Monday, August 8, 2016

Season 1 Episode 10 "3 Sheets to the Wind" (8-8-16)

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Season 1 Episode 10  
"3 Sheets to the Wind"
McMullin & Sanovich Bedroom

Okay, so this week was crazy at the beginning and then a little dull so I am just going to share the best of the best with you all... We had our zone p-day and had our paint fight on the beach (the video and pics went through right) (they did not come through maybe next week) and then we went back to our house to change and look a little more like missionaries. Once we had both showered we decided to try and make pasta but ran out of time so we left our house with wet hair to go to an elderly lady's home who always does her FHE by herself to have a little lesson with her so that she is not by herself.  We walked about 3 blocks and the phone rings Hermana McMullin answers and shes talking for a minute and then she stops walking and says "serio?" about three or four times. Hangs up and then the phone rings again and she talks to someone else and then tells them the address of the church and hangs up... I was absolutely confused at this point and had no idea what was going on. But then she tells me " We need to go to the church because President Olsen is going to TEACH with us "... I DIED!!! 

I think it took me until we were at the church to realize that our Mission President was going to be coming with us to our appointments that night. Once the initial shock wore off I was good to go, and then he pulled up with the assistants and I was a little nervous again. We got into the car and then he went with us to this elderly ladies home for FHE and he was super nice to her and she loved every minute of having him in her home. Then we went to this guys Pablos house and his brother opened the door so we go into the house and teach Gustavo instead because Pablo was not home. We were teaching him the Restoration (and a funny thing...they don't have any chairs), so we are all standing there, 
President Olsen, Me and Hermana McMullin teaching this guy 
and his insanely sick mother about the Restoration and as we 
are finishing up the craziest thing happens. 

Out of no where Pablo walks into the room DRUNK, like so wasted it was crazy!! He tried to give a "beso" to Hermana Mcmullin and she had to push him away from her... Then we hurried and said a prayer, because at that point the spirit was SO gone and then we got out of there as fast as possible. We get into the car and President says " Well he was 3 sheets to the wind" and we all laughed about it until he dropped us off at our next FHE appointment and then he told us that we were all going to get pizza when he finished doing the interviews with the elders of our district. At the end of the day we were all sitting in Pan- Z, eating pizza with President Olsen 
Front room
and just talking to him about everything. 
It was a crazy day that's for sure... 

On Tuesday we had our Zone Conference which was awesome.... We had the chance to do interviews which was a great experience to talk to President Olsen for a few minutes about everything and my progress as a missionary... 

Challenge:  short and sweet this week take a minute to do some service, easy projects or even some thing super tiny. It will make your day much better to think of someone else and in turn it will make the other person smile and happy!!!!!

Desk at the apartment in Paysandu
Love to you all, Hermana Sanovich

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