Monday, October 24, 2016

Season 1 Episode 21 "When you get to move a Fridge - No problem...we got this!" (10-24-16)

Season 1 Episode 21 " When you get to move a Fridge - No problem...we got this!"

So here are the highlights and a funny story from our week here in Nueva Helvecia...
After we finished writing on Monday we got on a bus headed to Montevideo, because we have the Hermana Lider Intrenadoras who are in Montevideo now and not in Colonia. So to do divisions we went there. The funny part of this was that by the time that we arrived there it was about 11 pm and we had to take a taxi to their apartment and the taxi guy didn't know where exactly we were going and neither did we. We were just a little lost in the Capital of Uruguay for a few minutes...but that's okay.

 Hermana Nygard, Hermana Sanovich, Hermana Evans & Hermana Trjuillo
Tuesday - We had divisions, I spent the morning with Hermana Evans and we did some contacting. Then we all met up for lunch in McDonald's (it is sad that this is a highlight of our food but it is). Then we went and studied in the church and for our language studies we sang some Hymns so there should be a video recording of us doing that. Then I went out for the afternoon with Hermana Nygard we met a less active member and she told us how she is the 52nd member of the church here in Uruguay. She was actually baptized in the ocean and to this day she talks to the Elders that baptized her, one named Elder Wayne Cardon from all places Utah. That was cool to see that the people here are going to be a part of my life forever and that we can keep in touch with them after the mission. We finished the night on a bus headed back home to Nueva Helvecia. 

Wednesday - It rained!! It really really rained and so nobody really wants to let us in because it is raining outside. But today we found two new awesome investigators named Narella and Maria. They let us in and then we had a really cool Questions & Answers about God and then they asked us a bunch of different questions, we ended up having a great conversation with them. We talked about all of our beliefs and how the Gospel helps us in our lives. It was a great start to a good relationship with them and the church.

Thursday - It rained some more but today we got to talk to Guadalupe and Bruno, who are relatives of the Cabreras and they are awesome too!!  We taught them about the Book of Mormon and they are so ready to learn more about the Gospel and they want to make their lives better before they have their baby soon!! We also had a consejo de rama, umm 
(ward council) that was a mess. We haven't had one for about 3 months now so it was really really long and the people are a little opinionated here in Uruguay, that was interesting to have some heated discussion about what to do to help the people in our Branch.. 

Friday- We baked some treats for our activity, shout out to my Mom and Dad's banana bread recipe, they all love it and want to have it every single week at the activity that's awesome!! Today we also helped Virginia with a dress so that she can enter in the temple this week when they go as a Branch on Saturday to take out her endowments. It was a great experience talking to her about the importance of Temples. Then we had our activity where we talked about Temples again. It was such a neat reminder how blessed we are in UTAH, to have so many Temples so close by us. 

Saturday - We found Alejandra!! Her street actually does exist, it is just too new to be on our map so we had to ask a member to use google maps to find out where it was. Oh the blessing of technology. Sadly she wasn't home but we did get her real cellphone number and talked to her. Turns out that her boyfriend kicked her out and she is living in the streets right now trying to make her life better. She told us that she had been praying to be able to find us and talk to us again but it had not happened for awhile. We set up for her to come and meet with us on Sunday in the church.. 

Sunday - Church was really good, we tried to help the Primary because they are practicing for their program. But that didn't turn out very well. The kids here are a mess and they make the sunbeams and rowdy kids at home look like angels. Then the sad part was that we were waiting for Alejandra to come and talk to us but she called us and told us that she didn't feel like she could enter into the church right now. We set up to meet with her on Tuesday of this week. Then we had a call that Virginia and her kids were in a moto accident so we went to the hospital to visit them for a minute. They sent Virginia and Maxi to Montevideo to do some tests to make sure that everything was okay. We know now, that everyone is okay and should be home soon. 
Funny little story - The Elders dropped off a fridge on Monday, that we moved into our house on Tuesday by ourselves (HERMANA power) We moved it in and then moved our old fridge one outside, then two funny things happened. #1 The outlets didn't match so we had to move the fridge in the middle of the kitchen (which is tiny) and we ran into it all week.... #2  It rained while the old fridge was outside so it is totally ruined now but...that's okay...

Pranked by the Elders & "Hermana Power"

Challenge: This week in RS we were talking about the talk called "Always Remember Him"(liahona)..By Elder Gerrit W. Gong. It talks about how we need to Always Remember Christ and then explains that our time,agency, and memory help us to learn, progress and strengthen our Faith. I also loved that he mentioned 6 points that help us to remember him always. This week the challenge is to act on one of the 6 things that he mentions for example, having confidence in His covenants, promises, and assurances, or by acknowledging his hand throughout our lives, family history, repentance or to Thank Him daily for all that he does for us.. 

Thank you for all of your love and support, 
I hope you have a great week 
LOVE, Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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