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Season 1 Episode 18 "One of the Two times a year church is in English" (10-03-16)

Season 1 Episode 18 "One of the Two times a year church is in English" 
Nueva Helvecia
So this weeks big highlight, as you may already know was that we had the opportunity to watch conference this past Saturday and Sunday, it was an amazing experience. But before we get to that just a few things happened this week.

Monday - We were in Montevideo and I got to see all of the people that are in my generation (the group that was in the CCM with me) and it was awesome to be able to talk to them and share all the experiences that we have had already. 
In the plaza Nueva Helvecia  

Tuesday - We had interviews and a zone conference with President Olsen it was really good to talk to him. Every time that he teaches us, we all can feel how inspired he is and how the changes that he is going to be making and the vision he has for our mission is inspired by god and that we are going to be able to accomplish great things if we are BOLD. Life and mission advice That we are going to be applying every single day here in Uruguay. 
In the plaza - Nueva Helvecia1
In the plaza with the sign of
Nueva Helvecia
Wednesday - We left with a member and visited with some of the less active families along with some sweet older ladies in our area. That was a great experience and every time that the members are involved in the work we can see the miracles and the amazing affects that they have on us and the people that we are visiting. 

Thursday - We heard about the Novela Moses and the 10 Mandamientos. (this is like a Soap Opera) Not really sure how accurate it is in portraying the bible stories but it is a major culture thing here in South America right now.

Friday - Divisions with Hermana Nygard and Hermana Evans... I spent half the day with Hermana Silva and Hermana Nygard and then the other have with Hermana Silva and Hermana Evans and Hermano Ponce... It was really cool to see how every single missionary does the work a little differently but that the gospel never changes... 

Sat - We watch Conference, sadly because of some technical difficulties we missed out on President Uchtdorf's talk but we were able to watch the rest of it in English.  
It was incredible!! Then in between the sessions we got to eat some torts fritas with President Hurst, Hermano Bias and Hermano Ponce... Then we watched some more conference and received some more revelation for all of us. 

Conference with Hermano Ponce
Sunday - Today was an amazing day filled with so much revelation and the spirit was so strong. So when we got to the church everything was set up for us to watch conference on the computer in the office at the church, but it was struggling to load everything so we were unable to watch the first little bit. We then decided that it would be better to watch it in Spanish with everyone instead of missing most of it but having it in English. I was devastated... We continued the session in Spanish and to be honest for about one talk I was a little angry, then I decided I needed to stop being a baby and listen with more than just my ears. I decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help me have the same connection to the Spanish version as I would have had with the English one, it was incredible the difference that it made... The lesson I learned from this experience is that God listens to even the simplest and most selfish of prayers. I should have been happy to watch it in Spanish (I do live in a Spanish world everyday for heaven sake's!!) but instead, I was only thinking about me and what I wanted. Once I was able to realize that sometimes we just need to "Buck Up Buttercup" (as my parents would say) and enjoy what we do have!!! 

We were able to watch the last session on Sunday in English and it was absolutely amazing!! No matter what language, these people are inspired and their words of advice are for all of us... 
The missionaries in the Nueva Helvecia area of Colonia
Challenge - Go back and watch any conference that you missed. 
If you didn't miss any of it go back and watch Elder Nattress' address 
(it was one of  my favorites) 

Have a great week!!! Love Hermana Sanovich

                        Note from Mama Nic - This is one of my very favorite pictures of Cassidy! 
                                    She looks so Happy and with her Favorite animal of course.
Me and Beethoven with the Libro de Mormon
Abuela Pocha - "Grandma"
Me with Beethoven

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