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Season 1 Episode 8 The Adventures of Hermana McDonald and Hermana Sandwich (7-25-16)

Season 1 Episode 8 "The Adventures of Hermana McDonald & Hermana Sandwich 

Street in Paysandu' where the bus stop is
This week has been absolutely crazy!!! We have done so many things that I want to share but I am going to just go through the basics and send some pictures that hopefully explain everything well enough.. Here goes... 
Some things you should know that I have learned about Uruguay and the culture here are: 
1- It is winter here so it is a little chilly and it throws me off hearing about everyone enjoying Summer and the Sun.. But enjoy it!

2- The food here is amazing, we usually eat some pasta with meat (I am not sure what kind of meat, I might be scared to ask about it)

3- SOCCER SOCCER Fútbol!!! We have played about 6 times since I have been here, including once in the rain earlier today... Hopefully I get really really good at it.. All of the Latin Elders are trying to teach us Americans how to play so we will see how that goes.

4- We give "besos" as a greeting to everyone that is in the room or comes in the room right when we get there and before we leave. It is insanely time consuming (besos - are kisses)

A member "Maria Luz"
5- We don't do "besos" with any guys 
(found that out after I had already done it so that's new and a little uncomfortable)

Some things about my companion: 
1.  She is AMAZING 
2. We are both from Utah
3. She has about 4 months left so I could be her last companion :(
4. She likes to cook eggs in the morning and this has been the subject of quite a few jokes within our district. 

We are teaching some awesome people:
1- Maria la Loca and her family are less active and her kids need some friends and extra encouragement to come to church 

2- An 18 yr old girl Joana and her 10 yr old sister Guadalupe 

Family Maria la Loca
3- A family (also named Maria) and her three kids Anthony-8 and Luciana-6 
They have a baptismal date for the 20 August 

4- Also Paulina 21 and her sister 
Fermina 16 

The funny thing that has happened this week is that we had about 3 days where I was with other companions because Hermana McMullin had to go to some leadership meetings so I was with Hermana Livingston and Maria Luz one day and we found Paulina and Fermina. It was really cool to be working with new eyes that were not familiar with the area or names or anything, needless to say that I got lost maybe once or twice. Nothing too bad we just could not find the houses we were looking for. Then the next day Hermana Livingston and I had to take a bus to her area to teach this guy they go and read with and find our way back, that was an adventure because not all the streets have names or signs and its a little odd... 

The title of this week comes from the nicknames our zone has given us we are - Mcdonald and Sandwich... Also, the light in our bathroom went out so I took a shower in the dark and thought I was going to die but its all good now... 

The challenge this week (I forgot last week so its making up for 2)   
Two small things 
First things first- LOOK UP from the phone, tablet, i-pod, of technology!! Life is passing you by while you look at the screen. Things are great when you actually ENJOY where you are, and The Second challenge - go to a church (activity) all 3 hours of church... 
(It is worth It!!! ) 

You are awesome and I love you!!! Thank you for your support!!! 
Sorry I am a mess, I will get my footing and everything will improve 
(pictures & emails especially) 

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