes in the government but other than that little detour it went really well. Then when we were walking home we pass by a bar and Hermana Kahn starts to trip and the guy sitting outside drinking says "Don't drink anymore" which then we chuckled and I yell back "You guys shouldn't either"... It was a little funny moment that just shows that you can share the Gospel in the funniest of ways.. ;) 

Branch Meeting - Love that Smile

Sunday - We have a New Branch Presidency and we are excited to work with them. The new President is Willy Rohrer (he lives in the town right close by), with Hermano Silva (the teacher for Gospel Doctrine) and then the other counselor is Hermano Aritsimunho(he is from Artigas) and the secretary is his 18 year old son Pablo Aritsimunho... SO we are happy to be able to all work together to help grow the branch. 

Monday - So we are patiently (or impatiently) waiting to hear about the changes that will be coming our way a little later today. I was hoping to be able to tell you all about it but it looks like we've got a "to be continued" on our hands... 

Desafio (Challenge) - BE POSITIVE!!! I love that we are studying President Hinckley recently, he is always talking about being optimistic. So this challenge is that everyday when you get home for the night to say (with whoever is there with you, or alone) " Today was a good DAY". It is also important to then start out the morning telling yourself and others " today is going to be a great day"... I know that the way we look at things and our perspective is what can bring us true happiness. No matter the circumstance we can always be positive...we can make that choice.

Hermana's Tan lines (oh her poor feet)
I love you and I am wishing you all a happy week ahead because I know that it will be a great one. 

Chao for now, 
Hermana Sanovich 

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