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Season 2 Episode 15 " Perseverance Pit-Stop (3-13-17)

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Season 2 Episode 15 " Perseverance Pit-Stop

So this week has been an interesting one...We have had a couple of different experiences with food, us being silly, our pit-stops and of course our real lessons so here are a few stories from this week..

FOOD - We had lunch with a very nice sister from our ward who decided that we needed to eat as much as about three normal people. This led to me wanting to puke my guts out trying to finish all of the food. Heywood had to take a breather and we both walked home wanting to die. Then later on we were able to have lunch with Alberto (the pic with the guy without a shirt is Alberto). He was prepping everything outside and needless to say a bunch of dirt got all up in our food. I was grossed out and did not want to eat any of it, luckily he started throwing all of the bones to the dogs so that was a good way out of actually eating it. On about Thursday this week we clapped in front of an investigators door and instead of her coming outside her chicken walks out the front door. However, that was not the funny part, the funny part was when I saw that this chicken had a fried egg in its mouth. That is right folks we have a cannibalistic Chicken on our hands... It was realllllyyyy weird. 

no shoes, no shirt, no PROBLEM
SILLY SISTERS - So we did some weird things that might be somewhat silly or just funny to us. Either way, it all started when we went to find our investigator Candi. We got to her house and her dad told us that she had moved, but then he gave us the address where we could find her. So we go and are looking for the Ancap (a gas station) and we cant find it and so we decided to ask these two guys that were sitting out front of a store. Turns out that about five feet away, meaning that we should have been able to see the sign for it when we asked where it was but we didn't. To make it even better when we got to the 'house' it turned out to be a gym where she was working out and not an actual house. This week we were able to watch "Meet the Mormons" and we both just started crying and laughing... Have no fear there were a mixture of happy tears and trunky tears (you try watching the missionary leaving his family without shedding a few tears)... 
Then in a lesson where the lady tells us that she is actually a member she also gave us water with gas - IT IS THE WORST!! I do not see how they could make water gross but they did. SO she gives it to us and then goes back inside, so we might have dumped our water out in the bushes so we didn't have to drink it... We cleaned the church again and this week we had 2 frogs in the church with us. We went to push what we thought was the dead frog into a trash sack and it jumped - so we screamed like little girls. Then when we took it outside to throw it away we saw the biggest TARANTULA I have ever seen just hanging out at the church... 

PIT-STOPS - So we have a new tradition and it is called the Perseverance Pit-Stop. There were a few different times this week where we needed to just take a little break. The first one was when we needed some more water because we were both really dehydrated and it was really hot outside. Then the next one was a day where none of our investigators where at home and we bought an alfajor and some more water. Then the next one came when it started to be really really stormy outside and we got really wet so we stopped at a bakery and bought some bizcochos. 

LESSONS - We had  stand out lessons this week. The first was with a less active family, they have a son who is our investigator that has autism and his little brother. We were able to talk a lot about our weaknesses becoming strengths, because they have a few things that they are trying really hard to overcome with no success. But it was a great experience to be able to tell them that they are always going to have the Savior helping them and that they can overcome anything they try hard enough with. The second was when we met this guy without any beliefs in anything and we were able to tell him about our beliefs. It was really sad when he told us that his parents had passed away and that they were gone for good. I have never felt the Saviors love stronger for anyone than I did in that moment when I saw the saddness that he felt based on his belief that they we are separated forever. I was so glad to at least testify to him about what we know to be the truth. The best one by far was when we were able to talk to Alberto and he was able to tell us that he is happy and loves God. Seeing his change has been absolutely incredible and being able to see the light in his eyes when he talks about the Gospel is so great... 

The challenge this week is to just take a pit-stop. Take a few minutes today, tomorrow, whenever and think about where you are. Maybe this means turning off the phone or the TV and being able to appreciate where you are and the lovely things around you. Also being able to remember the things that you know and the truths of the Gospel that can help you through all of the hard times in life. And of course the best types of pit-stops include a snack. šŸ˜‰

I love you and hope that you all have a great week and that you can persevere through all of your struggles. 
Until next week....Hermana Sanovich 

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