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Season 1 Episode 13 "Return of the TRIO" (8-29-16)

Season 1 Episode 13 " Return of the TRIO" 
Hermana Silva & Hermana Trujillo 
I am in a trio once again folks! And I am loving it!! What could be more fun then to share the gospel while being able to live and talk with 2 other friends that are doing the exact same thing? There names are Hermana Trujillo, who is from Murray, Utah and Hermana Silva who is from Fortaleza, Brazil... We have been having a blast the last couple of days the two Americans and the Brazilera!! A couple of highlights from our couple of days together are the following....first I will tell you about my transfer... 

Hey look who I found here in Uruguay
It's Hermana Evans
Thursday - A funny story from today was that we were talking and all of a sudden this little boy comes up next to us on his bike ( he is probably about 10 years old). Points  to his jersey and tells us that his name is Luis Suarez 
(the jersey conveniently had the same name on it) We keep talking and then he tells us that is name is actually Pablo. So we ask him about his family and he tells us he has a "cantidad of siblings". So I asked him if he meant like 5 or 6 and all he says to us is "una cantidad" (a lot)... Then he just looks at us and says "me voy" 
(like I'm leaving)... 
He struggled to get his bike out of the grass so we tried to help but he only said "me voy" again and was off... Hermana Silva nicknamed him "chicken little". 
We were laughing about it for a very long time.. 

Friday - We had meetings with our Zone in the church that is about an hour away so we got to get up early and ride a bus over there, then meet our zone ( we are going to have so much fun all together and there is a "cantidad" of us ;) (just me trying to be funny) We also had a language study as a trio which is awesome because we all are studying a little bit of Spanish but Hermana Silva is going to teach us Portuguese and we are going to teach her English... It is really funny to try to explain how things are spelled when we are not sure in which of the 3 languages we have in our house we are spelling in. (haha) It is really fun to communicate in our different languages the simple principles of the gospel.

Saturday - It rained!!!! Like so much today, I have never been so wet in my life because of rain.We walked around in the morning and just got drenched and didn't really get to talk to anyone because it was raining so much.. When we got home from lunch we all changed out of our wet clothes and tried to get warm and study and dry off a bit. Then we bundled up and headed back out into the storm... It was crazy, with wind and rain coming from all directions. It was a successful night though because we were able to find a family and teach them about the gospel they were really receptive and really willing to listen.  We are going to be going back soon to keep talking to them and teaching them about Christ.. 

We started out the day without any power in our house, then we got wet and then we finished it off by teaching the gospel to people that have never heard about it before, that was awesome!! Just the average day of a missionary ; )

Sunday- I didn't have to speak and we didn't have to teach so it was a success for sure.

Challenge: My challenge is for you, is to look for the hand of God in the little things in your life everyday! He is there even when there are bad or crazy things he is there for all of us, every single day!!! 
Colonia house

Love you all! Have so much fun this week!
Hermana Sanovich 

Our dog "Camello"

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