Monday, February 13, 2017

From "Momi" Cabrera...February 8, 2017

One last FUN pic with Hermana Kahn
From Momi Cabrera
February 8, 2017 Hi! Your daugther will go to Salto! It is a city of north Uruguay
I will miss her a lot!!!!
From Mama Nicole:Oh my goodness I am so sad that she left you and your sweet family. I know she is going to miss you a ton. I want to stay in touch with you though. ok
Thank you so much for the pictures, they mean the world to me...
From Mami Cabrera: Yes of course I want to stay in touch with you! Today in the morning I cry a lot alone for Hermana Sanovich, she is no longer here! I can not hear her voice anymore 😥

Some thoughts from Me.... (mama nicole)  I will be FOREVER grateful for the amazing person that Momi Cabrera has been to Hermana Sanovich.  I don't think she will ever really know how much it means to me, to have someone as SWEET and HUMBLE as she is, taking care of my daughter when I can't!!!!  I LOVE HER dearly!  What an amazing journey this has been.  I am continually in awe of the Blessings we have received with Cassidy serving.  I miss her a ton, but know that our Heavenly Father is watching out for her each and every day.  Thank YOU Momi Cabrera for loving my daughter, I hope one day I will get the chance to Thank YOU in person.  I love that my daughter has had the chance to meet someone as kind and gracious as YOU.  May the Lord Bless YOU and your Family.... Love, Mama Nicole
"Momi" Cabrera

Hermana Kahn and Hermana Sanovich
Hermana Sanovich - living our of your luggage

Saying Goodbye is Hard - so making a Crazy face makes it not seem so hard...

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