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Season 3 Episode 8 The BEST of Bella Unión (7-23-17)

Season 3 Episode 8 The BEST of Bella Unión!!!!
Last day with the ZONE

So this week was totally crazy but it in all good ways. The best things that happened this week have to do with just a couple of people - our friends Bruno and Cirino. 

So Bruno, he has been progressing so so much. He is an 11 year old with a bunch of questions that makes it such a fun experience to teach him. He came to church again this week and he is learning SO SO Much!! He is excited to be getting baptized in the next couple of weeks and we could not be happier for him. 

Cirino's Tabacco he gave to Us to throw away
Then we have Cirino, our good veterinarian, 65 year old smoking friend. HOWEVER, this week we had the chance to talk to him about the Word of Wisdom and after his initially shocked face once he read the pamphlet, he just looked at us. I did not know what to say but then he just goes "well this is not going to be easy"... The truth is that when someone tells you they have been smoking for 45 years I was a little skeptical that he could actually do it... BUT God is always here to help us all and he has defiantly been helping Cirino. We can say that after he gave us his big chunk of Tobacco Thursday night that Cirino is SMOKE FREE!!! I have seen the hand of God working and helping this man with his addiction and it is absolutely wonderful!! 

Bishop and his family
Young Women President and her family
CHURCH - So this week was probably the weirdest Sunday ever. We got a call for changes at about 7:50 am right before we were on our way out the door. Then we were on our way to the house of two investigators, from there to the house of another investigator and to top it all off we had three investigators coming from far away. However we did it! We all got to church and on time this week... The Bishop told the ward that I was leaving, not going to lie goodbyes are still hard. Then we walked them home and then we went to lunch, finished a couple of things and then we started packing up our bags and on our way to Salto. 

1.  The Bishop and his family, I am gonna miss them running around 
2.  Tania, the RS President and her family. They are almost American I swear (I don't really)
3.  Nadia, the YW President... She kills me she is so funny and her kids make me laugh 
4.  Loana, she is just hilarious and her family is so missionary focused it is awesome
Young Women and Our Investigators
5.  Zully, I love her she is like the cool "Aunt" to everyone here in Bella Union that wants everything to be the best!! 
6.  Alberto, I love him. He is such an amazing convert to the Lord and to see him change and improve has been a great adventure. 
7.  Cecilia, she has been such a cute little person. She is 12 but she is 100 percent ready to take on the world and be a missionary in the future. 
8.  MANY MANY cows!!! 
9.  Soooo many wild dogs - wish I could take them all home with me 

Man...I am going miss her!!!
Hermana Sierra... She has been such a great companion and a huge example for me!! I have learned so much from being with her here in Bella Union. I can not describe how much I love her and want the best for her in her mission. Luckily we are totally going to see each other in Utah, when we are both at UVU once again. I LOVE Her and wish her the BEST... 

This weeks Challenge is to take the advice of our Bishop here in Bella Union, "to make the GOOD things BETTER... Everything can always get better!!" It is always an Adventure here in the mission. However, everything GOOD, always gets BETTER. 

BIG NEWS:  I am heading to a New Area on Wednesday - Fray Bentos, Mercedes. I will be with Hermana Wagner (which I met in Paysandu) and we are going to be 
Sister Training Leaders.  I am not really sure what this calling means but I am excited for the NEW Adventure. Here's to making Good things Better.

Love you and Thank You for all that you do!!! 
Hermana Sanovich 
P-day lunch with Hermana Huntsman (blonde) and Hermana Harker
Elder Black
Finally bought me some NEW BOOTS!

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