Monday, October 17, 2016

Season 1 Episode 20 "Let the games begin" (10-17-16)

Season 1 - Episode 20 "Let the games begin"

The Summer Games have begun, and currently it is
Uruguay 5 (ants, cockroach, centipede. rain, humid heat) Hermanas- 0 

So this week was a little crazy and packed with a bunch of random things that happened so I will start at the beginning... Usually a good place to start right? 


Tuesday we vistited our friend Luke. He is only 14 and is amazing! He speaks English, it was surprisingly hard to teach him in English. However, it ended up being an awesome conversation with him because he told us that he is really curious about all of things we have been teaching him because he has never heard about any of it before and it is cool to watch someone learn about God and Christ for the first time. 

Wednesday- We took a little trip to Valdense. A little town that is right next to ours that is also part of our branch. We visited a bunch of less active members and also some investigators that the Elders had been teaching with a member who also drove us around in her car. We then realized how fast everything is and how many people you can visit in a shorter time with a car. So that was something new, and kind of funny to realize that we will not be getting those in the bolsa 
(sack, bag or purse???)

Thursday- NOTHING.. Well stuff but nothing worth reporting... Except we did find a bunch of ants in our house so that is something. 
Hermana Sanovich drenched
Friday- We were outside teaching and it was pretty warm but it was cloudy and humid, which is not new but very normal. So we left like normal and then all of a sudden it was a down pour, we got drenched.  Funny thing, when we DO NOT wear our rain-boots it rains but, when WE DO it never does. 
Then during the night we went to the church to help the Cabrerra's set up the baby shower that they were having on Saturday with all of her extended family that we are using as a missionary tool to meet more people to talk to. Once we came home we were greeted by our little friendly cockroach... YUM!! Not, it was gross, so we had Hermano Cabrerra come over and show us how to kill it so that we can kill the next ones... 

Hermana Trujillo also drenched
Saturday- We went to the church to clean up in the morning and we found a centipede (we do not have a picture, but it is bound to happen again) And that was really cool.                           

Tan Lines & Wet Feet
We were contacting and ended up being rejected by this lady in probably the nicest way possible. She let us come in and we said a prayer with her and then she told us about the Bible and how she doesn't want to waste our time because she thinks that we are doing great things but, that she doesn't want to change her life. Then she gave us cookies talked about the Bible some more and we left. It was a great opportunity to just feel loved by people that are not interested in the church at all.. Then the baby shower!! We had about 5 investigators that came and we shared the plan of salvation with them a little bit and then we enjoyed a fun activity all together. The funniest thing that happened is that the Cabrerras were all staying together at her house and they decided to do some karaoke. So we are in our beds ready to go to sleep and we had some fun background Spanish karaoke of some Shakira songs as well as a bunch of 80's songs and of course some Spanish classics. It was awesome!!! 
Baby Shower

Cupcakes at the Baby Shower
la carne delicioso (delicious meats)
Sunday- We woke up to an ANT attack. Our house here is really old and made mostly out of wood so we are dealing with ants coming and visiting us, we are great at killing them with some OFF bug spray (because that's all that's in the house). I also had to speak in church so we were cleaning and I was writing my talk (I am a procrastinator)... Then we went to go get Luke and we were running to his house so that we would all be on time to church. But Luke wasn't home so we were late to church without our investigator with us. We were a little disappointed.  But, because the niece of Cabrerra is leaving to serve a mission in Veracruz Mexico they had her Dad get up and speak and then had her bear her testimony about a mission. So lucky for me I ditched the written talk and just spoke for a few minutes about how important it is to work together doing missionary work. Then another Sister in our ward spoke about following Christ. Then we had the best lunch ever!!! Its called Asado (grilled/roasted meats) it is practically steak and it was delicious. We tried a bunch of different parts of the cow with the Cabrerras including but not limited to - blood, intestine, stomach and real meat.. (I am not sure what exactly the other stuff was but it was yummy and I think that I don't really need to know what it was I really really don't want to know). Then we spent the afternoon with Ponse contacting and then taught a non-active family named La Familia Artuche about the importance of scripture study... 
Asado - grilled/roasted meats
Challenge - Read the talk from Bonnie Oscarson (Do I Believe?) She talks about how important it is to have our own testimonies and to not forget the experiences that we have had... Then think of the first time that you realized that you had a testimony, or the time that you gained your own testimony and share it with others, maybe with me, maybe with more than one person, maybe just with God in prayer thanking him for it. But think about where your testimony comes from and if you don't have one about the church pray and ask God about it. I testify that he will answer and help you in all that you do... 

Thank you for being such an amazing group of people that are consistently influencing my life, hope you have a great week!! 

Love, Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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