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Season 2 Episode 8 " Colonia craziness continues" (1-23-17)

Season 2 Episode 8 " Colonia Craziness Continues" 

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I decided to put in a couple from when we Skype on Christmas)

      This week was full of all kinds of crazy and different adventures for us this week, each day had something going on that was a little out of the ordinary. Starting out this week was 

Tuesday - So we started the day completely normal, we were able to go and to talk to a few people before we went home and ate lunch. We made our lunch and then hung out for a little bit in our house before we started to study. So during that time we were sitting at our desks and all of a sudden we hear our doorbell and I look outside of the big glass windows and all I can see is none other than President Olsen. So we open the door to have President Olsen and the two Assistants standing on our front porch, so we shake their hands, say hello and then they left. It was the weirdest thing ever, and to make it even funnier - we were hanging out in our t-shirts and shorts. So that was a little embarrassing, but just another average day here in Uruguay... Then to make the night a little crazy we almost were hit by a car that was coming way too fast. TOO Much excitement if you ask me...

Wednesday - We took a half day today because Hermana Kahn was not feeling too good. So when we did go out in the afternoon we really didn't have much luck in finding people to teach today. However, on our way to visit an investigator we did run into the same less active member, Laurentino (the guy with the puppy), and it turns out that the puppy died so that was really sad. 

Thursday - We had planned on seeing this guy named Julio that lives really far away that we found a few weeks ago. So we trekked out to his house and he comes to the door and steps outside and basically explains to us that he is not interested at all and then he gave us the Book Of Mormon that we had given him back. So that didn't go as we had planned. But we kept on walking and looking for other people to teach and to share the Book of Mormon with. We ended our night in the church because we were going to have an activity to do some family history on the computers. However, nobody ended up coming to the activity so after about an hour waiting for people and working on some of Hermana Kahns family history we decided to call it a day and we went home.

Friday - We got to visit with Macarena Nuñez (a less-active youth) today and we shared a little bit about the importance of having a strong and individual testimony to be able to make it through life. Then we made a pit stop at the house of our Relief Society President and we helped here paint some cabinets that they had just made. While we were there I got to see about 10 seconds of the Presidential Stuff that was going on. We were hoping to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir preform but we didn't have the opportunity to see it. Then we ended our night talking to a different less active member named Silvia, she is amazing and I loved being able to feel and then to testify of the love that God has for each one of us. 

Saturday - We went and taught Raul more about the Plan of Salvation and that was really exciting. I love seeing the hope that learning more about Christ and the plan that God has for each one of us brings into the lives of the people here. Then we went out to visit Yamima, she is kind of crazy and we are pretty sure that she is actually a member (we are working on finding here information from a different department of Uruguay). Then later that night we were walking to contact a little bit and then to go home and we ran into a contact that we had made an appointment with this week to meet with her this upcoming Friday. She told us that she wanted to reschedule because she has to go to the doctor that day and wants us to visit her really bad because her niece is a member and she was able to talk to her a little bit. She then asked us where she could buy one of these books that her niece had talked to her about so, I showed her the Book Of Mormon that I had in my hand and then we gave it to her. Her entire face lit up with Joy and it made us both really happy. 

Sunday - We went into Coloina all together today because we were having our District Conference. It was really fun to be able to have our entire branch (and Raul) together in the bus to laugh and have fun on the way to a Conference. At the Conference we were able to hear from President and Hermana Olsen as well as to hear the new District Presidency that we are going to have speak to us. It was a great Conference and all of the missionaries from Colonia were there. We were able to sing for the special musical number it was amazing to see the happiness on the faces of the members all together because, they were able to be united, it was incredible!!! I was able to really recognize how special it is to live in a place where there are members of the church all around me and that we can be united often. 

Desafio - Well it is almost the end of January but I want to challenge you to do something that maybe you have already done. In the Ensign this month there is a talk about the new youth theme that they are going to be having this year, which is found in James 1:5- ASK . The challenge is to read this talk and then to listen to the song that the church also has to go along with the new theme. Then to apply one of the many different things that you learn from it into your daily life. I know that God answers prayers and that we can all grow and be strengthened when we pray with a sincere heart. 

I love you and hope that you have a great week.. 

ALSO ---- Happy Birthday to my amazing Sister Carley who will be turning 17 this Saturday 😘 

Hermana Sanovich 

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