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Season 2 Episode 7 "Drenched in Sweat to Soaking Wet and Back Again" (1-16-17)

Season 2 Episode 7 "Drenched in Sweat to Soaking Wet and Back Again"

This week has been crazy because the weather has either been insanely hot or a complete down pour and it is still working out what type of weather we are going to have today so that is why we have been really sweaty and then really really wet... Not the most glamorous of times but we have been having fun so here's what happened this week. 

Plaza De toros - Colonia

- We went and did some divisions in El Real and that is where we visited the plaza De Toros and to also see a different part of the river. We took some cool pictures where you can sort of see Buenos Aires, Argentina so that was a little fun trip. We also got to be with Hermana Orán and Hermana Maldonado and help them to find some new people to teach in their area so it was a good day filled with talking to new people. Including a lady that spoke to us in Portuguese and a couple of people in English so its always an event contacting.

Kahn, me, Maldonado, Orán
Wednesday - We visited this guy named Raul who cant read and it is a little hard to help him because he wants to read and knows how to read he just cant see and is waiting for the end of summer vacation to see the Doctor and to get some new glasses so until then we are his eyes and we get to read the Book Of Mormon to him when we visit. 

Thursday - We found a less active member named Laurentino this week and wanted to be able to talk to him about the importance of coming to church.  As we were talking to him in front of his door his puppy comes up and I start playing with it and then out of nowhere he just gets mad. Not only does he basically yell at the poor thing to leave him alone, he threw a rock at it and nailed it in the head, it was awful!!! 

Oran, Kahn, Me, Maldonado (Peru,Peru,USA, Argentina)
Friday - We had the chance to go and visit Valdence with Hermana Rohrer, it was good to try and see the other half of our branch that we don't see very often because they live kind of far away. Sadly a lot of the people that she had wanted to visit were all on vacation and so we ended up not actually talking to a bunch of people but we tried really hard. When we came back home we talked with Nelson and in the end he told us that he didn't want us to come back anymore because he doesn't have any desires to change right now. That was quite the end to a really long day, but its his decision and he was really thankful for everything that we had helped him learn, so it still was a blessing to meet and teach him. 

Saturday - We visited with Raul again and his niece today, so that was good because she can help him read just a little bit and that made things run a little more smoothly. We also all got together and cleaned the church so that it would be ready for Sunday. It was good to have some support from the members in the branch this time and we got the cleaning done a lot faster this week than we have in the past. More hands = light work 

Sunday - We got to come to church today and it was nice to see a couple of people that we all have been visiting recently because their family situations are great and it is always exciting to have them come to church. We learned more about the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel, then we talked about President Hinckley and started those lessons off this year. We went home and ate some lunch, and to our surprise when we were outside we got drenched. I should now by now to always have my umbrella but we didn't so we got soaking wet and had to go back to the house and get all rain geared up. With our boots, pants and rain jackets we felt just like the people that live on their farms here. 

Monday (today)- We went to Colonia and had a District meeting. We got to teach the Restoration to the other missionaries in our District.  Then we got back on a bus and came home. 

OHH... but while I was at the District meeting I received some letters from my AMAZING WARD!!!!!   Thank you so much for all of the cute notes and the drawings that you sent me, they made my day!! 

Desafio "Challenge"- Okie dokie so this week the challenge is going to be... 
To be AMBITIOUS! I read the talk from General Conference 

Of the Seventy and absolutely loved it.  I loved the fact that he was telling us to be BOLD in our beliefs and to be willing to share them. 

So the challenge is 
1- To read his talk and then... 
2- To do something bold related to the gospel and to share it in someway with those around you

I hope that you are all having a wonderful start to the New Year, and I want you all to have a great week and to be BOLD and full of ambition. 

Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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