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Season 1 Episode 12 - Black Eye & Guadalupe's Baptism (8-23-16)

Injured Hermana McMullin
Season 1 Episode 12  
Black Eye & Guadalupe's Baptism 

This week was absolutely CRAZY!!! 
Our week was crazy, I cant really remember the stuff that happened before this week on Wednesday. So we will just jump to that day. We woke up to play some soccer with the Elders from our district and our zone. We were having so much fun until Hermana McMullin was running up to kick the ball and hit her head on the goal post. We had an early morning adventure, Sister McMullin was bleeding quite a bit (as the pic shows)... I can now say that I have been in a South American hospital, and luckily it was not because of anything that was wrong with me. They decided that she did not need stitches so they cleaned it up and glued it together and then we left the hospital. She was really out of it so we stayed in our house and studied. It was best that she just slept the entire time so we decided to do that. Then we walked to the house of our mission leader, Daniel Mederos (also the family of Maria Luz) and Hermana McMullin statyed with her mom. I left with Maria Luz and that was crazy that meant I was in charge of our area and guess what? it didn't even fall apart!!! That's an accomplishment!!!! We invited Fatima and Nicole to be baptized so that was good... I can't believe how much they have already progressed! Then we went home and Hermana McMullin slept the rest of the night because I am pretty sure that she has a concussion. 

We had another activity this week, it was for the stake missionary effort. It was so crazy to plan and actually play, we decided to play human Foosball and it was crazy!!! 
The members loved it and it turned out really awesome...we all had so much fun. 

Baptism of Guadalupe 
Selfie with the Hermana's
Guadalupe with her parents
Then on Saturday it was Guadalupe's baptism on Saturday.  We had to fill the font in the morning and then get everything else ready during the afternoon. I was so excited, then we were at the church waiting for her to show up with her family and it was really cool to have her parents come and support her with this big step in her life. The spirit was so strong during the entire meeting.  It was amazing to see her so happy and ready to be committed to Christ... 

Elder Pisciotta who Baptized Guadalupe

On Sunday her parents came and watched her get confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and to receive the Holy ghost. 

Yesterday (was transfers) we did get changes and I will be leaving my Trainer (Sister McMulling) & Paysandu. I will be heading to Colonia (more info to come on the exact details) 

Challenge - Create a family or personal motto for the next 6 weeks. Make it something that can help you and your family on more than just a basic level, discuss something that helps you remember how the Savior strengthens you. 

My motto for this next week is......change will happen & it will all work out!

Thank you for all of the love and  support - Hermana Sanovich

Note from Mama Nick - It's not good bye Hermana McMullin - I don't really  know you but through emails and pics, but I wanted to say "Thank You" for taking such GREAT 
care of  Hermana Sanovich.  I know without a doubt you were suppose to be with Hermana Sanovich from the day I received your first email I could tell you were and are 
an AMAZING Missionary.  You are such an incredible example!!!  
I know that Cassidy was so blessed to serve with you.  Until we see you in three!!!  
You will always be OUR favorite Trainer!!!


Best Trainer EVER!!! Hermana McMullin 15 months

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