Monday, October 31, 2016

Season 1 Episode 22 "The one without water" (10-31-16)

Season 1 Episode 22 - The one without water... 

 The Church Building

So this week the biggest event that happened was when we got home one day Tuesday our water had been turned off.  We ended up without water for the next three days. This was a very funny experience because we had told the landlords that they were going to cut our water this week and they told us that they had paid and that everything was going to be okay. But as it turns out they came and shut it off anyways. So for the next three days we were living with the water that had been stored in some soda bottles that we found in the house and then the filtered water we could get to drink from the church. 

Beautiful Red Tree
So that was one of the big things that happened this week, the other big thing would be that the Valdence house is now our house. There use to be Elders that were serving with us in our branch and they closed their area, so this entire time we have been working with the Elders to move all of their furniture into our house. So Thursday morning the Elders came by and they moved a bunch of crap into our house that was in the Elders old house. So as they were doing that our house still did not have water and we had to leave to get to a lunch we had scheduled with a member. We then left four Elders in our house with all of their stuff and without water. So that was an interesting experience. 

We then got our water back Thursday afternoon, which was one of the best feelings ever in life... Then on Friday we had our activity, we celebrated Halloween a little bit which was great. 

Not a lot of things happened this week, sorry about the lack of excitement. 

Here is the Challenge this week- Going into this week I am following up on the challenge to read the Book Of Mormon, how goes the reading? Also, because this is a Fast Sunday the challenge is to pray and read the scriptures in order to fast with a purpose and if you feel like it is a worthwhile cause vamos a decir (just saying), then you can make it a family fast or a group fast. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week, Hermana Sanovich 

*The following  pictures are ones that Hermana Sanovich labeled around "Uruguay" - A little glimpse of what Colonia looks like.

Hermana Sanovich and her Catcus plant

Inside the Hermana's House
View of the Backyard

Hermana Trujillo
Hermana Sanovich

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