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Season 2 Episode 12 "Carnaval Craziness" (2-20-17)

Season 2 Episode 12 
"Carnaval Craziness"

So this week has been a whirlwind of different events and only one of them is the Carnaval that was going on right in front of our house. It all started on Tuesday...

Tuesday - well it was an average morning contacting in Bella Union we were able to meet a bunch of different people so that was exciting. After lunch we were able to go out and we taught Kevin and his family a little bit. It was all good until we were leaving their house and about 10 minutes later we did not feel good. So we are pretty sure that we got food poisoning from the pizza that we ate there. Needless to say it was a weird end to the day. 

Wednesday - We were able to teach a new investigator about the Restoration of the Gospel and that was awesome. In the afternoon we visited with Ruben and Stefi who have been their investigators for awhile and we were able to talk to them about coming to church. We also taught Luciana and her daughter and they are progressing really well, they just need to find a way to come to church on Sunday. Then we had a family home evening where we talked about talents and Hermana Heywood made some cookies that were delicious. Lucky for me she really does have a talent for cooking. 

Thursday - We did our planning during the morning and it was a little cloudy so we were going to put on our rain boots and be rain ready for when we were ready to leave for the afternoon. We left and were able to talk to Edgar, he got baptized recently, and then it started to storm like crazy. It was raining and there was a bunch of lightening that was strikingly close, so we decided to go home and wait out the storm. We ran back to the apartment and we got SOAKED... It did not clear up so we ended up staying inside the rest of the night. 

Carnaval 2017
Friday - We woke up to lightening and thunder that was not stopping, so we waited it out until after lunch. Then we left and the sun even came out to say hello and that was fantastic. We were able to visit our investigator Alberto who told us that he cant understand us when we speak Russian. We were actually speaking Spanish but its all good, there are just days when he doesn't understand us at all. After we left his house we were able to visit Roxanne and her mom and they told us how much they needed to feel the spirit so that made my day. We then visited our Investigator Enzo and his family who are all less active members, and it was a really good discussion that we ended up having with his mom and dad. Then at about 8 pm we had to go back to our house because CARNAVAL!!! SO as it turns out being on the border of Brazil means that we celebrate their holidays too. We actually live inside the borders of where they close off the roads for the parade, so we heard the music from the comfort of our own home. 

Saturday - We went back to teach Rosana about the Book of Mormon, and that was really fun to see her start to understand more about the church. Then in the afternoon we met some new people and shared a little bit with them. We also met a new investigator Nedir who we met on the walk back to our house. Once again we were in early and it was a good thing too because it was a crazy party. They were SO loud and the music was at such a high volume that our apartment walls were vibrating. I also heard some fireworks at about 4 am so that was exciting. 

Sunday - So the festivities end at about 6 am the next day of the three days of Carnaval, needless to say there were not a bunch of people at church at 9 and those that had gone were absolutely exhausted. However, Alberto was able to come and that made us really excited. We had lunch with Kevinds family and then we got back to the house to study. When we left we were able to visit Edgar, it is incredible to see how converted he is to serving the Lord. We then got on a bus to come to Salto. About 2 hours later we were in the house of the Herman's that live here watching the movie Legacy until it was time to go to sleep. 

Monday - We were up and at em and good to go at around 8 am this morning. On a bus at around 820. Then to a meeting about self-reliance at 9 and then we played soccer at 1030, for about two hours and now we are here writing. The plans are to go to the bus terminal, eat some lunch and then chill until we get on a bus to go home, once we get home we will go to our house and go to bed. OH p-day ;) 

Challenge - We discussed a little bit about the pioneers this week and it was such a reminder of Faith and Strength to me that it influenced the challenge for this week. This week I want you all to think about the pioneers in the church for you, it could be a few generations back or even yourself and learn about how they came to know the church. Then I want you to think of some way that you can be a pioneer for someone else. It doesn't have to be something church or gospel related, but I can promise you that we are all paving the way for those behind us. 

I wanted to Thank you for your examples to me and the strength and support not only during the mission but my entire life. 
I love you all and hope that you can have a fantastic week. 

Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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