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Season 1 Episode 6/7 Here in Uruguay (7-19-16)

Another Note from Mama Nic:  

So it's been a LONG 2 weeks was looking forward to hearing from Cassidy and then this is came through on my email yesterday from her sweet trainer with these darling pics of their area...

President and Sister Olsen with Cassidy
     I'm your daughters trainer!! She is having some difficulties with her email.... but we are going to get it all figured out!!!!   I think it is a problem in the church offices... But Don't you worry! She will for sure write this week, If we cant get it figured out today...then definitely tomorrow! 
Oh my goodness what an amazing experience this all is.  Such a sweetheart to take the time to reassure me that things were going good.  I will be forever grateful Hermana McMullin.  Thank YOU!
President and Sister Olsen, Cassidy and Hermana McMullin
The District - Uruguay
Then today we received this today... I told her we are learning the lesson of "Patience"  here in UTAH!!!

She did answer a couple of questions that I had????
1- What happened that you couldn't call US?
2- How was your LONG travel day?
3- How is the new place?

1- So we went to call in Mexico airport and the dumb payphones wouldn't work for anyone that tried so I decided that I would  try during our long lay over in Chile but they didn't have phones we could use anywhere (we looked for awhile) and then when we landed here we grabbed our bags and got going right away... 

2- It was so long!!! We left the CCM in México around 4 pm and then the next day we arrived in Uruguay around 4 pm... So it was crazy, the flights were awesome though.. That LAN airline whatever it was called knows how to do things I have some pics of us on the plane and stuff I will send you about it

3- This place is AWESOME!!! It also makes me so humble because we have so much in the US that we take for granted... Some of these people don't really even live in houses or have any way to get heat or light in them.. 

Season 1 Episode 6 & 7   I am Here in Uruguay
E. Rodiers birthday 

These past 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy!!! I started off in Mexico and I am currently in URUGUAY!!! So to make this not so confusing I am just going to split it into 3 parts CCM, Flight to Uruguay and Being in Uruguay first week.....

CCM:  We were able to celebrate E. Rodiers birthday which was awesome, gave him a present which was a sewing kit because he needed some help with sewing a button on one day so that was really fun.. The last Sunday here happened, it was really weird to be saying goodbye to people that we have only known for 6 weeks but feel super close to already. The best thing about this last Sunday was that the Herman's in my district all got a priesthood blessing before we would all have to leave. And I can honestly say that I have never felt the spirit so strongly before in my life!! To feel just the love and appreciation we all have for each other and the great things we are all going to accomplish on top of feeling the power of the priesthood was amazing... Then we all had to go to our last Sunday movie and then go to our casa to clean up and get ready to leave. We packed up and headed out on the bus at around 4 pm and then got to the airport around 4:30.
Birthday Celebration 
District 8A with Instructor
CCM District 8A
The Sisters

The Elders
District 8A - CCM

The Plane Food -
I guess we need to take a lesson from them
We all put our luggage on the bus and got to enjoy a very happy and joy filled bus ride today. Then we got to the airport and things felt real, we got our luggage off of the bus and then had to get it to where we check it in before our flight. You thought that that was crazy and difficult in any airport try doing it in Spanish when you cant answer any of the questions at all.. LONG flight and then we landed... 

Uruguay Airport

Everyone here is so nice and it is great to be with my amazing comp Hna McMullin!! We are doing great work here in 
Paysandú !! I will give more specifics next week sorry for my chaos and craziness but it might always be this way!!! 

Hermana McMullin & Hermana Sanovich
Montevideo Temple

Love and miss you all! 

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