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Season 2 Episode 5 "2017 New Year, New (eva) Helvecia" (i tried anyways) (01-12-17)

Season 2 Episode 5 "2017 New Year, New (eva) Helvecia" (i tried anyways)
President and Hermana Olsen with their family & The Hermana's of course!

This week we had changes and............. 
And my companion is............. 
 - Hermana Kahn 
from Peru (we are still companions) 

We are going to be together this change here in Nueva Helvecia and we are stoked!  So more than that here are a few of the highlights of the week....

Uruguay - Montevideo West Mission
Lunes - We had our p-day like normal and then we found out about our changes and then the funniest thing happened. So remember how we got a dryer from the senior couple? Well it was a cloudy day so we decided to use it and we also might have been using the fridge and the microwave all at the same time. AND we burnt out the socket and also killed the power in about half of our house :) But lucky for us we have a member in our ward that works with electricity and he was able to come and help us out with everything and so we have power in our entire house now, but that was a little adventure for us. 

Martes - We decided to mix things up during our language study time and we are working together, for Hermana Kahn to learn English and for me to learn some Portuguese. SO we started with the alphabet and we also have gone over how to introduce yourself and how to pray in Portugese. Eu sou Sister Sanovich uma missionera da Igreja de Jesus Cristo!!! 🤓Making some Progress Folks!  It rained a little bit during the night and when we finally got home, I just went outside and sat on our front porch with our home dog Camillo, up until it was time to go to bed. It was a very peaceful way to end a very long day. 

Miercoles - The highlight of the day, other than being able to teach this little elderly lady Juanita about the Restoration of the Gospel, was making Chaja with Hermana Cabrera. Chaja is something that is from Paysandú and that they eat here as a dessert. For me it is a little like a mix between tres leches and peach cobbler. So we were able to learn how to make that with her and it was delicious. 

Jueves - We did our planning this morning and we are looking forward to getting our new agendas, because I cant plan in this tiny little space anymore... But it was good to set some goals for this coming week. Then we were able to visit Ana and her kids, she is not really progressing and we are staring to visit her a little less than we were before. However we were able to visit them and to share about how important Faith is in our lives and how big of an influence our Faith has - in how we view life. We were talking while her kids were playing with their new little puppy, it is SO cute and it was really fun to see them with it. That was until her three year old son starting basically throwing it around and to make it worse Ana says " The poor thing, we will see how long it lives, He almost killed the bunny the other day." There was part of me that just wanted to bring the little guy to our house. 

Viernes - We started our morning off by visiting 2 elderly ladies and singing them a hymn and then sharing a scripture with them. It was incredible to see their faces light up and to see the JOY that they could feel when we were with them just by hearing a song that testifies of Christ. We then met this lady who was sitting outside of her house named Maria and Maria cant talk very well because she had surgery after an accident so it is really difficult to understand what she is saying, despite all of that we were able to talk with her and she told us that she wanted to go to church with us on Sunday so we are excited about that.

New Years Eve cake!!!
Sabado - Its New Years Eve and it is HOTTER than I think it has ever been in my entire life because it is more humid than I think I thought was physically possible. But we were able to talk to a few people today, Yamima and Nelson. Yamima fell the other day and is now in a wheelchair and we were able to lift her spirit a little bit because she was feeling a little down. Nelson had been reading the Book of Mormon so we talked to him about all of his doubts and questions that he has had so far. Then we went back to our house to ring in the "NEW YEAR." We had the opportunity to be in the Cabrera house once again, but this time without the Cabreras because they went to visit their daughter in Colonia Centro. We still had fun, we made a cake, we watched some Mormon Messages and then we saw some more fireworks!!! 

Domingo - Church was really good, there weren't a lot of people here because of the holiday and everything but it was a really good meeting. We were able to learn from the District Presidency a little bit and then to start the year off discussing what we will be studying this year in the other meetings. After church we were able to visit a less active family and get to know them a little better and we are hoping that having people here that they know will help them to come back to church. Then we went to Maria's house to see why she didn't come to church this morning and the weirdest thing happened. When we got to her house she was sitting outside, so we walked up to her and started talking to her about everything. The whole time she was just looking at us really confused- so Hermana Kahn asked her if she remembers us and she said "NO", then we asked her what her name was and she said "Ines." AND in that very moment I was scared off my rocker!! To make it a little creepier she also had a knife in her hand because she was cutting up watermelon, but it was a weird experience and we both wanted to book it far away from her house. But it turns out that her name is Maria Ines and she has a hard time remembering things, so we are going to talk to her husband this next week and find out a little more about them.

DESAFIO (Challenge) --- We just ended the year 2016, and I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish!! How did your reading go? This week is a challenge that is going to be a very vague one with some follow up so be prepared. This week I challenge you to make a list of 17 goals that you want to achieve this year, BUT wait there is more we are going to make them a little more specific. For this challenge there is a catch, there are 3 categories and they are... 
- Health (mental or physical)
- Spiritual
Make 5 goals that apply to each category and then one little thing you want to do every single day and then a BIG goal that will be more of a project for you during this year.

I know that making goals will help us all to progress and to learn more about ourselves and to push ourselves to become better people. I love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week and that 2017 will be a year of "Success" and many "Blessings." 

Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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