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Season 2 Episode 11 ¨Sanovich and Heywood Take Salto¨ (02-13-17)

Season 2 Episode 11 ¨Sanovich and Heywood Take Salto¨

SO the biggest thing that happened this week was CHANGES!! It was a crazy is a general play by play of what happened. 
Hermana Sanovich with her NEW COMP Hermana Heywood
Monday - We got the call from President Olsen telling us about our changes at around 630 pm. So we went back to the house and we started cleaning it like crazy. Then I got to start packing all of my stuff into my bags. I think that I finished around 1 am Tuesday morning so that was exciting. 

Tuesday - We got up and I put some more stuff in my suitcases and then we got ready to go and teach some people. Nobody was home so instead I got to say goodbye to some of the people that I have gotten to know there. We packed up everything and we left the house around 7 pm to get on our bus at around 830 pm that night. Leaving Momi Cabrera was really hard but she is the best to help us leave with all clean clothes and helped me with my bags to get to the bus. We got to Montevideo around 11 at night and waited there until about 1230 the next morning. 

Wednesday - We ended up sleeping on the floor in the apartment of some Hermanas that live not too far from the terminal there so that was good. Then at around 7 we left and got to drop off Hermana Kahn at the terminal, where I got to see Hermana Trujillo because everyone that was finishing their missions were there waiting to get on the bus and go home. That was awesome to see her, but really weird to think that she is going home. Then I stayed in the terminal until about 1 pm when I got on a bus to head to Salto. At around 7 pm I got to the terminal in Salto where I got to meet up with my new comp HERMANA HEYWOOD. We ate some food and then we waited until about 10 pm for our bus to take us up to our area. 

 JUAN Manuel - Hermana's new bff
Thursday - We get to Bella Union at around 1230 in the morning and luckily this member was able to help me move my stuff up the stairs into our apartment. I was dead after that so we slept and it was fantastic. Then that morning we did some planning and cleaned out our house a little bit because the Herman's didn't have time to do that before changes. Then we got to visit this awesome guy named Alberto that got baptized last Saturday and that was awesome. We also got to eat lunch with FLIA Portugese- they are all really nice. It was a good day, and we got to teach a couple of other people too before the end of the day. 

Friday - We took a little adventure this morning and we went to buy groceries in Brazil. We are the furthest point North that Uruguay has, we have a border with Brazil that is part of our area. It is a cool little area that I will be sending more pics of as we take them. We taught about three different families and that was awesome. 

 "When you just smell really bad after a humid day"
Saturday - We contacted during the morning because we couldn't find the address that we were looking for. Then we went to lunch with a lady that was really nice. However when we got home from lunch we both were a little sick so that wasn't the funnest thing but it was okay. After that we were able to go and teach Edgar an investigator that is struggling to leave his other church even though he already has a testimony that the church is true. We then contacted a little bit, and we had the chance to meet the coolest family. The son is 28 and is in a wheelchair but he has an incredible amount of faith to overcome his challenges. They are the cutest and sweetest and we are excited to see them again soon.

Us - Bella Union, Uruguay
Sunday - We went to church and that was a little weird because it was  bunch of different people in a new building but it was good. The weirdest part was that sacrament is the last thing of the day so that is a little odd. It was good, I was able to meet a bunch of people in the ward and introduce myself for just a second. We got to visit Edgar again and then we had to get on a bus. Turns out that Sunday night we travel to sleepover with the other Herman's in Salto to be here Monday for our district meeting... 

Well it was a crazy week for me and this week (tomorrow) is VALENTINES DAY!! 

I want to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day and my hope that as the challenge this week you can spread the love that you have and the love that the Savior has for all of us with others. 

Thank you all for your love and support.

Love, Hermana Cassidy Sanovich ❤

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