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Season 1 Episode 17 "Going to the Capi" (9-26-16)

                                        Season 1 Episode 17 "Going to the Capi" (Capital)
Future Elder Artuche
Hello family and Friends, here we are at a cyber (internet cafe) in Montevideo. 
That's right we are here in the Capital city of Uruguay!!! It's pretty exciting and different than our normal p-day. We are here because I needed to sign some paperwork so that I am actually here legally and I will become a Uruguaya Citizen. I had to stand in line for quite awhile (at what is basically a glorified DMV system) 
The Trio

Monday - So after our p-day (last week) we had a district meeting. It was really incredible. Our District Leader Elder Medina (from Paraguay) was teaching us how important it is for all of us to put our all into what we are doing.  Then he talked about how sometimes we are just planting seeds "pero que en algun día esta semilla va a crecer" The seeds that we plant are going to grow whether we are there to see it or not. That was really cool because we do a lot of contacting and planting. 

Thumbs up to Missionary Work
Tuesday - We had a zone meeting and talk about some systems that we are going to put into place here in our mission called "open capilla" (church) and "autosufficiency" to help the people living here learn about the gospel and just better their lives in general, so that was amazing. We had lunch as a zone and that was really fun.

Wednesday - We made some invites to our activity that was on Friday, and handed them out to the members. Funny thing was that when we were leaving with Ponce we met him at the church and he was listening to Whitney Huston " I will always love You" and it was fantastic, we jammed out for a second all together and it was super fun. We then went and visited a less active member named Leo (his mom was the investigator that died) it was good to to talk about the plan of Salvation and see the 
 Wedding this week
hope that it can bring into the lives of those around us. 

Thursday - The big thing that happened was that a member got married!! Her name is Antonella and she is only 16 but she got married to a nonmember that we  have been talking to, Mateas who is 18. It was crazy and really fast but it was good to see that they want to have the church in their lives as they start their own little family... (okay so it was really weird and not normal at all for the states but people get married really young here)

Friday - We had our activity and it went really well. We played charades and talked about how important Prophets are in our lives. There were about 10 people there so that was a little disappointing, its not a great turn out but it is something and the people that were there are the people that are needing some help in being strong in the gospel so that was great.

Saturday - We had a chance to watch the Women's conference with Hermana Cabrerra and it was really cool. It was the first conference that I have seen in Spanish so that was cool, it was also insanely inspirational. There was so much revelation and really good talks in that one session that I am really excited for conference now... 

Conferecia de mujeres en la casa de hna cabrerra
(Women's Conference at the house of Sister Cabrerra)
con burritos que ricoooo
(Yummy burritos)

Sunday - We went to church and had two investigators there. Claudio, we have kind of lost touch with him recently so that is sad but he comes to church and that is really good. And a new investigator whose name is Ana, it was the first time that we met her and it was at church so that is cool.. 

Challenge - The challenge this week has two parts 
1 - think of a question, about life or a certain situation that you are in 
2 - then watch conference!!! 
     *I promise that your questions and doubts will be answered if you look for the answers in the words that our Prophets and Apostles have prepared for us. 

Love you, Hna Cassidy Sanovich 

13 months in the mission for Trujillo
Party on the floor for Trujillo 13 months on the mission
Agustina, Nicole, and Fatima Baptism from Paysandu with Hermana McMullin
Baptism in Paysandu - Agustina, Nicole, and Fatima  
Hermana McMullin shared with Cassidy this week!
Talents from the heavens Hermano Artuche draws so beautifully 
Drawing 1
Drawing 2 
 Drawing 3 

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