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Season 1 Episode 5 "Americas B-day from the CCM" (7-6-16)

These pics are from Episode 4 - They did not come through last week 
I  thought they were post worthy this week.  ENJOY!!!
"THE" District

DRAWINGS of  "THE" District
(she is quite the artist)

Season 1 Episode 5  "Americas B-day from the CCM"

Sorry this email is going to be bad :(  but here goes nothing... 

Highlights from each day this week:

Mexico Temple
Wed - TEMPLE!! The entire thing was in Spanish so that was new, but they gave us English headsets to use and I am proud to say that I did not need them for most of it!! I love being able to understand when they speak Spanish to me, I may not be able to fluently talk back, but I am getting there! 

Thursday - TRC again... This just might be my favorite activity while here at the CCM. I love being able to talk to people that are not my teachers, who speak with their full accents and speedy Spanish!!! Its absolutely fantastic!! And humbling to realize that even when I think I know what is going on there are some things that just come in time. 

Fri - It rained like crazy!!!! Worse then it has the entire time we have been here 

Sat - We played charades in class because we were all that bored ;)


District Bus Ride
Sunday - Fantastic!! We watched an old devotional from Elder Bednar that he gave on Christmas Day to the MTC in Provo in about 2011... The biggest thing he talked about was focusing on others and my favorite quote from that is " Who cares what you want, GET OVER YOURSELF... Its not about you" The strength and reality of his words can help all of us I think. There are things that happen to us that does not make any sense or things we are asked to do, or go through and sometimes we really just need an attitude adjustment and look at others and there needs and help them before we dwell too much on what we think we need.. :) especially true as a missionary and connects to our class today too... MTC presidency taught us that "This language (Spanish) is not for you, it is so the investigator can learn and understand the doctrine." 

Trio - Craziness
Monday - HAPPY 4th of JULY!!! We actually celebrated it here!! I am sure that it helps that the majority of the 480 missionaries here are from North America, but it was fun and made us all happier. The commodore had red, white and blue tablecloths set up for us and guess what we had for lunch? HAMBURGERS!! Like American Hamburgers!! They were delicious and had some corn on the cob, root beer and apple pie to go with it... To make it even better, dinner was PULLED PORK SANDWICHES, it was like it was my birthday (dad they are not as good as yours) but they were yummy, and we got some cupcakes that looked like the flag because of the frosting... 😎 We also sang the USA National anthem today so that was fun!!! 

Tuesday - So last night at around 11 we got a call telling us that there was a girl whose companions had already left the CCM and she was going to come and live with us until she flies out Wednesday morning. We were excited to get to know her a little and super excited to no longer be a trio, but then she told us she had to be at a reception (?) at 2 AM on Wednesday morning and that we would all need to go with her.. Go team!! 
The best thing today was that we got our flight plans and we know when we get to leave!!! I will be flying out at 8:30 pm from Mexico and landing in Chile around 6 am... Then I will get on a different plane at 9 am from Chile to Uruguay and land there about 1 O'clock... 🌎
I am so excited!!!! 

Mexico City
CCM - Shenanigans  
Challenge for this week:   Go to bed at 10:30 - then get up at 1 - then try to go back to sleep around 2:30 - then get up at 6:20 -  just try it sometime... then you will know what today was like for me ;)       
No but really,try to do 1 act of kindness for someone without expecting anything in return (not even a thank you) It is awesome to see how much serving others can change your own attitude :) :)

Thank you for all of your love and support - Hermana Sanovich

*So excited for Monday to come... She gets to call US from the airport - Can't WAIT.  

Not sure when her next p-day will be but I will keep you posted. 
Thank you for your love and kind words of encouragement!!!  

Look out URUGUAY 
Hermana Sanovich is coming your way....

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