Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Season 1 Episode 4 "Stay on target! You are a disease" (6-29-16)

Season 1 Episode 4 " Stay on target! You are a disease"

One of Cassidy's Favorite Pictures of Christ
23 Junio 2016 - Today was  a crazy and totally awesome day!! We got to teach TRC again and this time it was a family with kids!!! I have some connection with about all of the four and five year olds, not sure what it is, but they are incredible!! We also got to hear some more about Mexico City from our teacher and her crazy experiences while living here.. Lets just say that she has had some interesting run ins with people that were not necessarily the nicest or the safest to be around. But remember I am on an island and completely and totally safe..

24 Junio - Today was really long, we spent a lot of time in the classroom studying and that was boring. Dont get me wrong I absolutely love being here and the missionary work but spending all day in one classroom where a lot of time we are suppose to be silent is very very hard... 
The only thing that was interesting was that a bird flew into our window this morning. That was SO awesome!! I dispise birds so that made it much much more entertaining... We also took a field trip to the doctor for Hermana Laney today, turns out she needs glasses, so there will be a field trip outside the WALL this week to go get some for her :) I am looking forward to that probably more than I should be!

25 Junio - Today was the best lesson ever, we taught Iyari and she was actually interested in what we had to say!! We also started to make up stories about our two teachers, that they like each other and should get married. Its like we are the writers to our very own Soap Opera, missionaries need entertainment too! 

26 Junio - SUNDAY!!! We love them so much here because it is an incredible spiritual lift. Some important and incredible inspiration I received from today includes the title for this weeks email... 
We had a class with Shawn Cates- who is hilarious... He mentioned a man that taught him karate that would always say "YOU ARE A DISEASE"  when they were getting too tired or upset.. It is a good reminder for all of us to stay on target and focus on the important things in life, I still don't get the disease part because he doesn't really either, but it is really funny.. (Especially when he tells it)  Tonight we also watched "Meet the Mormons", it is really cute and while watching I remembered that it was the first example that really sparked the desire for me to serve a mission. Because I want to help others and I want to share with them the wonderful gift of the gospel that we have been given... 

27 Junio - The biggest and most important thing happened today, we played PING PONG!! And got to see the outside of the CCM!!! It was awesome to remember that the people outside the wall are the reason that we are all here learning within it... 

Picture of a Corn Dog (just in case you didn't know)
28 Junio - The devotional today was absolutely incredible!! The speaker was Kelend Mills, the international MTC Director and he was awesome. We got to see photos and hear some inspirational stories from around the world from the 15 MTCs around the world. It is awesome to know that there are others learning everyday all over. Also, the CCM in Mexico is bigger than the MTC in Provo... The one here is on 90 acres and the one in Provo is only 34... However, the Provo MTC can hold about 3,000 and once it is remodeled will house about 4,000 missionaries from all over the world. We are ramping up for more here too, by the middle of summer there will be 700+ missionaries. (That's a lot ) And the majority of them will be Elders who will be living in the dorms that we cleaned out for our service project today. They are brand new and ready for all of the elders who are coming to join the force of missionaries preparing to go and preach the Gospel to every nation and in every language!!!

Challenge - President Mills told us today to reach out!!  That is how we grow closer to Christ, stop thinking about yourself and get to work!! We all can benefit from serving others and by realizing how much we all have in life - by being positive!!!

Thank you for all of the love and support, including emails. I love them and I love seeing pictures of all of you too.

Have a great week, Love Hermana Sanovich

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