Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Season 3 Episode 7 " The one with TWO lunches" (7-17-17)

Season 3 Episode 7 
"The one with TWO lunches"

This week we will just jump right to Tuesday and explain exactly the lunch situation. A lovely member in our ward decided about a week ago to be in charge of our lunch calendar and to help us get more lunches from the members. However, we had already made a calendar and people had already signed up. This leads us to Tuesday when we realize that two different families are going to be waiting for us to eat with them. We do our best to get a hold of one of the families to cancel and they are just not answering, then the daughter calls and asks us why we are not at their house yet. This is when we decided that it was too late to cancel so we ran to our first lunch at about 12:15 we are eating our first plate of fideos con tucco... The Uruguay version of Spaghetti and meatballs. Then we are being fed another plate at around 1230... Then they proceed to pull out dessert... And in my head I am dying...and I am already wanting to barf.  BUT wait there is more - Then we run to the next lunch and she is waiting for us with more fideos!! And she serves us our third plate of fideos at about 1:00... As I am struggling to finish, she mentions that she has dessert for us too, a cream with a type of sugary sauce on top we fished lunch like champs and rolled home at about 2:00 ready to explode!! The members are awesome!!! However, this was just the first of 5 days this week when we ate fideos.... 

So other than our crazy lunches this week we also taught the coolest kid ever. His name is Bruno and he is 11, I think I have mentioned him before but I am not sure if I have explained how cool he is!! He is so curious about everything and just wants to be apart of the ward and honestly they all love him. We were able to teach him about the Plan of Salvation and he just kept asking the coolest questions to us about Christ and his Atonement. 

We also ventured out to Las Laminas and we were able to visit our group of four new investigators. There were more and more kids gathering by the minute when we were talking. It was really really cool to see how interested these jovens are in learning more about Christ and the Restored Gospel. 

Another little hi-light was church. We were about a half an hour late because we went and picked up 2 of our investigators, but it was worth it for sure!! I also had the chance to speak about Families in Sacrament Meeting, which was amazing! I love my family so much as well as my little Uruguayan Familia here too...

Welp Desafio - (Well to the Challenge) I learned this week that everything is good in moderation. For example...the spaghetti is good until you overindulge like we did. (not on purpose) Over time little things become big things when we use our time wisely on them... I hope that makes sense, so this week please do everything that you usually do and watch how you are spending your time on the things that maybe you could cut back on...to not overindulge on... However, the scriptures are not something that you are ever going to spend too much time on... HINT HINT 

I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!

Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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