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Season 2 Episode 6 " The one with the dog" (1-9-17)

Season 2 Episode 6 " The one with the dog"
Hermana at the River
So this week was a bunch of contacting and being able to talk to a lot of new people here in Nueva Helvecia so not a lot of really exciting things happened,up until today when we had the chance to go to the river/beach and take some pictures and see the ciudad vieja. (old city) But before are a few of the things that happened this week. 

Tuesday - We visited this less active member who is also a recent convert to the church and we testified to her about the love that God has for each of us. It was a great opportunity to bring the Spirit into her home and for her to remember what the Gospel is really about. We heard there was going to be a lot of rain these next couple of days so it has been humid and really really warm. 
Camilo our house dog...
Wednesday - We spent the morning looking for a lady named Isable who I am absolutely convinced that her street does not exist so that was a little bit of a bummer. But when we were walking out of the neighborhood where we thought that her house was we ran into a stray dog. Now dogs just on the streets is something that we see everyday, but a dog with a leash wandering around is not common. This dog ended up leading us to her owner who is now one of the people that we are teaching :?  Dogs are great people!!!! 

Thursday - We taught this guy named Raul and his niece about the Book of Mormon and they both said that they were going to read it because they think that it could help them in their lives. Later on that night we went and visited Nelson, and it is really hard to tell where he is at. We talked about the plan of Salvation and he just kind of looked at us and then asked some questions about God and how we are all connected to him. We are going to be talking to him more about his questions to be able to know what he is thinking. 
Hotel Uruguay
Friday - We killed a bunch of flies that are slowly but surely coming into our house every single day. We also had a really good laugh when we ran into this guy named Louis who we had contacted before. When we ran into him he was not wearing anything but a "speedo." Needless to say that it was a very odd encounter and it left ALL of us a little embarrassed. But we had a good laugh because sometimes these things happen and they are a good break from being so serious all the time.

Saturday - We walked and walked and walked our entire area and we did not have much luck finding anyone who wanted to listen to us or even give us the time of day. But we did get to talk with President Hurst when we went to his house for lunch, so that was really good to have a minute to talk about the branch and how it can progress. Then we were walking down the street and we ran into this guy who told us that he had talked to the missionaries before, but it was a little odd because he was only there giving us compliment after compliment. SO that was a little awkward. 

Sunday - We had our Fast and Testimony meeting this week and it was great to hear the members share their testimonies with us. We then heard about the Restoration of the Gospel in our classes.  Then later when we left the house we got taught someone exactly that. It is an amazing blessing that we have that we know that the Gospel has been restored. 

Monday - We are in "Real" to do some divisions, we had the chance to go to the river that is nearby and took some pics... 
The River
Challenge - This week we have focused a lot on making goals and sticking to them!  I hope that you haven't given up on the 2017 New Years Resolutions you have made! 
(YOU CAN DO IT) To go along with this I was thinking that we all need to have a theme for the year (an idea stolen from my mom which is a great one) This week the challenge is to look at the Goals and Resolutions that you have set and the big events coming up this year. Then to make a theme to guide you throughout the year. It could be even just a simple phrase or just one word. (my mom has chosen the word SUCCESS) I know that if we can keep our focus on this we will accomplish great things. 

Love you and I wish you a GREAT WEEK, 
Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

Hermana Sanovich - Enjoying the RIVER

Road Heading towards the River
The Hermana's 

Hermana Sanovich looking so CUTE!!!
The STREET on the way to the RIVER


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