Monday, October 10, 2016

Season 1 Episode 19 " When Zayn leaves One Direction" (10-10-16)

Season 1 Episode 19 " When Zayn leaves One Direction"
Hermana Trujillo &  Hermana Sanovich
Dos Amigos :( Missing Hermana Silva
So this week was changes and... Drum roll please::::::::::: I am still in Nueva Helvecia Colonia!! Wahoo!! The biggest change is that instead of our trio, it is me and Hermana Trujillo! After we dropped her off at the bus we went back home and could feel the emptiness, then for the next day we kept looking around to see where she went. Then when we talked about it we mentioned that it was like when Zayn left One Direction because we are still doing everything that we were before and it is great but that it is noticeably different and the way things are done is a little different. 
(bad metaphor but it was what we could think of for us) I only have time to mention the BEST of the BEST and the challenge 
(sorry its a short one) 

So the craziest and best day this week was actually Sunday so we will just jump to that. It had been a long week of contacting and losing a bunch of investigators. 
But when we left on Sunday we had the best experience ever. We were walking down the street and then this lady appeared out of no-where and asked us if we were hot and we said yes. Then we started talking to her and it turns out that she was born in Uruguay, but then moved to live in Queens New York when she was one up until she was 30 years old.  So not only does she speak English but she has a NY accent and its awesome. (it also comes with quite the colorful vocabulary but it was funny) She has had such a hard life, she is an alcoholic and a drug addict, she has 2 daughters that got taken away from her in the states, she was deported back to Uruguay. Once she moved back her she has tried to kill herself 3 different times.  She was talking to us about how much she believes in God and that she is looking for her purpose her on the earth, because she knows that its not her time to leave it yet. As she was telling us all about these trials I could feel so strongly the love that God has for each one of us but especially for her. It was incredible to see the need for the Gospel so clearly in the eyes of a stranger. It was a great opportunity to testify to her of Christ and we plan to visit her again this next week. Meeting her lightened up our day and gave us purpose to be here as missionaries in Uruguay. 

This leads into the challenge for this week - BE A LIGHT 
In an email from my family they gave me the advice to be a light. Then when we had a zone conference awhile back we talked about the light of the gospel and the way it blesses those around us. This is going to be the theme of this change for me, to always be a light for those around me. We may not be teaching a bunch of people and have a bunch of baptisms but if through me others can see and feel the hope, light and love of Christ that is beyond good enough...

Thank you all so much for your love and support, as always.  
More stories to come...until next week! 
Con Amor, (with tenderness)

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