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Season 2 Episode 16 " The wheels on the Bus go round and round" (3-19-17)

Season 2 Episode 16 " The wheels on the Bus go round and round"

So this week we were able to travel A TON!! It was crazy and overall we logged about 36 hours in different buses. It was a great way to spend the week but by Sunday morning we were absolutely exhausted. Our first trip was to Montevideo and the other was to Paysandu and then as usual to Salto for the Monday meetings... 
Cheers to being out 9 months
BRASIL con Elder Higly y Elder Villsanti

Trip to Montevideo - So we left on Tuesday night and got there super early Wednesday morning. It was a little challenging to get any sleep on a bus but it was well worth the 9 hour bus ride because everyone from our group in the mission was there. We were all united and we got to get our Uruguayan cedulas, which basically means that we are all legal Uruguay citizens and we have cool licenses to prove it. One of the best parts of this little adventure was that we all ate some Burger King Brunch, what else are you gonna do when you have 10 Americans chilling in a terminal. The funniest thing was that we were all sitting there and this Elder goes " We have been in URUGUAY for about nine months now, so I say we raise our Burger King glasses in a toast" That's when we all started to laugh really really hard. Then we all had to go on our buses and go to our own areas, which was all good until we had to change buses in Salto. We had been in the terminal eating some dinner when we realized that Heywood did not have her wallet. So we just started to panic a little and in the end we had to go to the storage warehouse luckily we found her wallet...all good... 

The calm day - Thursday we were at home so it was a little more calm than the other days. However, we had a couple of funny things happen, for starters we got to teach Alberto and he gave us the advice to marry someone in the church that does not drink or smoke because he wants us to be happy. It was kind of random but it was awesome to hear him being so positive... When we went out in the afternoon we taught Yesica and that was a really good lesson because her kids were just chilling and we talked with her about her personal progression. It was going great until we looked up and saw her son BITING the dog!! He grabbed the dog with his teeth by the back of its neck and had it in his mouth... It was gross and sad and the poor puppy was in pain... From one crazy house to a FUN crazy house, we went to have a family night with Zully Trouche and her kids. It was so much fun and we were able to share with them how important sharing the Gospel is.... AND we ate some of her empanadas and they are DELICIOUS!!! 
 Zully Trouche - Yummy Empanadas

Trip to Paysandu - We went and visited my old friends in Paysandu!! It was a fantastic trip and I was able to teach with Hermana Hunsaker, we were able to find two new investigators for them to teach so that was awesome. Then I was able to visit Guadalupe and her mom which was fantastic because they are having a hard time right now, it was fun to be able to lighten their spirits a little. Then I visited Ricardo and his family, they are doing as good as ever and Ricardo is working on his mission papers so that is really cool too... All in all a great trip and it was fun to be the 5 of us together... 

Hilarious Hermanas - So when we got back home from Paysandu we had a little surprise. The door would not open with our key, and this was about at 2 am... So we talked to our landlord and she couldn't help us. Then we went and tried to get in from the back but it didn't work either. SO we went to the police and they came and opened our door for us. They could not get the key to work either and were going to break our door down, but it ended up working just the one time to get in and then after that it was not working at all... We laughed but we really just wanted to go in and sleep.... 
What???? We are wearing SWEATERS????? It's Fall here!
Super Saturday - We went to Brazil with the Elders for lunch because they came for Alberto's interview. Then we had a RS activity and it was by far the coolest activity ever. We all came together to celebrate 175 years of the RS and we were ready to have a nice dinner but the presidency had something else in mind. We all split into groups and went and visited some of the less active sisters that were not able to come to the activity. It was awesome to see them want to help each other and to hear and share about their experiences when we all got back to the church... 
We love our RS Activities 
Desafio (Challenge) This week the challenge is to take some responsibility. I had the chance to talk about this today in District Meeting. We are all 100 responsible for everything that happens in our lives. Granted there are some circumstances out of our control but how we react is 100% on us... So take some responsibility - if that means a new perspective, changing you attitude about something, doing something that you have been putting off, helping someone else in need. Take life by the horns here people, it only happens once. I hope you all get to make the most out of this week and I wish you all the best. 
Have fun and know que les amo mucho!!! 

Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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