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Season 2 Episode 13 "Some people are worth Melting for" Frozen (2-27-17)

Season 2 Episode 13 "Some people are worth Melting for" (Frozen)
SALTO - It's Beautiful here
So this week has been the HOTTEST week ever. We would go outside and just feel the heat instantly hit us. Not to mention that it is really humid so we end up sticky at the end of the day but that's totally normal right? This week instead of doing a day by day, play by play I decided to give you all the run down of the people that we have visited this week. 

Herman's not feeling so GREAT!
Juan Manuel - (our friend that speaks English and is in a wheelchair). We went to his house on Tuesday after it had rained a little bit and we were able to share the Restoration with him. however it wasn't our average lesson because it was in ENGLISH!! That was the first time that we had actually taught someone about the gospel in English and it was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be. We luckily were able to show him the movie and that was a cool experience.

Luciana - She has three kids but when we went to her house on Wednesday there were about five or six of them in her house. They were all playing with a type of homemade play dough. I had a little flashback to weekends at my grandmas house when we would do the same thing. However, they were playing with paint to have it be different colors... Needless to say it was hilarious to watch them all interact with each other and try to paint athe play dough all at once. We were able to teach her about the commandments and how we are blessed when we follow them. Then we decided to ask her about her experience with everything and she told us that she wants an answer and that she hasn't received one yet, so we are going to work with her this next week on that. 

Roxeanne & Madre - They are less active member that we visited one day after all of our plans fell through. we had a feeling to go and visit them and it was a good thing that we did. Roxeanne has a couple of things mentally wrong with her and it was a bad day with her disorders so our visit was a little out of the ordinary. She started begging Hermana Heywood for her skirt and then she wanted my shirt, when we told her no she got up and ran to her room. She then came back with a skirt in her hand that doesn't fit her anymore that she wanted to give to me as a gift. Not going to lie it was a weird experience, but her mom thanked us for bringing the spirit into their home so that made it all worth it. Plus I now have a skirt from Roxeanne so I feel special. 

Nver - (I thought it was Nedir but its not) She is a little out there we visited her twice this week and the first time was a little weird because she started telling us about this guy that was coming over to her house all the time and then about her family. Then when we went back she was very concerned about us and making sure that we were comfortable and living safely in Bella Union. (NO mom its not a sketchy area, shes just a little weird). We were able to share a few different parts of the plan of salvation so we are hoping to visit her a little bit this next week too. 

Alberto- He is amazing!! He has totally changed his life around, but it wasn't because of the LDS missionaries. He use to drink, do drugs and was into some pretty bad stuff. Then a pastor from a different religion helped him get out of his situation about 5 years ago. Then about a month or so ago the other Hermanas found him and started teaching him. He told us when we visited him that he only wants to come to church with us and wants to be a permanent part of it, it was incredible. 

The same day about five minutes later, he starts to fall off of his chair in slow motion. We couldn't do anything until he was already on the floor laughing about the whole thing. It was by far one of the funniest experiences that I have had while teaching someone. We got to talk to him another time this week and then he came to church on Sunday and told us that he is praying for us and he wants us to come and teach him more. It was such a tender mercy to have him be so willing to change his life because he felt it was true. 

Some OTHER funny things
1- There have been a billion frogs outside
2- Everyday we are melting because of the heat 
3- Someone told me it was 50 C (that's HOT, for those who don't know) 
4- It was Carnaval this week again so we got to hear the party outside our door
5- Saturday we got new keys for the gate in front of our building. Sunday we climbed that gate because the key doesn't work... 

Map of the Hermana's Area
Challenge - This week we focused on being happy and focusing on the important things, and trying not to focus on the heat. This leads to part of a talk I heard yesterday in church where he told us that 
"change is inevitable but growing is optional" Something like that... SO the challenge this week is to look at the things that you are going through, problems challenges, experiences, whatever it may be... AND focus on what you are learning and make it a growing and learning experience. 

I just wanted to tell you that I love you all and hope that you have a great week jumping into the month of MARCH!!! That is crazy but exciting at the same time. 

Love , Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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