Friday, July 15, 2016

Received a Tender Mercy (7-15-16)

July 15, 2016
We did end up hearing from President Olsen the night she flew into Uruguary (7-12-16) around 8:00 pm, he was very kind and excited to work with Hermana Sanovich and could feel of her sweet spirit already! :)  I will be honest I was quite disappointed that I did not get to talk to her.  I didn't realize how extremely dependent I was on our communication.
I love hearing from her.

Then I received this on Friday...(7-15-16)   I was thrilled to say the least!!!  

Sister Chase also sent me pictures of the three girls and I posted this on Instagram - It was truly a GREAT DAY.

Hermana Sanovich, Hermana McMullin a
nd Hermana Chase

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