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Season 2 Episode 9 It's "Cockroach" time again, Welcome to Summer in Uruguay! (1-30-17)

Season 2 Episode 9 - It's "Cockroach" time again, Welcome to Summer in Uruguay!

This week was a little different but it was really good.  There was about one event everyday this week that was a little out of the ordinary... 

Tuesday - We had the chance to get absolutely drenched when we were out walking to visit someone in our neighborhood. I have learned that playing with umbrellas is not fun when it is really windy and raining really hard outside. 
Cockroach ewwwww
Wednesday - We were able to all get together and watch a broadcast that was worldwide for all of the missionaries. It was great to see and hear some revelation and instructions from the leaders of the church. We also received a few changes to the schedule that allow us to choose for ourselves when we do some of the things that before were on a very strict schedule. That will be nice to not feel so rushed and stressed. Then we had a little ward council meeting to talk about who we are wanting to focus on helping and how we are wanting to see the branch grow and improve.. 

Homeade "Empandas
Thursday - We spent the morning planning out the last full week of this change so that was a little weird. Also it is very weird to see the month be FEBRUARY here in a couple of days. Then we went and tried to see Raul Canela (the guy that went to the conference with us) but he was not at home so that was a bummer. We did get to have a little meeting with the Relief Society President to plan the activity that we ended up having on Friday... Once we got some ideas of what we were going to do we left to go and visit a newer investigator named Marta. She is amazing, there are a few things that she is working on but it was cool when she showed us the picture that she had with some missionaries about 20 years ago.... It was a really cool experience to see and hear that even 20 years later that they had a lasting affect on her even though she was never baptized or even a real investigator when they were here. 

Friday - We got up really early to get ready to go to Montevideo with our Zone to have a joint zone conference with one of the zones in Montevideo. We initially were going to have the conference on Tuesday but, with the World Wide mission conference we got to go to Montevideo instead. It was a great conference and we had the opportunity to talk a little bit more about Faith and how important Faith is for every single person in the world, not just the members or investigators but for everyone. We also got to eat some pizza together so that was a nice little get together while we were having interviews with President. Once we got back to Nueva Helvecia we were just in time to set up the church for our activity. We ended up playing some really simple games and then eating some chorizo (sausage) that we roasted outside on the church´s patio. It was great to see everyone all together.

Saturday- We spent the morning looking for some of the people that we had contacted the week before but nobody was home so we got to do even more contacting. It was a slow morning but once we left to visit some people in the afternoon it was a great day. We were able to visit Raul and he is doing great, he is having some health issues with his sight and is seeing everything in blue fuzzies so it was good for us to visit and to read the Book of Mormon with him because he wants to but cant. Then we were able to find Josefa and her husband Nelson and it was a crazy little conversation. We were able to share with them the message of the Restoration and then Nelson went off on a few rants about the Government of Uruguay. He is a little out there but a great guy. We ended the night visiting a new contact named Mikaela and she is INCREDIBLE.. The only downside is that she is going to be moving to Montevideo to study there in the next week or so.. 

Sunday - Church was incredible we were able to hear the testimonies of a few of the youth that just got back from the version of EFY that they have here in Uruguay. It was great to hear them share what they had learned with us and to teach us a little bit from their own perspectives. We also got to hear from a member of the old District Presidency and his wife and they shared about the importance of putting in as much effort as you possibly can. Later on we learned about how important it is to be obedient to the commandments of God and to always share our testimonies with others. It was a really good three hour block. Then in the afternoon we weren't able to visit the people that we had planned on visiting but we were able to see the family of Ponce and also to talk a little bit with a new investigator named Daniel. We were excited to talk to Ponce´s mom and to hear all about her and their life. Overall it was a great day.

Monday (today) - We woke up and got to go and have our district meeting in Colonia. 
Once that finished we got on a bus and we came home to clean the house and do some laundry. YEP its that kind of p-day this week...

W-elp its that time again where I challenge you to do something, really hoping that you do it... This week the challenge is to read and study about the Plan of Salvation. Its a pretty big and could be complex topic but it helps us to look at the bigger picture. 

The Four Hermana's January 10, 2017
We have been focusing a lot recently on looking ahead and using the different parts of life to improve and that is the ultimate goal. I know that God has a plan for each of us and even when things DO NOT go our way or exactly how we want them to, that there is Always a PURPOSE. 
We just need to look at the Bigger Picture.

I love you and am wishing you all a 
Happy Week and a Welcome into the lovely month of February... 

Love, Hermana Cassidy Sanovich  

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