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Season 3 Episode 6 "The people that are suppose to hate us...actually want to listen to US" (7-10-17)

Another pic from the baptism of  Cecilia
Season 3 Episode 6 "The people that are suppose to hate us...actually want to listen to US"

So this week has been another crazy one but we have had some great adventures and met some very awesome people. I think the best way to share all about it is just giving you a run down on the people that we have been working with recently. 

A neat story for the week would be with Bruno - Bruno is 11 years old and lives close to this really neat store that we go to sometimes. We contacted his house one night right before we went home and his mom told us to come back. We were able to teach Bruno and his mom twice this week and they were awesome!! He was so interested in learning more, even though his mom told us that she didn't want to go to church or anything but was ok if he wanted to. My favorite was that we asked him if he wanted to get baptized he says "umm...´SÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ" 

It was one of the coolest answers ever. He even came to church with us this week and absolutely loved it. We were sitting in Primary and he was looking at everything and then says "this all looks really familiar, like I have been here before", he has not had any type of contact with the church before in his life. 

I ran into Nicol from Paysandu - It was so great to see her!
The ORANGE house - So this house has about 20 people living there and in the house behind it.. And three of them are different contacts that we are trying to teach, we walk up to the house and ask for 3 different names and every time we are there more people come out. I really want to know who all lives there and just teach them all. They also have a neighbor who looks like a Uruguayan JB wannabe so that is interesting... 

This is the coolest part of our week. We got on a little bus that takes us about an hours walk away (yes I don't know distances) so I gauge things in how long it takes us to walk there #missionlife!! The last time we were out that far we were able to find a bunch of people that were interested in us coming back and teaching them. This time we had 4 people actually come up to us!! 
That doesn't happen here people!! This is also one of the reasons for the title this week. We were talking to a reference family that everyone told us were not going to like us at all, and they were the coolest people!! I'm not sure where their interest level in the Gospel is but they are willing to have us come to their house again...so that is exciting! 

Some Funny stuff -
*On the 4th of July our RS president told me...
     "Its the 4th of July, Congrats Hermana Sanovich" (like it was my birthday or something?)
*Hermana Sierra got attacked by a tree (the tree lived & so did Hermana Sierra)
*I totally biffed it... (nothing new I know)
*A contact grabbed my hand and tried to show me his house (kidnapped) 

Desafio/Challenge - This week we have seen a bunch of little miracles after our own efforts. So this week I am asking you to put in some effort and pray for guidance and I know that you will also see the miracles. 


Love you all,
Hermana Sanovich 

**Random pics from the week**

Alfajores "Bob" Marley style - Shout out to my dad!

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