Monday, August 15, 2016

Season 1 Episode 11: That One Time I realized...I really Live in South America!! (8-15-16)

Season 1 Episode 11: That One Time I realized...I really Live in South America!!!

Selfie Hermana Sanovich

This week was another one full of crazy and new adventures, I am convinced that if everything ever goes according to plan and we are on time to everything that we have done something wrong. But that's okay because the culture here is not one to be on time to anything (I thought that Mormon Standard Time was only a thing in Utah but it's not) 

We started out the week, last p-day, playing fĂștbol!! I think this might be a weekly thing now but that's ok, because my skills are totally improving and by the time that I get home I will be good enough to  make the US national team and I will be playing on their level.. (haha) The elders have said that they will teach me some of their tricks so that I can play as if I was actually a Latin.. (this is exciting folks!!!) We were playing on this field in a park with a bunch of people and I had the realization that: I do in fact live in South America and that the common language to communicate among people here is Spanish! (CRAZY)

We had a day this week where all of the missionaries worked in our area, they all helped us find a bunch of new people to teach.  There was also a day this week where I was with a different comp here in Ombu and I had to get around the town because she doesn't work or live in our area.. it was a little sketchy at first but it was actually really good for me to do this and I think it pushed me to be more independent... 

Cyber World - Where they email on their p-days
Also big news here... Guadalupe is going to get BAPTIZED!! She had her interview and everything went well so that will be on Saturday.  On a different day I was with Hermana Porter in Zorilla and we walked a lot, we also made a salad for lunch so that was fun... 
      Side note from Mama Nic: 
(I have never ever seen Hermana Sanovich eat a salad in her entire life, I think that is why it is such an important part of her day haha)

Elder Espinosa, Elder Pisciotta and Hermana McMullin learning the piano
Challenge:  Learn something new, 
expand your talents it will be very rewarding!

Love to you all... Thank You for your prayers & support.   
Hermana Sanovich

Attempt at Sunday Lunch
Attempt of a Selfie Hermana Sanovich
& Hermana McMullin

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