Monday, August 1, 2016

Season 1 Episode 9 "We're going to Young" its pronounced (shoeng) (8-1-16)

Season 1 Episode 9  "we're going to Young" its pronounced (shoeng)
"Young" (shoeng)

We went to Young!! My comp is a sister trainer so we did divisions in "Young" It was really fun, but I will get to that later... 

Our daily schedule goes like this... 
6:30 get up and exercise
7:00 get ready and eat breakfast
7:50 study 
8:50 - 9:20 plan
9:20 - 12:30 work and teach people 
12:30 - 1:30 LUNCH
1:30 - 2:20 language
2:20 - 3:20 comp study 
3:20 -4 plan 
4:00 -9:00 teach and missionary work 
Street in "Young"

Quick daily summary for this week:

Monday- We played futbol in the rain and ate some food E. Salazar made from Bolivia which was really yummy... 

Tuesday - We plan every week for the rest of the week and that takes most of the day.. but then we had a yummy lunch from a place called pollo de oro

Wednesday - we ordered a pizza for dinner, which was delicious... they delivered it to our house and it was heavenly

Thursday - we bought tickets to go to "young", and then another thing that was fantastic was that we made some french fries (perks of an American companion, we like the same american foods and can make them all the time if we wanted to. 

Us oros in front of a strange face in the Ombu ward
Street in Paysandu
Friday - We went to "Young" 
I worked today with Hermana Maldonado who is from Argentina.. It was a Spanish filled day that is for sure, it was really good to have her rapid fire Spanish speak to me all day. The only bad thing is that in young we were just contacting all day and only taught one member family at the end of the day... I really really am not a fan of walking for an hour to get to everything, so it makes me realize that my area is absolutely fantastic. 

There were also a bunch of little puppies that followed me around for a little bit and that was cute and fun... We almost missed our bus home (it's about an hour bus ride from our house to Young and at 9 at night we really didn't want to try to walk... But its all good and we made it home perfectly 

Saturday - We took Agustina and her sisters on a tour of the church in the hope that she would come to church on Sunday after seeing that nothing about it is really weird or different and its just a building. They are great!!  We had our youth activity again this week, we played futbol again so that's exciting.. (I am actually getting good enough where I might even buy a jersey...) 

View of Uruguay from the plane
Sunday - We had 3 investigators at church and that was aaawesome.... Guadalupe is awesome and asked me today if she could get baptized so we will be talking to her parents this week but we will most likely be having a baptism in a couple weeks... 

Its been a crazy week, but the days all blend together and it makes it feel really long and then p day comes again and it seems so short... 

At the beach
Yay for P-day

But I do have a challenge for you this week: 
(let me know if I ever repeat them) but this week I would love to invite you to start the Book of Mormon over again (or for the first time). 
I am planning on starting again and I think that it is totally possible for you to start it now and finish it before I get home... I know that it can help change and improve lives just reading it...

Thank you for all of your love and support always!
Hermana Sanovich

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