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Season 1 episode 14 "Tortas Fritas and some Dulce de Leche" Am I Uruguayan yet? (9-5-16)

Season 1 episode 14 "Tortas Fritas and some Dulce de Leche" Am I Uruguayan yet?
Sunset in Colonia
Monday - We talked to a lady outside her door for about an hour and a half that was an Evangelist. She was absolutely crazy. Fun times to hear about some of our prophets from the bible that she didn't think we believed in and for her to tell us all the ways that we are wrong, but that there is a reason that we were talking to her and she wanted us to join her church. So that happened... 

Tuesday - I learned the reason that everyone makes tortas fritas (like scones but better) every time that it rains. I guess that a really long time ago when it would rain people didn't have money or the desire to go and buy bread so they would go and catch some rain water and then make this treat... They are delicious and they make rainy days way better.
Wednesday - We went to Montevideo and had a conference with about half the mission. President and Hermana Olsen, Elder Packer (his son), and then Elder Braggs. It was really fun. The only thing that was a little bummer was that we spent the entire night before getting ready. Because if there is one thing I have learned already with a Brazilian companion is that we are going to look our BEST if we are going to see anyone important.(hahaha)
Visit to Montevideo 
But highlight of the entire day was MCDONALDS for lunch!! Good old american food in the mall there, it was delicious (and I don't even like mcds) 

Thursday - So I now have 3 months in the mission!! That happened way faster than I thought that it would. That's exciting, the downer of the day is that Hermana Silva got sick. Well a bunch of missionaries in our zone got sick. They are pretty sure that they got a virus and that it is from the Mexico CCM...  In other words our good friend the double dragon has arrived!! So we stayed in for the afternoon and I got all caught up on my journal and big news, finished an entire journal!! And bigger news, I covered my planner with these cute pics from the Liahona (you have to do it, peer pressure ) 

Friday - We talked to our ward mission leader, he is funny and he is really willing to help us with the work 

Saturday - We cleaned the church this morning. Then in the afternoon btw funny/weird things happened...

1- We went to talk to a less active member in his Carniceria (butcher shop) and we were talking about dulce de leche and tortas fritas with him when all of a sudden he just gave us a hudge tub as a gift. The people here are just like that, they are so giving and loving of everyone. 

2- Later that day we were walking down the street and there was this guy just standing there looking at us (a little weird but not creepy). So we walk past him and he asks us in English how we are doing, and what we are doing. It took us by Surprise that he spoke English but it was cool. Turns out his name is Ezekiel. (the bible name) He wants to know what the purpose of life is???? He said that he always wakes up early on Sunday, so he is excited to see us at church. That never happens here, it was a crazy interaction with someone that was waiting for us to talk to them!! 

Jersey for Hermana Sanovich 2 month mark
It has been 3 months now... for those counting! 
Sunday - Church was amazing!! We had an investigator whose name is Claudio there 
(he is 10). Ezekiel was not there but he had come earlier and talked to a member that was there setting things up and told him to tell us that he wasn't going to be able to make it this week but that he wants to meet with us and that he will be at church next week for sure!! He is incredible, we are really hopeful and excited to teach him this week. Sad note, one of our investigators died this week and it took a toll on the ward because they were really involved with helping her progress... 

Jersey - Paysandu

Challenge: This week I want to challenge you to watch these 2 videos 
1- Caminos Equivocados 
(Wrong Roads by President Holland) 
2- Stuck on an Escalator (YouTube Video)

These 2 videos teach about decision making. the first one teaches us to trust in god and ourselves to make the right choices and the second one (is hilarious) and teaches us to act and not just be acted upon.

Thank you for all of your love and support and I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Sanovich  

Nice facial Hermana Silva

Getting Ready the Brazilian Way

The three Hermanas (Trujillo, Sanovich and Silva)

Kitchen Colonia
Front room in Colonia
Family Room Colonia

Kitchen continued Coloina

View from the Casa

Another view from the Casa

Watch DOG "Camello"

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