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Season 3 Episode 9 " A Whole New World" (7-31-17)

Season 3 Episode 9 "A Whole New World"
It's been 13 months (can't believe it myself)
Hello my lovely people how are you all? This week was so crazy that I am not really sure it actually all happened in only a week. For example I am now in the zone of Mercedes 
(no dad not the Benz kind) we actually live in a city named Fray Bentos and it is beautiful!! It is totally different than the other areas that I have had and I am excited to get to know it a little more as the change gets going. 

BUT before we get ahead of ourselves a couple of NEW/BIG things have changed...

NEW AREA - Fray Bentos 
NEW COMP - Hermana Wagner, from Lindon Utah 
NEW CALLING - Hermana Entrenadores (Sister Trainers)

Alberto me and Sierra
Zully and Family

Nadia and Ceferina
I have decided that I am in a whole new world and then we have sung the little mermaid song about three times up until this point. This week was changes week and as we all know I just love change.... NOT I am not a huge fan however, I think I handled it really really well. I was able to pack up and say goodbye in Bella Union all before 6 pm Tuesday. Around 9 Tuesday night we got into Salto and the street where the Hermana's live was being worked on so that meant that we got to take my luggage through the grass and rocks not only to get to the house but also to do it again on Wednesday morning. Wednesday around 6 am I was saying goodbye to Hermana Sierra and all of the Salto friends and I was on a bus on my way to Mercedes. I got there and was reunited with my friend Hermana Wagner... We are comps now and it is great... 
Here are some other cool things that happened - 
We slept in members house and in strangers bed while we were waiting for a bus 
We went to Montevideo and attended Leadership Conference
I spent about 20 hours on a bus this week 
We found out that we are going to be doing divisions 9 times this change
We get to travel to Argentina this change... 
We did not really sleep that much because of our bus schedule 
Saying Good bye to Hermana Sierra :(
Me 13 months and Sierra 3 months

Desafio (Challenge) DO SOMETHING NEW... NO REGRETS!! 
It's the WEEK of CHANGES &  CHANGES are awesome right?

Love you all,
Hermana Sanovich

Wagner & I at the Temple

Hermana Oran and I in Tres Cruces before concilio (council)
Our Zone

Me with Livingston and Bredeson (both from my group at concilio)
Elders made US chicken definately worth documenting 

Ice cream in the terminals is our new bff

Dead Tired or Playing Dead Who knows???

Hermana Wagner and I...

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